Tuesday, March 8, 2022

International Women's Day 2022 - Women Unite / Interviews

Alesita Sio
What is the woman celebrity that you find the most inspiring?

Chelzea: This is tough! There are a lot of admirable women out there but I think I'd default to Chelsea Handler. I love her sense of humor, her honesty and her willingness to grow but most of all, she doesn't fall in with the norm. She's not a woman who thinks marriage and children are the only things that will make one's life complete. I really appreciate that and feel inspired that I do not require the "norm" to be complete.

Loreni: Definitely Selena Gomez, she's an admirable woman, she started her career at a very young age, she always helps everyone, she's an activist, she also has different foundations, she's also a singer and a writer. Personally, I think I've learned so much about her, her voice has been an inspiration to me and I really admire how she has managed to get her career going besides her sickness.

Amy Meow
What mindset should a woman have?

Makadamia: Every woman should surround herself with positive people who will help her grow, and make sure she grows herself - whether it's in her career, hobbies, or motherhood. It is in self-development that we should look for our self-confidence. Not treating each other like competition, but giving support. And finally, not comparing, avoiding negativity, smiling and a whole lot of empathy is what makes us women beautiful!

Aurea Atti: Not just women, but people in general... my motto is "Don't do to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you!" If everyone followed this basic rule, half of humanity's problems would be solved!

Amy Meow: I believe that all women should have a mentality that we can shine for ourselves, that we are not worth for our body, for our physical appearance or for the number of men who are behind us, It's for how big our mind is , for the nobility of our hearts and for the quality of human that we are. I also think that it is important that among women we need to stop seeing other women as competition, stop envy, offenses and bad comments, we have to support each other!

Jenny Bambina: I think if all women realized how powerful, capable & strong they are, this question would be direct to the men.

Ely: This is a difficult question because everyone is different but I believe that women in general should be self aware. Sometimes it's easy or difficult to trust someone, especially if you hear gossip about them. Never judge from what others say but give them a chance (you don't have to be besties obvi) but be aware of how you are with them. You know what/who you like, so go on your gut instinct.

Queen Kiesz: A woman must feel free, independent, autonomous and empowered, one of the phrases I identify myself with and it's always present to me is "If I want it, I got it!".

Aribebesh: We must start promoting the good habits a strong woman must have to build herself, reinvent herself for example work on goals that are aimed to her well-being and personal growth, stability and know how to maturely face everything that comes, I love to visualize a bright future, I feel that it takes a big strength to reach the goal, the attitude and energy that makes us winners.

Lula Petit: The one she decides, everyone makes their own mistakes.

What is your system of values? What's most important for you in life?
Assuna Hith

Magiska Malin
: I value my future. What is most important in my life is how I can make my future better but still be present in the now. I go to the gym and I do yoga most days of the week to feel better mentally and physically. I’m ambitious at work to challenge myself at what I do and to make money so that I can become financially independent. In the time of 3 years at my company, I went from being a Junior Designer to becoming the Lead Product Designer with my own team. In Tibia I set goals every year to get to a certain level or to buy a certain item or to finish a certain quest - this keeps me focused during the year! The sky's the limit and don’t let anyone stop you!

Aurea Atti: The most important thing in our lives is to be happy, live in peace, respect each other and help whenever possible! Life is short, so we should make the most of it!

Meowsita: My values are based on kind, sincerity and the love of my family. There's no doubt that all these were transmitted from my family, I considered this the most important thing in my life.

Loreni: I really base all my values in the way my mom has taught me, she's a wonder person and strong in all aspects, and the most important would be my family and the people that I love, I always try to take care of them and make them feel special and always letting them know how important they are to me.

What is the funniest Tibia situation that happened to you as a woman?

Tynusiiaa: Women taught me to play Tibia which is my flex but is also kinda funny. Even though those girls don't play anymore and me, despite the initial doubts if it came to 'killing creatures/animals" still play it, it is a nice memory. It reminds me of the old girl power, which is rare nowadays.

Jenny Bambina: It was in 2003, I was at Carlin’s depot, just hanging around with the people (Carlin used to be the main point for all ppl, similar to Thais now), and then a guy started to mess with, saying stuff like "u are so noob", "you're a girl, u should go play the sims". Back then, it didn't have any kind of skull system, so if you clicked I’m the character’s name on the battle list, I'd attack it immediately! That's what I did, except that I had an SD ready. So, instead of just showing him my power and courage, I killed him so fast that I started to run to my house (in Carlin). He promised me revenge and we logged for a whole week: me in my house (pz) and he at the door. I was so frustrated and tired that one day I came out of the house and said: please kill me now and let me play. He felt sorry for me and invited me to hunt. He became one of my best friends in real life.

Nina: Well for me it's really funny that sometimes my way to speak confuses the men xD I mean there's occasions that guys msgd me thinking I'm a guy and they try to be friends with me because of it... maybe because of the way I talk/wrote/ or express myself haha.

What is one thing you would want to teach your daughter?

Makadamia: I would like to teach her to accept and be kind to herself so that in the future when I am no longer around, she will be able to be happy regardless of her faults and problems. These are simply a part of everyone's life.
Jenny Bambina

Monzarro Murcatto: I have 2 daughters and I am constantly teaching them things, so I can't pick just one. It is all about giving them a set of values that make them good, decent human beings who are a joy to themselves and the people they meet. We talk a lot about empathy, tolerance and acceptance and how to handle the everyday conflicts at home and at school and so on.
But as they are close to being teenagers, one of the things I will focus on in the coming years is how to talk to and about other people, and especially other women. I will ask them not to participate in rumours (don't repeat stories that you don't know the source of), name calling (never call a woman a whore unless you're specifically referring to her source of income) and to not judge people based on their appearance, gender, sexual orientation or number of sex partners. Those things are private and unless people are directly harmful to themselves or others, it is no one else's business. I think Live And Let Live is a good mantra in this respect.

