Thursday, December 1, 2022

Player of the Month #29: Pess Joeru

This is our last interview for 2022, in this month we interviewed one of the most known leaders in the active wars on the N/A servers. TibiaGoals brings to you the Player of the Month of December to Pess Joeru.
-Hello Pess, we are super excited to have you with us this month, we are going to ask you some questions about Tibia and RL, let's start!

Could you please introduce yourself, what’s your name, where are you from, what do you do for a living? Etc..

-Hi, My name is Hassan and in Tibia people know me as “Pess”. I am from Tamaulipas Mexico and I study Psychology. 

How long have you been playing Tibia, who introduced it to you?

-I’ve been playing Tibia for 14 years, this game was introduced around 2008 by my uncle, he quit playing many years ago. 

What's the story behind your character's name?

-There’s not much story about my chars name to be honest, I didn't
play much when I started, after I play OT servers for a while, when I wanted to play Tibia RL, a friend sold to me a character and it has this name, that was around 2015, that's when I decided to take that name as mine, and now everyone knows me as Pess. 

We know you as one of the leaders of the guild Reappers, How long have you been in this guild, and how have you become a leader?

- I started playing with Reappers around 2017/2018, I have 5 years with this team. I was a leader on the server Julera, at that time there were alot of internal problems on my guild and I decided to leave and join Reappers, since I had a friendship of years with Frank, I arrived as everyone and was a member, after 2 months I was starting attacks against our enemies at that time, the team started to trust in me until I became one of the leading commanders of our guild. 

X or Y

Paralyze Rune or Sudden Death Rune

-Paralyze Rune

Running Respawns PK or PK in cities?

-Running Respawns PK

Darashia Open battle or Issavi Open battle?

-Darashia Open battle

Elder Druid or Elite Knight?

-Elder Druid

Speed set or Soul set?

-Speed set

Never use mana shield again or never use haste again?

-Never use haste again 

Never use Great mana potion or never use Blessed steak again?

-Never use great mana potion again

Might Ring or Stone Skin Amulet?

-Stone Skin Amulet

Playing while listening to music or Playing while talking with friends (TS/Discord)?

-Playing while talking with friends.

What traits do you think a leader should have and why?

-I think that there's many different kinds of leaders in teams, and each of them take a different role and complement each other to make a good guild, but the most important thing is to have a strong character, so that people will respect you and everything will go well. 

If you could do some changes in the PvP, what would it be?

-I think the best thing that can happen to “Open PvP” its to add more frags, I think it'll be very difficult to turn everything in Tibia like as retro, but I think they should add more frags or at least changed that the last hit would take a 100% of injustice. 

Do you think being a charlover is a bad thing? Do you consider yourself as one?

-Not at all, I think everyone sees the game as they want, there's people that like to hunt, other people like to do achievements, charms, etc. The game needs charlovers and people that like PvP too, that's what gives Tibia its essence. I don't consider myself a charlover, I think maybe because I've never had the time to do so, I've always been involved in wars. 

We’ve watched your streams on Twitch, do you think having a lot of audience depends on the streamer or on their content?

-I think their content also helps if there's a known name that attracts people to watch you, but the most important is the content you are offering to the viewers. 

Is there any goal you have currently in RL or in Tibia?

Currently I'm coming out of a very strong illness, that was my main goal in real life, and on Tibia my goal is to end the war I currently have against Army. 

Besides Tibia, are there any other games you play?

-Sometimes I play League of Legends with my friends, or any game that's popular at that time, just to have fun.

Your guild right now is at war with the guild Army, which do you think are the best runners/PvP on both guilds?

-On their guild, I’d say Armalight but there's many more that try too, I think the best thing is to keep trying, among them Jer emy and Toxic Hasulhoff. In our team there’s a lot of good players like Paxlof, Plexus, Huntito, Sicersz, Persie, Destroyer, Dabbed and Souza who are learning. 


What’s the best and worst thing Tibia has given to you?

-My girlfriend is the best thing after everything we've been through we are together, and in Tibia I haven't had anything that makes me feel that was the worst.

We know your girlfriend Meowsiita is a PvP girl, what do you think about the toxicity some PvP girls get by being bullied by the community?

- I think there's people that take things way more than just a game, like if you are dating a leader, you'll get insults, treats etc. I also think there's a big percentage of people suffering from stress after what they suffer from the pandemic, and they want to release their anger on the game, doesn't matter if it's a woman or man. 

Are there any players you admire?

- Paxlof is one of them but he doesn't play much, and Theuzikat the best player from South America, those are the players I admire.  

Thanks for accepting being our player of the month, we enjoyed your interview with us!

Thanks for sharing your goals with us!

Hail TibiaGoals~

- Thanks a lot for giving me space on your  Fansite.

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