Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Player of the month #23: Nawtscout

 Our Player of the Month for June is Nawtscout. This paladin from Lobera holds the title of Apex Predator and is the creator of a well-known English PvP guild, Army Geddon. 

Could you introduce yourself?

-Hi guys I'm Nawtscout, but most of my friends call me Alex. I'm a 1395 Royal Paladin playing on Lobera with my team of 8 years "Army." I'm from New York, and I've never lived anywhere else. I'm
currently employed by United Airlines as an airplane mechanic, and on my days off I play tibia 12+ hours, play tennis, exercise, travel with my flight benefits, and I like to go fishing. 

Who showed tibia to you?

-Two of my real life friends showed me tibia in 2007. Alex and Kris were their names. We started playing on Trimera under the family name "Noble." Alex the noble, Notscout the noble, Kris the noble etc. They taught me straight away that Tibia is played with a bot, and their only intentions were leveling with the bot until they could summon orc berserkers and PK around Thais. I had other plans. Once I bought my first premium and was level 25 I had decided I never wanted to be known as a cheater, so I never used the bot after that. I became super obsessed with Tibia and would even read the wikia while I was at school in the computer labs there. Basically I wanted more than what my friends showed me. I wanted to see everything in the game and I wanted to do it all.

What are the recent Tibia Changes that you appreciate the most?

-The removal of Bots and the removal of the X-log exploit. 

Is there a player you admire?

-I admire Itexo for his community work, people like Veyllor and Bobeek who are SUPER high leveled and really skilled and knowledgable about hunting. Really anyone higher level than me that leveled their character with their own hands deserves my respect, because I know just how much dedication it takes. 

You have the title of Apex Predator, was it your goal to achieve it? What now?

-Really it just happened. I just strived to put my 2 boosts in daily with my friends Octuous and Barkiyo and eventually it just happened this way.  In the future I'd like to finish tiering up my gear, eventually get the Rift Runner mount, and reach level 2,000.

When did you create your team? Is there anyone in the team from day one?

-Me, Benolaz, Druid Joy, and Strife created Army Geddon in Solera back in like 2014~

Originally we were just a little pk team, and we were very hunted by the dominating guild, but we never stopped leveling and fighting and people started to gravitate towards us. We grew a lot and when bots were extinguished, we took over Solera. Unfortunately,  none of the original creators are still playing, though we do keep in touch regularly over whatsapp. 

X or Y

Tibia 10 or Tibia 11?

-Tibia 11


Dying afk or dying to lag?

-Dying to lag (I don't make those afk mistakes anymore XD)


Team of 100 noobs or 10 pro players?

-10 pro players, that's what my team mentality is based upon. We turn away dozens of people everyday.

Never use utito again or never use energy ring again?

-Never use utito again. energy ring is everything on a paladin. It's part of your hybrid mana/hp build. 


Ank Or Dara?

-Dara all day, too many PZs in Ank. 


Losing 10 levels yourself, or letting your best friend lose 50 levels?

-Losing 10 levels myself. If Octuous loses 50 levels that's like 4 Billion exp, and If I only lose 10 levels it's like 1 billion exp. Ez trade if you ask me. But we don't die, let me make that clear XD


With mount or without?

-Without mount of course.


Having a bad ek or bad ed?

-I'd rather have a bad ek. ED needs to be the most skilled in the party. They have the hardest job. My friends Octuous, Battledroid, Zeonnic, Armalight, and Jaggers are the best EDs I know. And they're always ready to save anyone in any situation. 


Ks for 10hrs or be KSed for 10 hrs?

-I'd rather be Ks'd for 10 hours because I like forcing an enemy to stay with me. I know I can outlast and wear them out, and then they'll never come again. 


Twitch or Youtube?

-Twitch is better for an interactive experience, listening to music, showing raw content, and just vibing with the boys. 

But I do love the creativity aspect of Youtube, and I love looking back at older videos I've made and remembering the good times with my friends. 

If you could make one change in PVP what would it be? 

-I would allow skulled players to sio other skulled players. without receiving extra frags in the Open PVP setting. When you're the aggressing team, you cannot support each other, and it makes the fight very one sided in the favor of the non skulled. 


Have you ever stream sniped? Or done the stream sniping yourself?

-Yes, everytime I open my stream there will be some attention hungry enemies running around looking for trouble. And yes, everytime an enemy streams we arrive to completely ruin their day as well. It's the name of the game in Open PVP. Never let your enemies enjoy their playing time. Do this long enough, and you win every war. 


Is there a place for a 5th Vocation in tibia? If so, what would it be?

-I would like to see a "Summoner" class. Someone who can summon really powerful monsters based on their magic level and level. Imagine a 1400 Summoner running into the fight and making 19 hellfirefighters, or 6 hellhounds that don't damage your own team. It would be amazing. 


What traits do you think a good leader should have?

-"A true leader does not seek power. He is called to it." A good tibia leader always puts himself in danger before anyone else in his team, he supports them and always keeps a good attitude. Someone who doesn't ask more of his teammates than he's willing to give himself. A good leader doesn't use his teammates to get what he wants, he works with them to get what THEY want. 


Do you think being a charlover is a bad thing?

-I love my char, but I'm not afraid to die. Being afraid to die is a bad thing for sure. They could turn tibia servers off tomorrow and you'll never have a chance to have the fun you've been working towards

by leveling. Being a total charlover keeps you from really PLAYING the game. 


If you could turn into a movie character, who would it be?

-Christian Bale as batman in the Dark Knight. He's handsome, rich, and commands respect. Next Question. 


Define your team in 3 words

-Speed, Violence, Momentum. 


Do you have any encouraging words for the community?

-Get yourself into a good career and play tibia for FUN. Don't make it your job. Respect everyone you meet, unless they're your enemy of course. And remember that everyone is a regular person just like you. Tibia has come a long way, and it will continue for many years, so keep playing and keep having a great time. It was an honor for me to answer these questions. And a big shoutout to all the fansites and all the people behind the scenes for making the Tibian Community feel like such a home for me.

For anyone reading this long, thanks for your time, and thank you to TibiaGoals for having me on as this month's Player of the Month. Cya