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Player of the Month #30: Lady Mass

Our Player of the Month for January is Lady Mass, a druidess from Talera and one of the admins of Tibia Goals.

Hello Unicorns! We hope you had a Merry Xmas and Happy New year, but with a new year we have new interviews! In the first month of 2023 we have with us this lady that always reminds us to get our daily rewards, she took the interviews to another level and we learned so much about her, the #1 Fan of Nicki Minaj! Join us in this interview with the Unicorn mother, Lady Mass!

Hello hun! We are so happy to have this interview with you, we are very excited to ask and hear more about you, your life and everything! 

We know you so well, but can you please introduce yourself to the community, where are you from, what you do for a living , etc?
 -Hai! My name is Justyna, I'm somewhere between 25 to 35 years old (^.-) and I'm from Poland! I am a
linguist and that's what allows me to pay for my dog's food, treats and toys! When it comes to my free time activities... WHAT FREE TIME? haha nah jk, it feels like I'm always doing something but that's just cuz I'm a procrastination queen. I can sit all miserable on my bed for 10 minutes thinking of getting up (and not succeeding, home office work saves me). When it comes to my interests, I love playing with my dog, playing games, watching football, learning, and discussing, although only with the right people!

When did you start playing Tibia for the first time, and who introduced it to you?
 -In 2006! I visited my cousin and he was playing Tibia then. He was killing rats and asked me to make sure he doesn't die while he goes to the bathroom. I certainly did make sure... he died. Not on purpose ofc! I just had no idea what I was doing. Well I enjoyed the act of dying so much that once I got home I downloaded the game and started dying on my own character! And here we are... 17 years later.

What's the story about your character's name?
 -When I came back to playing after a few years, I had a character named Lady of Evolution (for literally no reason, I just liked the word Evolution cuz it was 'No i tu Love' backwards, which in Polish means like "and here's love", I was cringe like that), the acc with this char got hacked however, and I had no way to recover it. That's when I started playing on Lady Mass! My sister had a char Top Mass back then, so Lady Mass was kinda created, once again, rather randomly.
A sad story I gotta mention here, cuz I always mention it whenever I have an occasion, I used to hunt for one character name... JUSTYSIA. It is my fav real-life nickname. I checked if it's available for about 2 years, almost daily. Then one day I was finally able to get it and... A few months later the account got hacked. SAYING I WAS HEARTBROKEN DOESN'T QUITE JUSTIFY HOW I REALLY FELT.
I still have my other trophy name though, Baby! Wanted this one for a while as well :3
While talking about the names, let me tell you one more anecdote, the last one I promise. I had the brilliant idea to create a character named Loveyou like 6-7 years back. Names containing parts of sentences weren't allowed back then so I got namelocked:c When CipSoft changed their mind about the sentence-lookin' names, I mailed them, requesting to give me the name back, but for some reason, it was impossible, despite their attempts :c However, right now if you search for Loveyou, it still aims you to my character:3

How did the whole idea of Tibia Goals start?
 -Me and Kasia (Divine'Angel) were part of the fansite community for years! We had talks about creating our own fansite for quite a long time, but we were never quite sure what the objective of the
page should be. We knew one thing, we didn't want to duplicate something that already existed. Now, our friendship played a very significant role in the decision-making. We always supported each other in our goals, whether it was Tibia, or real-life related. We could throw the silliest idea, and then we would brainstorm together, pondering on how to make it work. So we thought... If we can support each other in our goals like that, why wouldn't we try to make it work on others too? That's how TibiaGoals came to life. We wanted a place where people could flaunt their accomplishments, or to motivate them to complete them.

From the displayed list you must select an adjective that defines each of the Tibia Goals members.
  • Compassionate-Sky Elie
  • Generous - Artemihza Rose
  • Courageous - Pyzaa
  • Emotional - Lady Mass
  • Passionate - Cinderella Sea
  • Persistent - Bijou Kidi
  • Ambitious - Divine'Angel

What would you recommend to the players that want to start their own fansite?
 -It's good to have a little group of people working on the project with you from the beginning. Of course, it is possible to build a fansite on your own, but you might find yourself stuck somewhere along the way. Also it's always good to have someone you trust giving your opinion on what you do right/wrong, what to improve etc. -Focus on what you want to achieve and come up with at least one thing that would be creative and would distinguish your fansite from other fansites. -Don't get in any conflicts, cuz there will always be someone ready to paraphrase everything you've said&done and try to turn it against you once you succeed.

X or Y
Achievements or Quests?

Rapid Respawn or Double exp/skill?
-Double exp/skill

Pink decoration or purple decoration?
-Pink decoration

Twitch or Youtube?

Now some fun questions...

Would you rather spend 2 years in prison than the rest of your life with your ex?

Do you sleep with the door open?


Have you ever broken someone's heart?

Do you have any tattoos?

Do you consider yourself a happy person?

Would you change your name RL if you could?

Do you believe in Tibian sorority?

Would you sell your soul for money?

