Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Player of the Month #20: Loreni

Our player of the month for March is Loreni. The druidess from Talera is extremely talented and has won a lot of contests thank to her crafting skills.

Can you introduce yourself? What's your name, where are you from etc?

-HOLI! My name is Lorena, but my friends call me Loreni, Im from Mexico and I'm 24 years old, I have a degree in gastronomy specializing in confectionery. I love everything that has to do with desserts and decorations, in my free time I play Tibia, with my character Loreni on the server Talera. 

Who showed you Tibia for the first time? 

-The first time I heard about Tibia was from my brother, he actually plays his character on the same server (Talera). I started playing in 2016, at the beginning I wasn't playing much time but eventually it became my favorite game, my first server was Solera, I had good memories. 

Do you have a player who inspires you? 

-There's different people, one of them my boyfriend Paxlof, he's really good at everything he does, he's a dedicated person and an excellent PvP player, I hope someday to be as good as him. 

The other person is my sister Meowsiita, she inspires me to never give up, to be dedicated to everything I do inside and outside the game, I really like that part of her of constantly getting her goals and the patience she takes to help you so you can achieve them too. 

Do you think being in a guild is important in Tibia these days? 

-For me being in a guild its really important, you have a whole team with different abilities watching your back, with different opinions, also you get to meet new people and you can learn from them, share things you like and get to do stuff together, it's really nice to do bosses, hunts and be supported in war, mostly because being a girl in war its something already complicated. 

Your definition of success: 

-It's to accomplish every goal you set up for yourself in game or RL, feel fulfilled for achieving something you work so hard for, that's the result of your time, dedication and discipline. 

X or Y  

Store decoration or market items?

-I love store decoration, but the market has a lot of stuff that makes any house look beautiful.


Never get into Liberty Bay or never leave Liberty Bay?

-Hahaha Oh my god! I think never ld never leave it, I love that city, I'll turn myself into an NPC :p 


Exura Vita or Utamo Vita?

-Utamo Vita, the safest spell for my vocation. 


Having 3 small houses or 1 big house?

-Big house, more space to decorate. 


Charms or achievements?

-Achievements of course!, it's amazing to get an achievement for every addon, mount, quest etc. 


TibiaDrome or old arena? -Tibia Drome without doubts! You get better rewards than the old arena, the potions are really helpful and I love the mount. 


Server during war or dominado?

-In war, I like to keep learning about PvP and there's nothing better than practice, i'm not as good, but I keep learning from my leaders.

Listening to music while playing or talking on TS?

-Music when I'm doing stuff solo, and TS when I'm with friends. 


Use the elementalist outfit with different colors or using your colors with other outfits but the elementalist?

-Haha this is so hard, I'd have to choose my colors but with other outfits because there's more outfits that I really like.


Solo hunt or team hunt?

-Team hunt because you get to do more experience, you learn new respawns and specially because you get to spend time with your friends. 

What is the coolest thing Tibia has given you?  -My current relationship, meeting amazing people inside the game it's so wonderful, sharing the things Ilike with my boyfriend is something really cool, and I feel really lucky. 

You participate in a lot of contests, which of all your entries has been your favorite and your less favorite and why?

-Haha! This is a good question, I think my favorite is the Jack o lantern I crafted for the fansite TibiaHome, even though I didn't get any place, I'm so happy I crafted exactly the way I imagined it. My least favorite was my entry for the Christmas contest by Tibialife in 2018. It's really embarrassing haha! I had to create a letter to Santa and mine was so terrible, I rushed it and it didn't go well. 

Do you have a goal in Tibia at the moment?

-My goal right now it's to get all the plushies from TibiaDrome and the Phant mount, I'm still working getting the points for the mount, and about the plushies i'm getting the points with my maker because she's the owner of the house, there's a lot of work to do but i'm working on that, it's going to be difficult but not impossible. 

Do you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert? 

-Definitely an extrovert, I love to hang out with friends and get to meet good and kind people. 

Define your server in 3 words.

-Talera is Reappers! Hahaha, definitely UNION, STRENGTH AND FUN.

Do you have some encouraging words for the community?

-Never give up, let yourself fail so you can try again, dedication and effort will make you achieve your goals, be constant and persevering to get whatever you put your mind to. 

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