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Character: Bloth Kalas

Luna, Luna in the clouds
You're my only goal
As ambitious as I am
I'm honest too, that's all

Luna, Luna in the clouds
I really like your horn
I may have a horn for you,
so add a "y", let's go

Luna, Luna in the clouds
The sky is home of yours
They say it is the limit, too,
So I embrace my goals

Luna, Luna in the clouds,
Such a unique queen
you're made of purple candy floss
To taste you is my dream

Luna, Luna in the clouds,
There's no one after you
Be my valentine this year
and make my goal come true!

Character: Braff Herza

Luna, my dear,
There’s something I need you to hear.
Everything about you is so unique, I swear
Haven’t seen another one like you in my career
I made it my goal to have you right here,
My crib is purple just like your ear,
Will you give me the possibility, at least this year?

“Sky is the limit” that’s a message you share,
My darling, I’ll take you even there.
Nobody comes close to you, you are top tier.
I love your horn, your tail, and your hair
If you need help, I’ll be the volunteer

When I am thirsty, you are like beer,
I am a woman too, for you, I’ll go queer
I will protect you from anyone who comes near
I am a paladin, that’s the use of my spear.
Throwback to Palomino’s stable, let’s cheer
I am like wine, your bad memories I’ll clear

So my dear Luna, let me ask you right here.
To be or not to be, word to Shakespeare.

Character: Firion Zazuke

Come back Luna, from Palomino’s perspective:

Luna, I hope you still remember
Since when you were a pony foal
You have never surrender
You always had a soul

I know you’re now Luna
Isn’t that an herbalist woman?
Before you were just Juna
And I know I’m only a human

A unique majestic creature
I hope to find again on my path
Let’s forget about this math
Let’s make a new and magic ride

Now when you dream sky turns purple,
When you are awake magic floats
Although I still missed you in the stable,
Without you I don’t have goals

Come back where you were born,
Even if it is now with a horn
We still miss you in the barn
I still think you’re in my heart

Come back Luna!

Character: Kriiz Meow

Oh my my! I still remember that night,
You looked peaceful under the moonlight,
A horse through the distance seemed to be,
I never believed that it could happen to me.

I must confess... I felt scared!
To met a Unicorn i wasn't prepared,
A majestic creature, completely UNIQUE,
You became my strength when i felt weak.

Your PURPLE skin shines like the twilight SKY,
Your purity and innocence can't be deny.
Your HORN & tail glow through the distance,
Giving purpose to my mad existence.

Luna Luna! So high in the clouds,
You make my heart sings aloud,
You took my empty dreams & filled them every one,
You’ve taken all my fears & made them run.

I learned from you to reach my GOALS,
You gave me confidence needed to my soul,
You stole my breath in such different ways,
Your determination & freedom filled my days!

A little bit of “Mass” & a touch of “Divine”,
That was the way you got your shine,
You get brighter the more it gets dark,
You have an adventurer fearless heart.

Oh Sweet Luna! Lets be partners in crime,
Lets face together all the upcoming climbs.
We’re gonna leave our hoofprints on the moon,
The proof of our success will be coming soon.

Once in the past a brown pony you were,
& showed the value wasn’t the color of your hair,
You kept fighting until your dreams come true,
Giving the courage to be warriors like you.

Character: Zyrsu

(I decided to use all the letters from one sound that Luna makes as the first letters
of each sentence, can you guess which sound it is?)

Today, I am giving you this scroll.
Hereby to inform you, you are my goal.
Eh, you will think I am some troll.
Really though, do not worry, my little foal.
Every piece of me loves you, you own my soul.

Wherever I go, you are in my head.
I think of you, like a hungerer thinks of bread.
Like a seamstress thinks of a thread.
Like an exhausted fellow thinks of his bed.

No words describe that extreme love.
Everyone else is down here, you are above.
“Very well” you say, “I accept the glove.”
Elope with me, the sky is ours my dove.
Regret is something we need to get rid of.

Beautiful Luna, my purple heart.
Elegant, cute, you are also smart.

Ah, how could I forget.
Nobody else has told you that, yet.
Oh my sweet, you’re more than just a pet.
The other ladies should see you as a threat.
Horn so shiny, stands out like a jet.
Ever since we’ve met.
Romeo is me, you are Juliet.

Oh Luna, you are so unique.
Not a surprise everyone wants you in their clique.
Eh… I could be praising you for a week.

As I praise your beauty.
Forgive me the pause, I need to finish my duty.
Thou and I are meant to be, you cutie.
Everyone in your place would now be snooty.
Right now, I did finish my duty.

You need to believe me it’s more than just a trend.
Okay now, my letter is just about to end.
U should take a look at every sentences’ first letter, signed: your new boyfriend.


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