Sunday, May 1, 2022

Player of the Month #22: Thurianx

Our Player of the Month for May is Thurianx. The royal paladin from Seanera has recently reached level 600 and is getting close to 1000 achievement points, apart from that she also does astonishing decorations that you can see on her Instagram. 

Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from etc.?
-Hi! My name in the game is Thurianx, but everyone calls me Thuri. I'm from Venezuela, I am 23 yearsold. Im a chemical engineering student, I love kdramas, the decorations in game and an achievement hunter. 

How did you start playing Tibia?
-I started playing Tibia thanks to a person who was close to me some years ago. He showed me this game around 2017. I started on amazon camp obtaining protective charms, then to stone refiner, and so on and on, till where I am right now. I started playing on the server Noctera, I loved that server.. a lot. After some years they merged that server with Torpera and Jonera, and it was called Unisera. Some time after that, the server got merged with Ysolera, and they named it Seanera, and that's the server I currently play. 

Is there any player who inspires you or motivates you?
-There's some players who inspired me in different ways, they motivate me to be better in different aspects. 
PvP: I'm not a PvP girl, but I try, and that's why I learn everyday from my friends and I thank them for that. I'm going to mention Nol, Tenszo, Dropp and Mapuchi, I've seen their game and I really like their PvP. 
Nol has been the person who taught me & helped me, and he has a lot of patience. Thanks to him I've learned a lot and I'm more confident when I go into war. For this and so much more, I adore him. 
I'd also like to mention my dear friend Yely, she'd helped me during PvP when Ive got lost. For taking me to places I didn't know they existed. Thanks, friend. 

Decorations: Being a decoration lover, I have a lot of people that I admire, but the girls who inspired me to decorate since the beginning were Divine'Angel, Nelasz, Bruuzy and Myshana. I've had theopportunity to tell them personally, girls you guys are great. 

Achievements: Ive seen alot of people on instagram sharing their goals, and one who really got my attention is Garoto Do Sorriso. On Seanera there's a girl named Meyrah, she's the top achievements from the server, and yes she's also great. 
There are endless things which they have people who develop very well, and I have to mention my friend Compa Joseli, he is Top ML from GB and ive had the opportunity to hunt with him, and yes, he is excellent. 

You have a lot of achievement points, what achievement was the hardest to obtain?
-My top 2 achievements that were the hardest to obtain were: 
Widely Traveller, I think this achievement was the one that took me the longest to obtain. On this achievement you have to discover all the cities, and it took me approximately 3 months to finish it. 
Mystic Fabric Magic, you obtain this achievement by getting the Elementalist outfit full, (Mage's cap & Elemental spikes). Currently it is the most expensive outfit that I have. 

What's one thing that you disliked at first, and then changed your mind?
-This is going to sound ironic, but doing achievements HAHAHA, I was like, what is this for? I don't find any benefit from doing this, at the beginning I had very few places I could go, because I didn't have many quests done. After being able to use portals and finishing the things that I started made me feel a great satisfaction, and that was the reason that made me start looking for quests and doing 1 or 2 quests per day so I could have access to everywhere. Having access to places was the reason that made me love the achievements. 

X or Y
Decorating your own house or somebody else’s house?
-Someone else's house. I don't have many items, and I don't want to always do the same decoration, so Ilike to decorate someone else's houses and do something different to each house. 

Royal Costume or Golden outfit?
-Royal Costume. This outfit is simply BEAUTIFUL.

Crossbow or bow?
-Crossbow. I like the crossbow more, that's why I'm thinking about buying a Soulpiercer someday.

Never wear your favorite outfit or never wear your colors again?
-The colors are the ones who define me, so I think I don't care which outfit, so never use my favorite outfit.

Imbuements or Exaltation Forge?
-Imbuements. I don't have Exaltation Forge, so I don't know how that works. 

Achievements or outfits?
-Achievements! 10000%

Free account cities or premium account cities?
-Mainland is way better, I like it more. 

Playing solo or with friends?
-With friends, I hate playing by myself, it's really boring. Actually, I don't like to solo hunt. 

Would you rather your best friend get 10k tibia coins, or get 5k tibia coins yourself?
-It's a hard question, but I'd rather my best friend get the 10ktc, I know she'll make good use of it. 

Never use utito again or never use ultimate spirit potion again?
-Never use ultimate spirit potion again.

Do you consider yourself a charlover? What is your definition of this term?
-Being a charlover has a different definition for every person, but trying to generalize it a little bit Icould say that : trying to improve yourself in something you like in Tibia, and be so careful with your main character and not to use it for PvP. I do consider myself a little bit charlover, because I try to improve myself in things that I like in game, maybe an achievement, access, etc. 

You were amongst the 3 lucky winners of Luna, what made you decide to choose her
from all the items?
-Having Luna has been a great experience in the game. When I saw Luna for the first time I was like "How can an item be so beautiful?". She is the sweetest thing I've seen. Actually, one of the things that made me want her more, was a letter that I wrote for the fansite contest, where you have to write something to Luna for Valentines day, and I think since that day I was able to appreciate every single detail of her. That was the reason I chose her, because she is and will always be the prettiest item I've seen in the game. Makadamia is exceptional with every item she creates, but you can tell Luna was made with love and a lot of dedication. 

If you could change one event from the past, what would it be?
-To not have been so immature at the beginning. But I think that thanks to that I learned a lot. 

Define yourself as a player in 3 words.
-PvP apprentice, decoration lover and charlover. 

What is your biggest goal you managed to achieve in the game?
-Getting a fansite item. My first item was a nightmare doll, I won it in a contest for TibiaMagazine. Actually, I still have that dream, to be classified in some fansite contest, that's why I put so much effort to someday try to achieve that goal again. 

Do you have any encouraging words to the community?
Real life is already stressful enough to deal with more stress from the game.
Guys, we are here to have fun and get distracted.
Always remember this: Treat the people like you want to be treated. You can't imagine how much this can help someone. There's nothing more beautiful than a person with good energy saying everything is going to be fine, and to enjoy what you're doing. You can make someone else's day better. 

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