Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Easter Egg Hunt 2022 - RESULTS


We are providing you with a screenshot of our e-mail inbox!
We are still receiving the right answers but those are too late now!

The winners are:
1. Spose
2. Sir Xancis
3. Knish icearrow



#1 - Puff! Here I am! Jump to the section where people answer questions!
(interviews section - search for it in the interviews)

#2 - Aaah! The third one loves fighting and it speaks Portuguese!
(PVP section - an article in Portuguese version)

#3 - Lovely! All that fighting got me tired. I would love to rest near the pond!
(House Decoration section - an article about the pond)

#4 - Oh... Dominando? Charlover? What are those odd words... let me check in my...
(Tibia and Languages - Tibia Dictionary))

#5 - Maybe one of our partnered streamers has the next hint...
(Scroll lower in the partnered streamers section)

#6 - I love it when people talk about their successes but oh my... Polish looks like a difficult language!
(Your Goals section - Polish versions)

#7 - Now this one is challanging! What can a devil be?
(Achievement section - lucky devil article)

8 - Oh hello! You found me! The password consists of the first letters of each hint!

The first letters of all the #1 - #8 hints form a password: PAL0MINO

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