Alesita Sio: The day I have a daughter, I'd tell her to be strong because she'll need it when I'm not there, to learn how to put limits, because there's more bad people that good people in the world, and specially never forget to be kind to the people around her.

Aribebesh: Things my mom has taught me, know the value of money, know the value and how to gain every penny by penny and the sacrifice you made to get it, be successful, be humble, and respect the ones around you. Never brag or fake something you are not, always be honest and loyal to your values.

What is more important for you, being strong or being kind? Why?

Bea charlover aca
Dumon Von'terryer: Both are strong in all situations and strong to try to be kind even if someone is not with you. Strong when insulting you and kind to give good words back, strong to show you are good but can take failure, and kind when someone talks about your failure.

Estelania: For me it's both equally important. My first intentions will always be to stay humble and kind to anyone and to not be judgemental. But that doesn't mean I don't speak my mind. If I feel like there are things going unfairly to myself or my friends, I won't hesitate to get a confrontation. I'm always giving my honest opinions even if I know it can come off rude or harsh, but for me this is something that shows being strong also.

Aurea Atti: We should always be kind, but we need to be strong because it's an imposition of life, and of Tibia too! We need to stay Strong to survive in this jungle called Planet Earth “hay que endurecerse pero sin perder la ternura”

Ely Blademaster: For me personally, I feel like this could go hand in hand. You could be a strong person but also a kind one. Genuine kindness is rare to find so I always try to be nice because you never know what the other person may be going through. But it's also good to be strong and know your limits, sometimes people can take your kindness for granted. Don't let anyone walk all over you. Be kind but also be strong and stand your ground.

Monzarro Murcatto: Being kind. I want to have a positive impact on other people because I think happy people are more likely to do good things. Plus I think it is far more enjoyable to be kind and I get to meet so many nice and interesting people!

Bea charlover aca: Hard question, both are equally important for my mental health. I wouldn't sacrifice being kind to get strength; but it is also true that many people will take advantage of the kind ones just cause they see them as weak, which is a huge mistake. Also being mentaly strong is so important to 'survive in this 'men's world, ' cause sooner or later you will need to face bullshit you won't like.

Flor Belina: The most important thing for me in Tibia is to be strong, because strength means independence. In this game, people prejudge you as a woman, that you are dependent on a man. Also it happens a lot when some men create situations where the woman becomes dependent on them to get benefits. To avoid all these situations that happen very often, I must insist that a woman should be strong, get levels, focus on their skills, think what they do best and get the best of it, get what she wants by her own strength ( buying or looting), depending on their possibilities.

Dyaniixz: To me both are important, but I'd choose to be kind because of the power of our actions and words, and the way we use them may cause a big impact on others, and the best thing is to give a good impact.

Ely Blademaster
Thurianx: Be kind also makes us strong eventually. I am in favor of kindness. Sometimes being this way with someone does not guarantee that the person will reciprocate, many don't respond or react in the same way that we treat them, so by dealing with it it's also a big example of strength. Being kind comes with tolerance, positivism and with a very important point: Value the people. Why? Probably because we know what it feels like to be underestimated and we don't want to treat people with the disdain which they have treated us, and by this I'm sure we will make someone's day just with a little sincere "Good morning" and a genuine smile.

Kriiz Meow: Be kind. In life, in the game and other different situations you'd need help from others to reach your goals and as stronger you are individually, that's not going to be enough.

What are the most inspiring female characters from movies?

Monzarro Murcatto: The late Helen McCrory as Aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders. In that world of crime and murder she still held on to the ability to love and to see the good in other people. She moved me deeply, and I am so sad she died before they filmed the 6th season.

Alesita Sio: Elsa, I identify myself with her, because of her gift she've caused a lot of pain to the ones she loves, so she's feels obligated to take some distance to protect them, and on her own way she understands the love she has for the ones she loves and herself.

Dumon Von'terryer: I really love Arya (GoT), Lagertha ( Vikings), because both are really Shield Maiden. Beth ( Queen's Gambit) and Cersei Lannister because they are very smart.

Milny: I'm going to answer these 2 questions in 1, because both are related. When I was little I was a fan of Miley Cyrus, she was Hannah Montana back then. So I didn't know how to write Miley so I used to write it as Milie, so my game friends started calling me Milie because of my RL name Milagros, So I started using it in every game I played and Tibia wasn't the exception. I've always loved Miley Cyrus, not because she's so talented but because all she has went thru and I identify myself with her, when they judge her so cruelly, to live her sexual life freely, and all those type of things that close minded people think is wrong. I feel that all that helped to shape my personality, and I like it. I'm not saying I want to be like her, every person is unique and we should not be idolizing people, but we can identify ourselves with other people and feel good about it.

What is the story behind your Tibian name?
: My characters first name was Children, but they banned me because of the name, so I had to think in a name, and like mostly all players I went and asked my friends what name should I put to my char, they told me something that goes with you. They used to bug me saying I was really slow to refill or to get to places, so they were very creative and combined SLOW with my RL names SOFI, and that's how my character name is SLOWFI haha!. For me it's really funny, I have a lot of good memories from friends that no longer play Tibia <3. I'll never change my character's name. I love the story behind it.