Which do you think has been your biggest accomplishment in Tibia and in RL?. Is there any goal you have in RL or in Tibia?
 -In Tibia it's definitely getting a Feru Hat. I love that I got it exactly how I wanted - 0 hunts, 0 bosses, 0 real money, just flipping markets and doing events on hundreds of 8 lvls (leveled manually as well). Getting it was so hard, cuz whenever I got close, the price got out of my range. I had 30k tc, it went up to 40, I had 40, it went up to 50.. I was finally able to buy it for 52k tc! Will forever be the thing I am the most proud of when it comes to Tibia, cuz although it was my goal, I never thought I'll be able to actually buy it. I am also quite happy with my magic level, since there are barely any other 200 lvls with a ML close to mine. Also, my rewards streak is another thing I am incredibly happy with, going to have 2000 days by the end of January ;3 I, shamefully, had to use a joker once. I LITERALLY REMINDED MY BF TO TAKE REWARDS THAT DAY, I POSTED THE REMINDER ON IG... then the next day I found out I missed them myself. The first day I ever missed. Felt so bad. When it comes to my biggest IRL accomplishment, I think it's just the life I am living right now, since I had to work for it my entire life. When I was still in university, I'd sleep 4h a day max, and studied and read books all the free time I had basically. Lived this NPC life for years haha but it was worth it! So irritating though, when someone now tells me like "oh your job is so cool! your job is so easy", like ok! Ain't nothing stopping you from going the same patch ^.- My current goal IRL is to be able to speak 4 foreign languages
fluently. I sadly don't have too much time to practice languages right now, but I'd love to get back to it eventually! When it comes to Tibia, I don't think I have goals anymore:c I'd want to get some more magic levels for sure and continue my rewards streak! A second feru hat too perhaps... Time will tell:D

If you could be described as an achievement, which would it be?.
-Fool at Heart. Seems like I never learn and am always too gullible and let my feelings take over my brain. Someone can do the worst thing to me, and I'd still feel bad whenever they fail at something. Lots of people consider empathy to be their best trait, for me on the other hand, it's the opposite. Wish I could get rid of it a little bit and not necessarily feel bad for a water bottle cuz there's only one left and it must feel lonely, cuz that's how ridiculous it gets 8) So yeah, Fool at Heart is it :D

Are there any other games you play, besides Tibia?
 -Yesh! I started playing League of Legends and TFT in June this year. Other than that, I love playing old RTS games like Age of Empires, Tzar the Burden of the Crown, Cossacs, the Settlers and other games of this kind! I also love Heroes 3 and Disciples. I still go back to these games from time to time, they bring back so many good memories. I am not big on the newer games, idk why, I'm stuck with the classics.

What can you contribute as a recognized person within the Tibian community to reduce toxicity?
-That's the question I asked myself as well, but it is hard to say really. First of all, the definition of toxicity and its boundaries vary depending on the person. What's toxic for one person might be completely normal for another individual. So establishing what is really toxic and what's just petty would be a major starting factor here :D
Sometimes I voice my opinion and I am not even aware that it might be taken wrongly by some people, and I think the majority of us forget to think in these categories. In general, humans mostly don't act in a way that's wrong in their opinion. Whenever we do or say something, we are able to find a justification for that and it will mostly be right from our perspective. So how do you explain to someone
that what they're doing is wrong, if they believe they're right? I used to always think that if I'll outbark someone, then I'll convince everyone INCLUDING THAT PERSON that I'm right and that the other person did bad. However, with time I realized that the best way to stop toxicity is by just not adding up to it, and let the person bite their own tail in frustration of getting no answer despite the desperate attempts. Because even if my intention was good, not everyone could see it the same way and it just added fuel to the fire. It is hard to bite my tongue sometimes, but I realized that with time I don't even feel the need to bite my tongue anymore, it just comes naturally. I had a little Paulo Coelho moment over here, but that's cuz it is something I've been thinking about for quite a while.
So tl;dr I try not to add to the toxicity, cuz fighting fire with fire, although it might be exciting and fun doesn't bring the desired results.

If you could improve something in the game, what would it be?
 -So, I don't play too much so my knowledge about the recent updates is kinda vague. I'd want the daily rewards to perhaps give us something better. It is kinda depressing that after 1,9k days I still receive the same 10 potions I did 1900 days ago. I am still hoping for achievement for 2k days or some other kind of reward, even like a trophy :c Dream on I guess haha

Have you ever thought about working for Cipsoft?
-Haven't we all at some point?! hahah

Is there a player who inspires you?
-Lots! I don't even want to list the names, cuz I am afraid I'd forget someone. There are plenty of admirable players. Some we admire for their gaming skills, others for their kindness and ways to handle conflicts, then there are others who mix being a gamer, worker, mother and do stuff for fansites in their free time as well (honestly, I can't believe their day lasts 24 hours too). I love passionate people in general, whatever the passion is (unless it's something bad, then nu).

What is the Social Media you are using the most and why? 
-Back then I'd say Instagram, but right now it's definitely TikTok. I always watch it while in bed or when I just wait for something and have nothing to do. I got addicted to the lives of people scooping crystals out of the polishing machine, I can watch these for hours hahaha no clue why, cuz I don't even know anything about crystals.

Do you have any words for the community?
-Be kind to each other in the game. Remember that everyone goes through some bad things on the side that they might not want to share with the World and they might get hurt more easily than the rest of us. Lots of the players treat Tibia as a stepping stone that allows them to forget their real-life problems. It would be cool to make it as pleasurable as possible for them, instead of trying to interrupt their peace<3

Thanks for accepting being our player of the month, we enjoyed your interview with us!
Thanks for sharing your goals with us!

-Love you girls so much, so happy to be able to work alongside such amazing women <3 You're a real gem. May your pillow always be cold when you want to rest your head on it ;3


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