Monday, February 6, 2023

Huntsies 2023, Event I

Hello lovely unicorns!

This event will be a little bit like relay-race (meaning you need a partner to do it with!). You will be asked to do in-game tasks, as well as some little IRL tasks. The NPCs on your way will give you the instructions. After you complete your task, you should tell your partner what they're asked to do, based on the hints you receive. The Huntsie will take place on SECURA

The tasks are designed so that the Huntsie shouldn't take longer than 1h. It is going to start on 11th February 21:00 CET (11 hours after the server save). However, you need to sign up this time! Join our discord for a reminder!
It is good to save some money with your loved one. Perhaps you can save the money on travel or parcels? Ask the first NPC - Bijou Luna - About HUNTSIE. She can be found next to an in-game NPC who can allow you to get a discount on your shipping fees. He's definitely not Home Alone now. (Remember that only one of you should go there)
Some quick rules: 1. One person cannot participate in two tasks in a row. Meaning if person A does task 1, means task 2 has to be done by person B (So: task 1-person A; task 2-person B; task 3-person A; etc.) unless the hint tells you otherwise. You can still help each other figure the riddles out etc. You decide which one of you starts! Please remember your team CANNOT skip any of the tasks to win. 2. The trophies will be signed with both names, however, the prize will be sent to the character of the person who signed you up for the competition. 3. The characters MUST be level 8 for this competition (cannot be 7 or 9) 4. To participate, you must sign up by sending a mail to containing the following information: a) Your main character's name (if you win, the prize will go to this character) and the main character's name of the person you are doing the event with. b) The two names of the 8 level character's you guys are going to use while participating (remember the characters need to be on SECURA) 5. You can sign up till the server save of 11th February 2023 (10:00 CET). 6. Don't forget to have fun! <3 ;D If you have any questions regarding the rules or the Huntsie, feel free to ask us on Discord, Instagram, or via e-mail (

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