Nina: The story behind my character's name is really weird but ok here it is: In 2005 , It was the first time I heard about Tibia, a lot of my friends used to say I was "smug" and some others used to say I was "trashy" why? well they are the ones that knows why haha so it occurred to me super random, to combined those 2 words and create an name for my character, so that's how I got :NINANIFRE, after that there were only a few that new how to pronounce it correctly, and the ones who couldn't they just called me NINA, so I kept the NINA.

Eveh: A few years ago, I had an accident that left me extremely sore and in bed for a couple weeks (luckily was on summer vacation) and in those weeks I read about 11 books, one of them was Eve by Anna Carey. Some time after that I was looking for a name for my summoner on League of Legends, and I turned around to see my room, and my eyes spotted the bookshelf and I saw that book, and I checked to see if it was available, and to my surprise the name was available! So since that day I've been Eve for all my friends.

Assuna Hith: This name I got it from some friends that I used to play with in 2010, I don't like anime but they do, and they think I look alot to Assuna on the character and how she is.

Katue Fatini: It's a mix of 2 names and last names, mine and a friend. 9 years ago I stopped playing and he convinced me to create a char and return to play Tibia. So when I created it I didn't know what name to choose, so I mixed our names.

What is your biggest accomplishment in real life?

Magiska Malin: Probably that I was able to buy my very own two-room apartment in Stockholm at the age of 24 and that I took my driver's license and bought a car at the age of 27!

Myshana: Being a real-life decorator of kitchens and bathrooms, enjoying what I do, and designing with an excellent team and cabinetry!
Flor Belina
What is your biggest motivation?

Amy Meow: My biggest motivation is to inspire other women to fight for their dreams, to let them know that their abilities and intelligence can take them far, to realize that they shine much brighter and are more admirable when they succeed with their own efforts.

Jenny Bambina: In the tibia, definitely to get all the scorpion’s mounts! I have a huge connection with scorpions, it’s my sign, my ascendant, my moon, and my sun in my birth chart. So, that’s the biggest motivation in-game.
In life, I go to work every day so I can save money to one day, be able to visit my dream country: Iceland!

Chelzea: In real life, dogs and travel. I work my ass off so one day I can give my future dog the life it deserves and also be able to travel freely and explore the world. In Tibia, being in the top of the achievement high scores. I'm pushing for top 10 on Quintera right now but I have my sights set on #1.

What is your funniest death?

Magiska Malin: It must be the one time I was rushing to the feaster of souls bosses in vengoth.. I got trapped and at the time I wasn’t sure I could survive that so I panicked and I tried to use a mana cake from my store inbox but I accidentally clicked on the “increase fishing” cake :( The screenshot is amazing haha

Meraviglia: There was a lot of it, but one situation was very memorable to me
I think the funniest death was when we went to the action with my team and we killed a very high level, so proud we all went to the boss, I felt too confident and I died full bless by headshot.

Aurea Atti: First time in Mainland, I saw a hunter and I thought it was a NPC like Hardek in Thais, soooo I say HI and got a headshot... Sad but true :P

Jenny Bambina: All my deaths are funny bc I simply suck at this game hahaha but I had one especially funnier with my PT at Cathedral (we call it that name but i think it has another official name, its the -3 with all the spectre’s & arachs). We were in 1 MS, 1 EK and 1 ED. All lvl’s +130. The first one to die was the druid. "Holy shit". I didn't know how to heal the EK. We started running so fast, so scared, that EK accidentally made a box in himself. Second death. Then I started to have a laugh crisis and waited for my death! I didn't even try to save my life. Just waited!

Chelzea: Oh the shame I feel. I was not looking at my screen, just holding down a button and looking at my iPad which was playing a show. I wanted the firewalker achievement, so I was walking on a fire bomb on Calassa boat and all of a sudden my firewalker boots expired and I was dead in the blink of an eye. The worst part is, I still don't have the achievement.
Magiska Malin
Milny: One of my stupidest and funny deaths was when I was watching some stories about me on Instagram, and leaving my EK AFK, and realizing that the same people that were doing stories about me were the ones that killed me while I was afk, it was stupidly funny!.

Nina: One of the funniest deaths was hunting in Azura's palace, it was funny because I died on the stairs xD. I was recently to start hunting with tree walls, so for me it was really complicated to threw them to protect myself from respawn, so in several occasions I was in danger so I had to go up/down on the stairs and in one of those times I was black hp when I came down, so I went back up and POTE, and well there was more respawn upstairs and I died, let's say the laughs were not missed!

Aribebesh: It was on Thais I didn't know the monsters and cities, and out of nowhere some VALKYRIE started pk on me, I said "Stop plx" and well it killed me with 2 hits xD I was level 8.

Meowsiita: I was hunted and I couldn't go hunt, so when they went to warzone, I took advantage of it and went to Oramond minos to get lvl, they finished and I ran and I was so nervous and I died running out screaming "Please God no!" to date it's a phrase that all my friends remember.

Katue Fatini: I was on my MS, I think I was lvl 200+. I was on Yalahar Sunken Quarter, I map click and on the way I was on yellow. Before I healed myself a Quara Hydromancer paralyzed me, and I diagonal and it was the cause of my death.

Kriiz Meow: My boyfriend was visiting my country and using my computer, next to him I was doing bestiary and I was watching him running killing pks.. I WAS WORRIED FOR HIS LIFE and I told him to be careful because of the internet connection so he wouldn't die.. and when I went back to look at my computer the one who died was me! :c

What is the rarest item you have ever looted?

Meraviglia: It's hard to say because I've been hunting bosses for a while, so I had a chance to loot some interesting things, but the biggest rare for me was icy cullotes and trapped lighting, which I'm in love with.

