Friday, February 25, 2022

Valentines Contest 2022 - Win Luna's heart! - Submissions

Dear Dream Chasers,

here you can read all the submissions for our Valentines Contest 2022 - Win Luna's heart! All of them were posted as a comment in our contest thread here


Character: Magiska Malin
World: Antica 

For Luna, my love

Luna, you shine as bright as the stars in the sky
There’s no end to what your beauty can buy

I cannot deny, that my love for you is whole
More whole, than any goal

Your beauty and uniqueness,
Will conquer any weakness

That purple glittery mane,
So soft it will cure any pain

That pink horn of yours,
Lovelier than any unicorns

Oh Luna, I can speak all day,
About your lovely neigh

Your magical powers,
More beautiful than any flowers

Just to show that my love for you is true,
I wrote this love poem just for you.


Nick: Iaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa Aaaaaaa (Collabra)

A letter to Luna

Behold, the world, the beauty of Luna, something which we can’t understand, unique as the rising sun emerging in the Sunny sky, with your powerful aura shining even the darkest places around Earth. Symbol of beauty, confidence and determination, touching everyones heart, even the grumpiest person alive, can make every goal become true, for this, I write you this letter, showing and reciting all me feelings for this majestic and purple Unicorn.

Your color is similar to the purple and blue clouds from the firmament, where the most beautiful beings from the existence lives, so why such horned majestic creature came down to the Earth and gave us mortals such vision, a final glimpse of the divine once in life?

I write you Luna this short letter to express you the meaning of love, confidence, and to express what you represent to us, to me... At the moment only words are left to me to express my love for you, maybe one day I can give you the stars up there.

~ From Iaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa Aaaaaaa with love

Character: Thurianx
World: Seanera

Dear Luna

I like you, it's not a secret that I can hide. I can see you shine, like the most beautiful and genuine star. Between the clouds I can see the radiance that you emanate, and I can only think how to get to where you are, because, little one- I want to be yours. You’re out of my reach, but you’re in my heart. It won't be easy, but I will come to you and tell you "You are unique, you are special and you look exactly like the Sun rising from the horizon in the morning." Remembering the first time I saw you, my heart beats strongly, you were above the clouds, under a very blue sky and highlighting your purple color, and I thought "Am I dreaming?" and at the moment in which our gazes they passed each other, you descended slowly and lowered your horn in salute; I knew you were real I asked you your name, but I felt spellbound, I was nervous… - “Luna”, you told me. Since that day your name has been in my head, I constantly ask myself “When will I be able to see you again?” I have been in too many cities and islands hoping to meet you again, but they have all been failed missions. Now, Luna, I leave this letter at the highest point in all of Tibia, the closest place to heaven, where my goal is you can read this. If this happen, I'll be grateful to know that my words are not lost. The last wish that I asked the gods, before leaving the letter, is that you read it on a special day. I wish it could be that way. Regardless of the day… I want you to be happy.

Yours forever


 Character: Othelen
World: Antica

Dear Luna,

To be your friend is my goal
I will you always protect
And give you a part of my soul
As a token of my affect

In your light I wish to stay
It's so tranquil and divine
You are beautiful as a summer day
And I admire the way you shine

Up to purple clouds we fly
And adventures we share
With amazing views from the sky
Up high, high in the air

Spellbound by your magic, I feel
And stunned by it's might
The good it's used for is ideal
A portrayal of Banor's light

Magnificent is your head adorn
May it to us safety bring
It is such a powerful horn
And songs about it we will sing

You are a symbol of success
And your goodness is key
Which is to me a unique bless
With you I feel so free

I with you my hopes will share
You are my dearest friend
I will about you always care
And be here until the end



Character: Arigasan
World: Nefera

My beloved moon, I can see in your eyes the blue sky, in your hair the purple color of dawn, in your lips my goal, which is to love you for all eternity, and if one day I fail you that the horns of the devil himself cross my soul and spill my blood on your feet, because no one could forgive himself for hurting such a beautiful maiden, that's why you are unique and you will be the owner of my heart for me, and together we will form the greatest alliance of love that the world knows, always yours arigasan


Character: Zyrsu
(I decided to use all the letters from one sound that Luna makes as the first letters of each sentence, can you guess which sound it is?)

