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Girly set up goals - guide

“An Upwork estimate states that 1 in 4 Americans, which is more than 26% of the US workforce, is expected to work remotely by 2023.”

"In 2021, 70% of those who have worked from home during the pandemic report that virtual meetings are less stressful, 64% now prefer hybrid meetings, according to a report by Owl Labs". 

Working from home or remotely has been the key-driver of a work modality for which was assumed, the world was not prepared. Personally, I work as a Senior Security Microsoft Consultant, which means that 99% of my activities are carried out with resources saved on the Cloud, which I can only access using a terminal device, which means, I can't work without a computer.

So why not turn my setup into something that really describes me and motivates me for as long as I'm there? 

Are you a gamer girl or want to become a streamer and have no idea how to start setting up your space?

Want to have a fierce build that shows off your girl power, but don't know where to start? 

Fortunately, in recent years, technology and gadgets companies have begun to introduce really cute pink gadgets, designed to cover that marker for the ones whose black accessories didn't motivate them. So, to make things fun and easier for you, I've gathered some setup ideas for a girl like you and me :).

We've put together a list to give you a "super pink" setup idea. Everything you basically need has been included for you, from gaming chairs to accessories and decorations that will complement your gaming style. We've also added the links for almost everything, so it'll be SUPER easy for you to create your cute setup.

Today, we're going to take a look at some of the must-have items I got for the pink girly game setup I've put together for myself. - Artemihza Rose

As part of the Tibia girls community, I can guarantee that the time we spend in front of the computer has been increasing during the last three years, in which the pandemic has accelerated the world towards total digitization and in which surprisingly productivity has increased. 

Since the end of 2021 I decided to invest time and money in improving the space where I spend more than 50% of my day, so with a lot of research and trying some products and gadgets, I decided to leave you with this: basic guide to improve or create a space that characterizes us as e-girls, in my case it has a lot of LIGHT PINK and GOLD ROSE.

My design was based on 4 key factors: Aesthetics, quality, cost and resources availability .

The first consideration and conjecture that I evaluated was: create a place in my home that would be dedicated to my job and also to my hobbies, versatile, different and that just by seeing it would make me feel happy, so the aesthetic factor (color of the room and lighting) that distinguishes my design today is the result of a homogeneous incorporation of technological elements as theme of my department in general. My chosen colors were: Light Pink, Rose Gold, Gray and Black.

The first thing I can recommend is patience, design in your mind what you want to have and make a budget. For me, starting to choose items was a nightmare due to the large number of options that exist in the market today. While black/fuchsia or white/pink gaming settings are known as the most common themes for gamer girls, there are exceptions playing with purple and orange.

So if you are building a gaming station, try to initially decorate your setup in pink using all peripherals, decorations and lighting in the tone that's going to be the predominant, this is the most viable option if you already have a gaming desktop/laptop that you don't want to change. Now, if your plan is also to build a gaming desktop, I can help you, but that is an extensive topic (for which I propose to make a second, perhaps more specific guide).

Now, what are the accessories you will need to set up your game room?

The basis of the set will be ad-hoc furniture, wall decorations, room lighting and even toys. These are all resources that you can add to improve the environment. I have carefully selected some details, tools and some decorative elements for you.

Gaming Desk

The first item I bought was the desk, it was a critical point in the design since I did not have a very large space in my apartment, so I chose one that can be extended if you need it. I will leave you the description of the one I purchased. It's gray and it can be folded to reduce its size by half (I leave you a photo for reference). The funniest thing is that it is a dining room table and I turned it into what I wanted.

·  The dining table that I turned into my gaming desk :)

During the process I discovered 2 great options on Amazon with good reviews:

·  55-inch gaming desk with monitor shelf (Amazon)

·  50.4 Inch Corner Gaming Desk (Amazon)

Gaming Chair The second item was the one that took me more time to find, it took me more time because I was comparing the quality vs the price. I was aware that I should get an ergonomic gaming chair to keep me energetic; Otherwise, you can lose focus at work or play by sitting in an uncomfortable chair. So, if you are a gamer who is creating her pink gaming room from scratch, I recommend these 3 Pink Gaming Chairs which are readily available for purchase.

I wanted my ergonomic gaming chair to be totally orthopedic, comfortable, in pink and white and with a guarantee, so here I leave you a photo of the one I chose and the Amazon link so you can buy it, not to mention how great its price :

Now, there are brands that have developed articles for e-girls that have positioned themselves in the market, so here are two options that might fit your budget:

Storage Options

My pink/gray themed gaming desk setup is a great inspiration for my bedroom setup. Since my room does not have big space for storage and configuration, I've installed some wall shelves with white boxes that I place as decorative elements (I leave you a photo of how I arrange it depending on my space).