Jenny Bambina: A falcon battleaxe! It was so funny because at the moment the yellow name came to the screen, I got really excited and screamy at the ts, bc I thought this item had the same value as falcon greaves! Everyone congratz me and when I asked the cost of it, they were like "around 15kk), and I was "WTF? Im going throw this in the trash!”. Ans they were like "Jesus Christ woman, give it to me!" Hahaha, today i realize how much 15kk matters, but back then I really thought I looted a fortune!
Meregirl: The rarest item I've looted was the Thunder Hammer on Havera's first Orshabaal (merge). When the Orshabaal died, I didn't realize it dropped that rare, so I copy/paste the loot because I wanted to show I looted the brain, and everyone was congratulating me for the hammer and I didn't understand what they were talking about.

Kriiz Meow : FALCON GREAVES! I looted them on Oberon but I didn't realize till .. a few days after that (I don't know how much time passed, because I had a bunch of bags and when I found them I started screaming super excited on TS!! :)

What is the story behind your Tibian name?

Estelania: The names I wanted before were all taken, so when I was out of inspiration I just thought to use my server name 'Estela' for my char. I wanted it to be more like a girlname so I added -nia after it which resulted in 'Estelania'
Now that Kenora and Estela merged into Thyria, alot of people asked, or made jokes to me that now i needed to make a namechange to 'Thyrania' but I won't do that haha, I actually really like the name 'Estelania' for my char 

Magiska Malin: Many people call me just “Magiska” and that’s fine, but my char name is “Magiska Malin” and that translates to “Magical Malin” in Swedish - so my name is actually Malin. I just added the “Magical” part since I’m a mage haha. I have heard that my name kind of translates to “Magical Raspberry” in Polish and I think that’s super cute.

Meraviglia: Returning to the game after a few years, I had no idea what name to give myself. While taking a walk in one of the Italian cities, I saw a flower shop called Meravigliosa, and I liked it very much. So this is how Meraviglia was born. It means something amazing, wonderfull.

Jenny Bambina: Jenny Bambina was my first name in 2003. And Jenny it’s from Jennifer Lopez because I was suge a hugh fan of her and I was 12! I heard the word Bambina for the first time at the "La Vitta é Bella" movie, and I felt completely in love with this word! Davelich it’s a bazaar char, and I loved this nick so I never changed it.

Monzarro Murcatto: Monzcarro Murcatto is the heroine of Joe Abercrombie's novel Best Served Cold. I do love his books, and how he writes complex characters regardless of gender. Monzcarro in the book is not a nice person. She is a ruthless, war-hardened killer driven by revenge and she treats people badly. But I loved reading about her anyway because her obvious flaws and struggles make her feel so very human. Plus she has a really cool name that isn't very feminine and I like the sound of it.

Amy Meow: My greatest achievement in life is to have finished a degree, start a business and be independent.

Queen Kiesz: Become a professional, live by myself, be independent, and have my dream job.. It's hard to choose only one. I've accomplished everything that I've put my mind to, and everyday I strive for new goals.

Milny: For everything I've learned and everything I've lived, I think indepence myself at the age of 16, leaving my house, and have no economic support from my parents, I think this was the reason that it helped me to grow, to be mature and mainly to understand many things in life. I also learned how frustrating it is to work and be a housewife.

Lula Petit: My daughter, my career and my actual me.

Kriiz Meow: Have a University degree and pursue it. I studied a Degree in Gastronomy and luckily there I found out what I'm passionate about and that was to fully dedicate myself to Creative Pastry. I love to create figures made out of sugar.

Dumon Von'terryer: I really want to work in my area, I have a master's in environment and sustainability, and I really love to work with the administration was my work in Brazil. And with these all graduation I can work helping the nature and humanity.

What advice would you give to your younger self in the game?

Makadamia: Definitely: DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. There is nothing more disastrous than misplaced trust. It wastes time, money, and a lot of life energy.

Tynusiiaa: In Tibia just like in real life, we meet different people. A lot of them are usually with us just for a while. I would tell a younger me those words: don't get too attached with every person you meet because you may get hurt later on. Give your heart only to those who really deserve it.

Myshana: To not be naïve and think about yourself more

Meraviglia: My advice would be to not worry about the game as much as it used to be and about the opinion of other people. It was my biggest problem with people in the game. Do what makes you happy, that's all that matters <3

Jenny Bambina: Open your heart to know new people, hang more often in the ts, accept the invitations to the bosses, quests & events, have more fun in the process. But most important: do never judge the gamers. We don't know their RL, everyone is here for a reason and Tibia became a comfort zone for many people with problems in their personal life. Be respectful & have empathy.

Shizurie: Keep playing Tibia. You'll learn English, make a lot of memories and you will meet your future husband there :D

Chelzea: Don't be blinded by the kind words of boys. They will say just about anything and as a young woman, I fell for it. I trusted, I shared, and it was definitely a big lesson to learn at such a young age.

Bea charlover aca: To learn to prioritize things. When I started playing tibia, i was literaly a drug addict, and tibia was my heroine. And at the end it almost caused some trouble with my rl friendships and family. Further than that, I would only tell her to be careful with some people, because it is not gold everything that shines, and I use to trust too much on people and when you are like that you get dissapointed often.

