Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Player of the Month #28: Amy Meow

Our Player of the month for November is Amy Meow. This player is well known for her cute decorations, her pink and lovely designs in some fansites she takes part of and especially her adorable personality.

Hi Amy, thanks for being our player of the month! We have some questions for you, so

let's start! <3

Can you please introduce yourself, where are you from, what do you do in RL? Hi!♡ 
-My real name is Ale, I'm from Mexico and I have a degree in "Multimedia and Digital Animation", Icurrently work for web and mobile applications development and design and as a multimedia designer, what I enjoy doing the most in my free time is playing video games, watching animes, playing with my cats, creating art, animations, shopping online, and doing exercising.

How long have you been playing Tibia, who introduced it to you? 
- Probably more than 10 years but with many retired, I know Tibia since there were queues to get into the game haha, and the person who taught me Tibia was my brother when I was 6~ years old.

What's the story behind your character's name? 
-As a child I really liked Sonic games. Do you know Amy Rose? I liked the design of this character in this saga a lot and I also really like her name “Amy”, it's very cute, that's why I decided to put it like that and the Meow because I love cats!♡

Define your personality in three words? 
- Kind, Creative, Responsible.

Being a gamer girl in Tibia has affected or helped you in the game in any way? 
- I do not consider that my gender influences the way I perform in the game, however I know that being a girl in video games we are exposed to harassment or insults, in a certain way that could "affect" but very rarely has it happened to me to be in a type of situation like this, unfortunately this is very common when a girl decides to fight in a war, that's why I prefer to be discreet and not draw so much attention especially when it comes to being involved in a war (anyway, I am not good at it haha)

If you could choose an achievement that describes your Tibian career, which would it be? 
- Alumni. Is the Feru hat achievement, well, since I got it I feel like my “Tibian career” has been completed and since I achieved it I just enjoy the game more now, and also is one of the biggest Tibian dreams for most of the players so I’ll pick this.

Lately we've seen you take part of different fansites, what's your thoughts about the fansites on the Tibian community? 
- Being part of a fansite implies a lot of responsibility and commitment, at least that's the way that I take it and I see it, offering something for the Tibian community through a fansite is a really nice thing and I think that some people do not manage to see or know everything that being behind one fansite implies, for example at the end of each contest that was planned with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication, dealing with negative comments from people because the results weren't what they expected could be a bit frustrating, but I guess that's part of it.

What's the part you enjoy the most of being part of the fansite’s staff? 
-What I enjoy the most about being part of a fansite staff is that I can create, that probably something I do would be published in the Newstickers of Tibia and will be seen by many people, I also like even though it sounds crazy to have responsibility for many things haha ,and last, organizing contests and preparing all the banners and flyers of them is something that excites me a lot. Seeing the good comments for the work I did is something that I appreciate and love too! thank you ♡

Which one is your favorite item, and why? 
- Bunnyslippers!! Because they are cute! and also It’s a rare item looted from Yeti which its my favorite Boss ♡

If you could live in any city of Tibia, which one would it be and why? 
- Yalahar, of course, there are cats, and I find that city sophisticated!

We would like to know more about you as a player, is there any other game you like besides Tibia? 
- Of course! I like Sonic sagas, I love Nintendo sagas like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and some other pc games like Overwatch, League of Legends, I also like to play various random steam games just to kill time like Fall Guys.

Do you have any players you admire, who and why? 
- Because she do the same things that I like to do too, I admire Makadamia its my “when I grow up I
want to be like her”, she is so talented, you can see her with the most beautiful entries on the contest and she has been the creator of several fansite items, she is the founder and have her own fansite “TibiaFanart” which I love cause is art related and also she is a very supportive person, and the most that I like about her is that she doesn't need to make noise to stand out, her own talent and her career with Tibia sprites art speaks for herself!

Which items do you always include in your decorations? 
- Pink roses, Teddys and Violet Gems.

Do you have any goals in the future in Tibia or RL? 
- In tibia my goal has been to have many achievements, a dream of mine is also to create a fansite item (sorry, let me dream! haha) and In RL would like to make streams or content for youtube. For now my biggest RL goal that I have been working on for many years it’s to try everyday to be the best version of myself, taking care of my appearance, having a healthy lifestyle, sleeping early, eating healthy, walking
and exercising, etc… It sounds superficial but it's important for me and also I want to save money to buy a new car and I would love to help animal foundations.

Achievements or Hunts?


Decorate your house or Decorate your achievements?

-Decorate your house 

Store Items or Market Items?

-Market Items

Elementalist Outfit or Summoner Outfit?

-Summoner Outfit

Store Mounts or Store Outfits?

-Store Outfits 

Events or Quests?

- Events

Rapid Respawn Event or Double Skill/Experience Event?

-Rapid Respawn

Server on War or Dominado Server?

-Dominado Server

Paralyze Rune or Sudden Death Rune?

-Sudden Death Rune

Twitch Streams or YouTube Videos?

-YouTube Videos

Playing Tibia while talking with friends (TeamSpeak/Discord) or Playing Tibia while

listening to music?

-Playing Tibia while talking with friends (TeamSpeak/Discord)

PC VideoGames or Console VideoGames?

-PC VideoGames

Is there something you have achieved thanks to your presence and work with the Tibian community and that you want to share with us? 
- I could say that being "recognized" in the community for my art or my works and not for the simple fact of being "a girl who plays Tibia" is something that is rewarding for me, also thanks to the art that I have created in Tibia many people have recommended me and I have obtained jobs, I have worked for several streamers, you know, it is rare that youtube recommends me a random video of tibia with many visits, the typical ones where they collect clips of the streamers and there is something of mine like an overlay or a banner that I made, or that I simply want to see some streamer that I don't know and I see that he has a banner placed that I made for a reseller's advertising, hahaha, also thanks to recommendations from Tibians I have even worked for a tattoo artists who have nothing what to do with Tibia haha. Honestly, I didn't expect all that impact and the opportunities that were opened for me by the simple fact of sharing Tibia's art plus all the experience I've acquired. I've added a few jobs I've done from tibia to my portfolio when I want to find a new job which has opened up a lot of opportunities too.

Do you remember dying in a funny way? 
- Hahaha all the time! I have died a lot from falling asleep while I was doing a boss, another one because of my cat that climbs on the keyboard, hahaha and for forgetting to put the utamo when it was necessary :(

Do you have any words for the community? 

- Let’s do the game with a less toxic community, respect other players, if you are playing in a war learn to not mix the personal stuff with the game, remember, it is just a game!. If you participate in a contest and you don't win, even if you think you put in a lot of effort, it's okay! I’ve been there too and I know how it feels!! but don't insult the work from the other contestants, we need to be good losers and respect the work from the others. Just keep trying for the next contest and don't give up! Always be nice to the other players but don't let them take advantage of you either.

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