Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Instagram Daily Goals - Annual Competition

Are you familiar with our daily goals on our Instagram?
We've been posting them for two years now but from now on (27.07.2022) we will start keeping track of the number of goals everyone does! You will also start getting points for your goals!
The person with the most considerable number of points will receive Luna on our birthday on 27.07.2023!

What to do exactly?

1. Follow us on Instagram: @tibiagoals
2. Every day we post a new goal which you must fulfill within 24 hours

An example goal

3. Post a story proving you did it and tag @tibiagoals
Remember that we will only see your story if your account is public and you tag us so that we get the notification.

4. Next to each goal there will be a number of points given (1-3) based on its difficulty
5. The person with the highest number of points at 27.07.2023 00:01 CEST receives Luna

*If at the end of the event several people have the same top number of points, the winner will be determined by a lottery. 

You may check your score here:


  1. is the "Goal for today" posted at certain hour?

  2. around server save time (+/- 3h from ss max, since IG doesn't let u schedule posts, we gotta do it manually :c )

  3. Check out Hootsuite, I've used it in the past to schedule posts for IG. Comes in handy when manual posting gets annoying. lol