Slowfi: Mainly to not trust people, people always will take advantage of any thing to bring you down, it's really sad because people will show you their real face when it's good for them and when isn't they'll turn their back on you. I always give my advice to the people that I care about, not to trust even if they are the sweetest person you ever met. I'd also have liked to learn much earlier not to pay attention to everything people say, in the end it's only a game and you don't even know the face of most of those who speak bad of you. I'd like to learn how to ignore people who keep insulting me much earlier and see the "funny" side of it.
In the end, don't let those people who insult you define you as a person. Only you really know yourself and no one else.
Dumon Von'terryer

Nina: The advice Id give to myself on Tibia it'll be to focus in just one character, because when i started playing i created like thousands of characters in every world haha, actually I have a bunch of characters in different servers xD but im sure if Id play only one character Id prolly be level 1000 x.x

Thurianx: My main advice for me is : Stop thinking that people always want good things for you just because they are your "friends". Also : Be quiet, keep myself out of situations and do stuff with my small group of friends. Never speak more than I should, and if I want peace, simply keep my opinions to myself.

Loreni: Do not take everything personal, and don't let the bad comments affect me, not because people are mean or rude to you, it means there's something wrong with you. Have fun and do whatever you like the most. <3

What advice would you give your younger self in real life?

Queen Kiesz : Study what you are passionate about, and stop thinking about what people will say.

Alesita Sio: Be strong, it hurts and I know you want to get this over with, but trust me it will get better soon, the torture wont end but youll have support and thats what you havent been able to give yourself in all these years.

Assuna Hith: Don't worry about anything, because in the future you will have everything you ever wished for.

What is your biggest accomplishment in Tibia?

Magiska Malin: I think that my biggest accomplishment in Tibia is all the wonderful and strong friendships I have made over the years! I currently live together with the love of my life that I met on Antica 4 years ago :) Another nice accomplishment is that I placed second or third in 6 decoration contests last year! Participating in decoration contests is so fun, I'm challenged to create something specific but at the same time, I’m free to do the thing I love the most in tibia and that is to take cheap and accessible items and make beautiful art with them.

Amy Meow:
♡ Place me among the achievement points high scores top on my server (currently 1072 points, top 5)
♡ Getting Ferumbras Hat single-handedly.
♡ I think that leaving a mark or being recognized in this community is something important to me, I feel grateful when people recognize my work that has to do with tibia, for example, my art, my contest entries, etc, I feel nice that people in the game message me to praise me for all this and I'm saying this very humbly!

Queen Kiesz: Win the Adamant Shield! I wanted it and got it!

Slowfi: My friends! I found people that are so important to me and they care about me like I care about them. We have created a mini family and we support each other, literally in everything <3 Having them, I don't think I need more! A game without true friends it's really boring.

Dumon Von'terryer: I don't have, I already have 1k in my main, I wanted to be the best PVP girl, but today I don't care about it. But I would like to have some luck to win some contest to win the panther.

What is your definition of feminism?

Bambina: Self-knowledge, self-confidence, and self-love, are the 3 pillars that can change women’s lives. Everyone is feminist, most of them just don't know yet bc didn't study this political & social movement correctly. I thank God for all the women who went down the streets in the past to fight for the rights I use today. I'm a woman, I'm an engineer, I'm divorced, I have my own house & car and I play games while drinking a good glass of wine. Thank you, ladies!

Bea charlover aca: Equality. In. Everything. Same rights, same oportunities. Be free to be yourself without your gender influenzing in how people respond to your choices, acts or words.
In tibia I realy dislike comments like 'for being a woman you....l' or 'even that <girl name> do/play better than you'. As playing games well/bad was linked to your sex. And the worse is to see male chauvinist girls... or to hear other people using the word 'feminism' with negative connotatios.

Nelasz: It's the search for equality between women and men. There doesn't have to be a difference in between these. Although it's true that we by nature have a slightly weaker physical condition, this doesn't mean that we should have different treatment and rights. Luckily, this concept has been added and respected more in society in the recent years, however, the fight continues so that we can eliminate discrimination, because we as woman are not less than any men and we have the right to be treated with respect.

Lula Petit: Personally, I think everyone fights for their beliefs, for what they want and where they want to get, but for me a man will never be a competition, my biggest competition is myself.

What is the meanest thing you’ve heard about yourself in the game?

Aribebesh : That I'm a scum because I live in a country without sea haha!, or what does it feel that I don't have a sea hahah!Or the usual people uses "She sells nudes and its really ugly", the truth is that this has never mattered to me, if the people are talking bad about you is because you are doing something right haha! PS. I already forgave all those people, with my heart.

Eveh: I love playing on war servers, I've been lucky enough to find great people on them, and others not so great. One day I was waiting at the entrance of Ferumbras for some "pks", when a girl started writing on the local chat about a "xxx video" saying it was mine. I think that was the time that something actually bothered me so much in Tibia. Although it is not true, that comment made me feel really bad. I mean, if they are going to talk about me, at least they could say things I've done -sigh-.

Dumon Von'terryer: In one of the battles, a guy said to me "you are too ugly that neither COVID want to kill you.

What is the hardest part of being a mother and being a gamer?

Estelania: For me the thing that's hard sometimes is to dissapoint friends in game, when for example we planned something like a teamhunt or a quest/bosses in a group and in that exact moment one of my kids start having a bad time/sleep. My kids will always come to first place, but this does mean that i need to put my own fun or time sometimes aside. This was something i rlly needed to adjust to and find my way in, when i got my first kid. Now i simply don't plan things more and basically play solo alot and just chat with friends, to not waste anyones time. I wouldn't like to be the disturbing factor everytime in a th for example or to get that momguilt feeling when i can't be there for my kids right away. When my kids are older then I have more time for myself again and that's totally ok.

Monzarro Murcatto: I'd say keeping the swearing on ts to a minimum xD

Which vocation is the strongest right now? Why?

Meraviglia: In my opinion, the best vocation for a long time is rp. It does a lot of damage, is able to do more exp in some places than duo ek & ed. I won't mention the profit it makes.