Gaming Monitor

For work reasons I use 2 monitors, so I decided to buy an MSI 34” curved gaming monitor as the main monitor, I put a nice “Mulher Maravilha” sticker on it and this is something that I really love about my configuration, I leave you in the link:

Why did I choose this monitor?, here you'll find some notes from the manufacturer:

  • Curved Gaming display (1800R)

  • UWQHD High Resolution - Game titles will look better, displaying more details due to the UWQHD resolution.

  • GameSense - Conductively enables external game alerts via RGB LED lighting with the hottest competitive online games.

  • 144Hz Refresh Rate – The real smooth gaming.

  • 1ms response time - eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates.

  • HDR 400 - Stunning Visuals with the Most Criterion Format.

  • Mystic Light – The ultimate gaming finish.

  • Night Vision - Get the jump on enemies before they even notice you.

  • Gaming OSD App - Create the ultimate viewing settings for your game.

  • Best User Experience – Camera Cradle and Mouse Bungee.

  • Adaptive Sync – prevent screen tearing.

  • Frameless design – Ultimate gameplay experience.

  • 178° wide view angle.

If yo're trying to keep on a low budget, I'll let you check one of the best options on the market:

 Gaming Gadgets

My Gamer-keyboard is from an excellent French brand, called Qilive, it cost me about €90 two years ago, so I decided not to change it. It is extremely soft, it is mechanical and easy to clean and although it is not a pink element, I like it.

I got you these cute pink keyboard options that are perfect for creating a very girly gaming room setup. These keyboards are compact, lightwe,ight and affordable, Im sure theyll meet the needs of your new gaming room:

      This is exactly a girly gaming keyboard, it's just the pink model of Razer, and we have to say it's a favorite among female gamers. This is a wireless mechanical keyboard without a numpad that can be connected via Bluetooth or a wireless connection (USB-A dongle). 


Being an Elite Knight, it is very easy to play using a mouse with 12 additional buttons that the basic ones always have, in my case I use a Razer model. This is a very comfortable wired gaming mouse for small hands. RGB lighting is beautiful and works flawlessly, while responsiveness is immediate with zero lag. It has a software that allows you to configure the desired tone, being an e-girl I consider it to be one of the best items on my setup. 

If you don't want a keyboard with so many buttons, Ill you the Razer Gaming Viper, wireless or wired, with a reasonable cost, guarantee and DPI that for Tibia functionality, are exempt. I leave the link for you to check it out: Razer Gaming Viper (Amazon)



In addition, I have an extra gaming keyboard that I bought on AliExpress, super cheap and functional, it has been with me for more than 2 years and works perfectly. I did not find the specific model but I leave you the link to a similar option:

Finally, what computer do I use? As I've told you before, I work in the technology area and I need a powerful device adapted to the requirements of my clients, so the company that I work for gave me an HP Smart ELITEBOOK X360 (which is not mine). I leave the link:

§  HP Smart ELITEBOOK X360 (Amazon)

It is a light computer, with a numeric keyboard, in gray. With an 8th generation Intel Core I7 vPro processor, with 32 Gbs of RAM and 1Tb of SSD. I recommend it 100%.

As a personal computer I use a MacBook Air M1 2022, I just love it. It is Gold Rose color, with M1 chip. The design looks a bit long compared to thin and light laptops from other manufacturers or previous MacBook Air models but it's light and with a super comfortable keyboard, plus a powerful fingerprint ID sensor. 

These are some manufacturer details:

  • Apple M1 chip with 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, and 16-core Neural Engine

  • 8 GB of unified memory

  • 512GB SSD

  • Retina display with True Tone display

  • Backlit Magic Keyboard (in my case in French)

  • Touch ID

  • Force Touch touchpad

  • Two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports

I'll leave you the link where you can buy it: MacBook Air - Gold Rose (Apple)

The headset that I use is selected mainly for its “Noise Cancellation” capability, this is essential for my work. It is from the brand EPOS SENNHEISER EPOS PXC 550-II.

Now, if you are looking for something totally e-girl, the Razer brand headset in the model Kraken is the main gadget on the market Razer Kraken Kitty RGB (Amazon)

Extra decorative accessories

To complement a suitable decoration, I bought 2 cell phone holders on AliExpress in Gold Rose color, the price is affordable and they help me to have my personal and work phone with good visibility. I bought them at this link:Rose Gold Desktop mobile stand (AliExpress).

To protect my desk and peripherals, I purchased a light pink Pad. I bought it on Amazon France with a recommended quality-price: Non-slip Desk Mat

Also choose to include decorative items such as paintings, desk plants, organizers, pencil holders that match, all these details will help you organize your desk and provide a comfortable gaming environment. Lighting is essential for me, so to finish I'll leave you with the model of smart bulbs that I have in my house working with Alexa: Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb, Multicolor.

If you have any recommendations for us let us know, or also if you'd like to share your e-girl set up you can let us know in the comments. 

- by Artemihiza Rose 

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