Today, I am giving you this scroll.
Hereby to inform you, you are my goal.
Eh, you will think I am some troll.
Really though, do not worry, my little foal.
Every piece of me loves you, you own my soul.

Wherever I go, you are in my head.
I think of you, like a hungerer thinks of bread.
Like a seamstress thinks of a thread.
Like an exhausted fellow thinks of his bed.

No words describe that extreme love.
Everyone else is down here, you are above.
“Very well” you say, “I accept the glove.”
Elope with me, the sky is ours my dove.
Regret is something we need to get rid of.

Beautiful Luna, my purple heart.
Elegant, cute, you are also smart.

Ah, how could I forget.
Nobody else has told you that, yet.
Oh my sweet, you’re more than just a pet.
The other ladies should see you as a threat.
Horn so shiny, stands out like a jet.
Ever since we’ve met.
Romeo is me, you are Juliet.

Oh Luna, you are so unique.
Not a surprise everyone wants you in their clique.
Eh… I could be praising you for a week.

As I praise your beauty.
Forgive me the pause, I need to finish my duty.
Thou and I are meant to be, you cutie.
Everyone in your place would now be snooty.
Right now, I did finish my duty.

You need to believe me it’s more than just a trend.
Okay now, my letter is just about to end.
U should take a look at every sentences’ first letter, signed: your new boyfriend.

Character : Meraviglia
World: Premia

Beloved Luna

I don’t know any words that could describe your beauty.
Tell me how you can be so unique?

Everyday when i look at the sky i see the stars whose beauty is not comparable to yours.

My little purple friend now i can say you are like Sailor Moon you charmed me with your big heart and lovely soul.
I am grateful.

When no one believed I would achieve my goal, you never gave up your hope.

It's great to have a friend you can always count on.

My delighted creature with the most wonderful horn can't wait to meet you and hug you more!
You are truly magical!

Yours Mera <3

Name: Furious Wulf
World: Bastia

Port Hope, 14 February 2022
My Love,
It's Valentine's Day and I waited until night to give your gift.
I passed the whole day reading this letter again and again, trying to express my feelings properly.
Even though time passed, love I feel for you is still the same.
Those times I was a rational and detached man. I suffered in the past and tried, since then, not to fall in love anymore.
But you can't control your heart, and that behavior was bringing me to sadness.
Day after day life was passing, and I was accomplishing absolutely nothing.
That afternoon I was running with my usual soccer shoes, after scoring a few goals with my friends.
Then you appeared, elegant and petite, dressing a beautiful purple dress.
You had a regal bearing, and were reading a romance novel.
I thought deeply but couldn't find a unique opening. However I would regret not talking to you.
Best phrase I found out was like: "hey, I noticed you, what's your name?".
But at my first word, you looked up with your big green eyes, and all my plans literally vanished. I could see them flying in the sky.
I heard a sort of horn playing in my mind. "Game over".
But you looked at me with your usual little smile full filed of empathy.
And now, well... Here we are.
My love, I will always support you, as you do. Thanks for your patience with me.
Always remain the great person you are.
It's hard to put up with me when I leave my socks scattered around the house, or when I burn cakes.
But in my defense I can say that I make a great lasagna!
Just kidding.
Happy Valentine's Day darling.
I love you.
Your Babi.


Character name: Elieu
World: Luminera

My dear Luna:
I write this letter because many thoughts come to my head when I think about your uniqueness, and some of them just cannot be left unspoken because they are too strong to keep inside me. Even if they mock me for being too sensitive or for thinking that I am a poet when I am not, I do not care. As time flies on my countless adventures in the vast world of Tibia a new goal has emerged in my path, and that is to preach the wonders your existence puts in my head. Can you imagine where is the only place I have seen something of similar beauty to your perfect horn? Deep down into the Formorgar Glacier in one of the abandoned mines, I saw an icicle, alone in all that cold, it must have taken an absurd amount of time to get to that point because it was perfect, so perfect that it seemed to be handmade, and still it was not comparable to your untouchable and stunning horn, which only you have. Even in some of my journeys in the lonely Draconia where despair and suffering where my only companions, when I was exhausted of so much travelling, among all that darkness I raised my eyes up to the sky and just like that it was all gone, only peace was left. The same peace I feel when I think about you, because only you are comparable to the pure sky. I also remember one Tibian who looted a trapped lightning from some ice witches near Bittermor, and that color, that perfect color was just a poor echo of your divine purple, which you, and only you, my dear Luna, have in this world.
Always yours,