Flor Belina : In my opinion, the strongest vocation is the knight. Not only because it's my favorite, and the only one I know how to play the best (my main is an ek), but because of the characteristics it has. A lot of HP and a lot of shielding make it very difficult to lower his life completely. Also when you do stuff with your team, he's the first one to arrive at the spot, he gets the damage and he's leading the other vocations.

Do you have any RL female friends that play Tibia?

Tynusiia: Girls taught me to play Tibia, so yes! They stopped playing much earlier than I, though. Apart from that, my female cousin also played Tibia. In high school there was also a girl who played and we got along well. She met her boyfriend in the game and retired. No I think there is only me left!

Slowfi: No hahaha! And that's my biggest secret!! No one of my friends know the Slowfi side of me. This is super TOP SECRET for me.
Any of my RL friends play video games, and maybe one and it was Candycrush.

Nina: DONE! and mostly all of them are still playing omg! I'm talking about my friends from years ago! The really cute thing is that even though we play on different servers the friendship is still there!.

Eveh : No, even though I have my friend who I used to play LoL with, actually I met her through the game. I've always thought it would be so cool to find a best friend in Tibia, so far the closest I have as a friend in Tibia for me is Dyaniixz.

Assuna Hith: Only 1, and I don't want more haha, my beautiful Alesita Sio <3

Katue Fatini: Unfortunately no, I'd love for them to play, but they don't find any fun in the game. But on the other hand, Tibia let me meet wonderful people that now I call them friends.

Does your attitude in Tibia differ from the one in real life?

Estelania: Not really, I don't see the point to pretend to be different then i am in real also. I think this will be exhausting very fast if you can't be yourself. And same as in my reallife, i have a small circle of close friends in game. I don't need to be everybody's friend or feel the need to be liked by everyone, If someone behaves like an asshole to me in game, i call them out on it also or I simply keep my distance of them xD

Aurea Atti: Never! We are one being. It is impossible to dissociate character and personality in real life and in the game. Tibia makes you stronger, more self-assured, but what you really are will always show up.

Slowfi: I am the same person. I love this question because I've always said that how you are in the game shows how you are in real life. My parents gave me education and values thru their whole life, they've invested their time and money on me. So I applied them daily.

Meowsita: Totally, there is a lot of difference between what is real life and a game, it's something that should never be forgotten, in Tibia I usually support people even without knowing them, something that for me it's difficult in RL since I'm not usually that friendly.

Monzarro Murcatto: Apart from the casual monster killing, no it doesn't. I treat people the same way, whether I meet them digitally or irl. Empathy, respect and kindness is important no matter where you are. I also get to be as creative in Tibia as I am irl, which is one of the reasons I love Tibia.

Eveh: Not really, I've always thought that how you are in the game reflects how you are as a person in RL.

Kriiz Meow: No, I am extremely distracted both in game and in real life, I've killed my boyfriend for forgetting to put him on sio, there's a clip where I run out of pots in a Soulwar hunt, and in RL it's kind of difficult to me to give/pay attention and concentrate in different tasks.

Do you think Tibia needs more area for low or high levels right now?

Skyelie Hasulhoff : I'd definitely think they need more areas for low levels, the ones that we have are the old ones, it'll be cool to see new respawns for level 100-300.

Do you have more female or male friends? Why is that?

Makadamia: I used to have definitely more male friends. To be honest, I avoided friendships with girls for fear of being treated as competition. I've already had bad experiences with that and a lot of unpleasantness on my account. I just had bad luck with the wrong people. Now, most of the people in the game that I keep in contact with are girls, great, confident, and always supportive!

Myshana: I’d say more male friends, easier to hang out with, less drama, and more anime talk haha

Jenny Bambina: Well, I didn't, but because of Tibia, now I do! My Laady is one of my oldest & best friends since I return to this game in 2020. She invited me to her discord, introduced me to her friends, and taught me how to play again. She became such a good friend that I invited her to meet me and spend some days in my city at Feb 2021! She loved it so much that she moved in in Sept 2021 to my city! Now we’re neighbors!

Meregirl: I have more male friends. I think it's because the percentage of women who play is less than the men who play. I think that's why it is more common to say it in a way, to make friends with men for me.

Eveh: Male friends, and I've always been able to socialize better with boys, I have no idea why, for example, in video games there are more boys than girls playing and I've been involved in video games for about 20 years. When I trained Judo at the University, there were more boys than girls in the team (we were only 2) . I think that simply I'm more attracted to activities where the male population predominates.

Thurianx : I have more male friends. In fact, I have only 1 close girl friend in Tibia right now, and the rest of the group are men. They've treated me really well and we've established a good friendship.

Assuna Hith: Women definitely have a lot of self-esteem issues and they always cause some drama when they see another girl, so I'm very careful before they get me into their mental issues.

Dyaniixz: I have more male friends, although lately I've met several women that are beautiful inside and outside the game, and I think this may be due the fact that many times some women don't want to see another girl in a better position, we still have a long way to work on that aspect. We should feel happy that another woman has opportunities that before we didnt have because of being a woman.

Meowsita: I have more male friends, because sometimes I feel that among women we get so competitive between us for no reason. That doesn't mean that I don't have girl friends. it's the opposite, the few that I have have shown me a lot of affection and support.

Do you think that women in video games have it harder or easier?

Queen Kiesz: It's not easy at all, men look down on you for being a woman, and women harm each other.

Milny: It's a double-edged sword, since being a woman we have some privileges within the community, but those privileges can change drastically in a negative way, maybe because of the gifts they give to you, privileges on the guild, among other things. For example, receiving gifts is seen as being a "gold digger", having privileges on the guild means you are someone's girlfriend, someone's mistress.. and all your achievements as a player will be overshadowed by that.

Slowfi: Completely, I think it's much more difficult, I believe that most of the women who play will have the same opinion, it's very difficult because the community itself does it this way, I'm not saying that everyone but the majority of the community points to women as we suck at everything, obviously no one can be good at everything they do, but why people have to point someone else's vulnerabilities, I think we all try to be good in our own way.
Maybe for "x" person you are very bad at hunting but if you feel you are good, believe in yourself and enjoy it. And on the other hand, I used to expect that it would be very difficult to find women who supported each other, then something very curious happened to me. Currently I'm at war on the server Quintera, and as typical men in war, they started with insults to us women (both sides) . I managed to talk with the girls on the other team about that subject, and it was super nice that we agreed to support each other among women.

Nina: I think it's more difficult, since we constantly getting harassed by man, even bullied for our ability in the game, I do not generalize but in most cases its like that u.u

Eveh: Its has always been difficult, sexism is present everywhere, specially in the gamer comunity, and although I am aware that women and men have different abilities, girls who play video games tend to be looked down, either because we are not as skilled in the game as they are, or because they simply find it funny, or it makes them feel better to say they are better than us, I have to clarify that not only men do that, there are girls who mess with you just for being a girl.

Bea charlover Aca: Both, depending on your expectations. On one hand, It is true that it is easier sometimes being a girl to get people to do stuff/ help you, or whatever; if you are up for it.
On the other hand, this fact will also mean that it will be way harder for a girl to be recognized as an 'equal' by the rest, cause you will always need to prove yourself, way more than any other guy would have to because most people will always think first that you are probably not good, or that you were given the items you got by some guy.

Loreni: Of course the situation for women is more difficult, we suffer too much harassment and sexism, since it's a game were relatively men "are better" sometimes we are not accepted or included when we are not with the right people, we are discriminated against and the bullying is a very difficult thing, all the hate that some people unload against you could affect you in many ways.

How many hours a day do you spend playing Tibia?

Estelania: I think I spend a total of 3-4hrs+- spread out over a day in tibia. This is mostly just being online, doing my market/chatting with friends/standing pz or make some small bosses. Of those hours i maybe spend 1hr active playing doing some exp if my kids are asleep in the evening.

Myshana: Usually, when I play I tend to redecorate my housies so probably around 3~4 on a good day.

Katue Fatini: A couple months ago I used to play 9-10 hrs, currently 4-5 hrs.

Thurianx: Currently I play 6-7 hrs a day. I only kill bosses and deco my houses, so those hrs are perfect unless the decoration is those where you can't leave it half way because the idea will vanish.

Assuna Hith: Uff haha, I'd like to play much more but there are days that I don't even log in, there's too much war and I don't know how to fight!

Get an item, loot an item or buy an item? Why?

Makadamia: Loot the item, definitely. But my attitude stems overwhelmingly from the rumors I've heard about myself. Proving to the world that I can get something on my own has become a tradition for me. I see nothing wrong with buying items, I just don't practice it myself. Getting items is ok too, under certain conditions, as long as it is not abused and does not become a lifestyle.

Myshana: Buy an item, why take the hard path if you can just buy it ;)?

Flor Belina: For how I'm in the game, I prefer to loot the items. There's no more satisfying feeling than looting an item you want so much or maybe your Tibian dream.
On the other hand, buying items is often necessary due to the complexity of looting them, so I don't completely rule out this option.

Alesita Sio: Obviously it would be wonderful to be able to loot it, but I have no luck so I buy them,I imagine the excitement of looting something cool.

Assuna Hith: Definitely buying it, even though looting it must feel amazing!

Ely Blademaster: So over the years my views have changed on this. Before it was always needed to loot the item, but the market was also different back then. It was easier to just loot than to buy anything. Then when I made enough money I would buy the item that I wanted. I used to think people who would get items for free didn't truly earn what they have. But honestly who knows, especially these days the market is so different. Someone who may be doing well in the game wants to give their friend something nice, it doesn't mean they didn't earn it. They got it because clearly they were someone special who worked on keeping that bond of friendship. Gifts are something great to receive and give, if I get the chance I definitely try to give my friends a gift and I always keep the gifts that my friends give me. So honestly I think all 3 are doable. Personally, it does feel more satisfying when you work hard and then finally get your item but gifts aren't all so bad either.

Nina: Personally, I feel better looting an item than buying it, although in the end both are good, since there may be items you cant loot depending on your level in the game, and the way to obtaining it its buying it :p

Bea Charlover Aca: Loot > Get > Buy. Nothing is better than the feeling of getting an item by yourself in a boss/contest, wherever. But I also have no problem getting stuff as a present, who doesn't like presents? It is nice to feel appreciated, as well as it feels good to give stuff to the people you like. Last option is to buy, if you got the option of buying something that you want, why not? Get it, girl.

Segregate these from the one that’s the most important for you to the one that’s least important: Family, friends, work, love, chores, money, ambition, games, health, education, peace (you can justify your choices)
Queen Kiesz
Dyaniixz: Family, health, education , peace: for me they will always be the most important, the education the have given me, the love they have shown me and the unconditional support they have always offered me, I would never change it for anything, thanks to that I have been able to find peace in difficult moments and I have not get affected as much in those situations. They have taught me to deal with so many things and to know how to handle it.
Friends and love: If you find the right friendships, as well as love in the right person, they are going to become your second family through the good, bad and worst times, and they have shown me with actions, I thank to each of my friends for all the good things they've brought to my life.
Work, tasks, money, play and ambition: These are importanting things but knowing how to put a limit, so that it doesn't affect your physical and mental health. There are things that are necessary in life but not more than the people around you.

Lula Petit: Health, peace, family, friends, ambition, education, work, money, games. Being well is essential, so you can support and be there for your friends and family, well-oriented ambition can get you education, general culture, a better job, resulting money and fun.

Alesita Sio: Love, love for you, to you and because of you.
Friends, people who have been there even when I hardly speak about something that's bothering me, and I don't usually tell them anything, they've always given me their support, I love you, thanks for always being there.
Ambition, I've always looked to be more in any aspect, to surpass myself of the previous day, of the previous month or the previous year, always surpassing my own limits.
Family, obviously there's family, although to be honest i'm not very close to them, therefore they are in this place.
Education, as I said before, improves myself and always learn something new.
Peace, peace with me, peace with my past, peace with my present and hope with my future.
Work, money and games are not important to me and I couldn't put them on this list.

Thurianx: Family, peace, work, love, education, money, health, games, tasks.
Family is the most important thing for me: Mom, dad, and my brother. Peace is something I've been looking for the most at my age (23) , peace is simply necessary for me on days of the week. Work, and loving what you do, learning a little bit more everyday is essential to be able to achieve stability in daily life. Money and health are the bases for well-being and prosperity and generate a better quality of life.

Nelasz: 1.Family: I think that when we define family, we are talking about a large number of values that characterize it speaking of family, it's not just a group of people, its a bond of love, communication, support, affection, union, trust, and many more, it has a big weight in our lives as people.
2. Love: Id say that love is the engine of our hearts, it's definitely the most indulgent feeling, its being above the clouds, its feeling of desire and passion.
3. health
4. education
6. tasks
7. game
8. friends
9. money
10. ambition

Imagine you could be a CipSoft worker for a day. Which departament would you like to work in and why?

Lula Petit: I don't know what departments exist, but I think if there's not one already created, I'd create one for PvP and charlovers.

Monzcarro Murcatto: I would take over the design department and make them fix all the ingame items so they follow the same 3D structure and we don't get any more items with conflicting perspectives! (looking at you, unicorn figurine!)

Nelasz: In the customer support department: it's true that there are other departments that I'd really love to be in, such as the programmers department, but in this case if I had the opportunity, without a doubt I'd be in : customer support. I believe that its very important to listen to what the Tibian community wants, give them support and listen to their problems and many times the Tibians send messages about a problem or inconvenience, maybe a disagreement and they do not listen to them, it's necessary that they listen to us as the loyal community we are, because they have to remember we are the engine of this game.

Loreni: I'd love to be on Rejanas place. Reading her interview made me realize that there are many things behind a "fansite CM" , She has a very important role in CipSoft, and I'd love to be able to answer questions and manage so many wonderful fansites.

Aribebesh: I'd love to work in the human resources area to analyze the profiles of the people who works for the company, perhaps do a collab to create a physiological project to understand the toxicity that the game generates in some people and try to improve this aspect, also just out of curiosity id like work in the finance area to get an idea of how much money they profit month to month.

Amy Meow: I would love to work in the creative and artistic areas, without a doubt! creating sprites, outfits, mounts, maps, houses, etc because I am very passionate about it and I think I have shown it, especially for the female community of Tibia!♡`

Shizurie: Content design all the way. I love Tibian quests and lore. I played many games but none of them had so well-created quests. And I also like Tibian mysteries, so maybe I would find out more about these? :D

Which 3 outfits would look perfect if we merged them?

Skyelie Hasulhoff : I've never thought about this but I’d love the Elementalist spikes, with the Ferumbras hat and maybe I don't know haha I only like those 2 xD

Tibia 2007 or Tibia 2022? And why?

Tynusiiaa: Both of them! Tibia has changed a lot but both versions are cool. In the old Tibia, my character had its origin. I remember spending a whole month on Rookgaard and when warrior outfit on level 40 was much more impressive than ferumbras hat nowadays. Today Tibia is very complex - everyone will find something to do! It is neverending fun...

Meregirl: For me, Tibia 2022 is much better and I have more fun playing it. There are many different things to do (war, doing quests, hunting, doing achievements, decorating houses etc). The game is not the same for everyone, everyone has different objectives and goals. In 2007 on the other hand, I was very little and I didn’t get to enjoy the game as much as I do now.

Dyaniixz: I would pick 2022 as the game has lots of innovations nowadays, which makes it more attractive to the people, every new thing they add to the game seems interesting to me and it's a fun way to spend time

Jenny Bambina: I didn't had the chance to know the version of Tibia 2007 (i played in 2003/2005), but I think I prefer the oldest version because it gives me nostalgic feelings, reminds me of a good time playing with my neighbors. Tibia is more than a game to me, it’s a door to my past that I visit to keep it alive somehow. It's the coolest memory I have from my childhood.

Shizurie: In my opinion - Tibia 2007. I will never forget all these emotions when you died and lost eq, somebody cheated on you and stole your items, killing first Dragon, playing Tibia with classmates and then speaking about it in school and so on. I was so devoted to Tibia that when I went to Paris for a trip, I preferred to stay at hotel's internet cafe to play Tibia instead of sightseeing xD
2022 Tibia doesn't have that vibe anymore. Back then you just had fun with friends, today you chase for the highest exp/h and the game became too Pay2Win.


  1. Maravillosas mujeres y entrevistas encantadoras. Juego Tibia desde el 2005 motivada por mi hija menor y en verdad he hecho amistades geniales que aun perduran en el tiempo. Gracias Tibia