Character: Firion Zazuke
World: Firmera

Come back Luna, from Palomino’s perspective:

Luna, I hope you still remember
Since when you were a pony foal
You have never surrender
You always had a soul

I know you’re now Luna
Isn’t that an herbalist woman?
Before you were just Juna
And I know I’m only a human

A unique majestic creature
I hope to find again on my path
Let’s forget about this math
Let’s make a new and magic ride

Now when you dream sky turns purple,
When you are awake magic floats
Although I still missed you in the stable,
Without you I don’t have goals

Come back where you were born,
Even if it is now with a horn
We still miss you in the barn
I still think you’re in my heart

Come back Luna!


Character: Braff Herza

To my Luna,
Luna, I’m writing this letter to let you know how much you mean to me. I wanna say I really admire you and how you motivate everyone to reach their goals. Other than that, I also love how unique you are. First, you are the only unicorn in the world of Tibia which makes everyone crazy about you. Your colors are also outstanding, you are pink, purple, and blue, there’s definitely no other like you! You would make me very happy if you decided to let me be your valentine this year. I also wrote a small song to impress you.

“Luna, my cutie-pie
Tell me oh tell me why
You tell everyone “I don’t want you, bye”
Your one gaze can make us fly
My love has no limits, not even the sky
I don’t vape, but you make me high
I wanna touch your horn, you know me, I’ll try
Even though I know your reaction will be dry
Please stop pretending and just come by”

For now, the written version needs to be enough. I’ll sing it for you on our first date!
You are perfect Luna, never change.
Yours truly


Character: Bloth Kalas

Luna, Luna in the clouds
You're my only goal
As ambitious as I am
I'm honest too, that's all

Luna, Luna in the clouds
I really like your horn
I may have a horn for you,
so add a "y", let's go

Luna, Luna in the clouds
The sky is home of yours
They say it is the limit, too,
So I embrace my goals

Luna, Luna in the clouds,
Such a unique queen
you're made of purple candy floss
To taste you is my dream

Luna, Luna in the clouds,
There's no one after you
Be my valentine this year
and make my goal come true!


Character: Reese Lite
Server: Collabra

Luna my love, I write this letter to try to describe everything I feel for you.
Since I met you on Tibia Goals I just fell in love, your soft purple fur, your sweet look and your cute horn make me dream.
I could spend hours praising you to win you over, but I just want you to know that everything I'm writing is just the truth. I remember one day being by your side and you tell me that the sky is not the limit and since then I've been thinking about going
to the moon with you, maybe even further. You dreamed you were a Queen and I dreamed that you were my queen. Your gummy smell is
unique and charming, when I see you I feel butterflies in my stomach.. Oh, how can I make you notice me?
so delicate and affectionate and I so awkward... I just wanted a chance for you to get to know me better and for me to make you happy as you deserve! When I try to write to you I always get nervous but this time in this simple gesture I hope you feel how special you are to me. I know you're very busy but I'm here when you need someone to take care of you.

With love, Reese.

Character: Sacros Arturt
World: Quintera

In the far lands of Tibia, born under full moonlight
Lives an enchanted being, long of mane, pure of heart
And this precious, bright being has no space for the dark
Named after that round thing that turned blue gold-tinted skies

Filled with many upbeat colors, streaks of purple shine through
Complementing her body and revealing the truth
That wild spirit inside her manifests in her youth
And the magic that sparkles when the ground hits her hooves

Powerful as no other, with her prominent horn
She’s unbeatable, fearless, beautiful and so strong
She can make or break nations, conquering is her goal
But that won’t take away from her kindness and worth

New flowers bloom so early, each kind fair and unique
When she walks like an angel, like the light of a dream
Through the evergreen forest, the nature never sleeps
So long as she keeps reigning forever like a queen

A song by Sir Xancis from Vunira

Say yes

They said
“It’s wrong
He’s just a donkey”
Both hearts
Beat fast
Why deny it?

Don’t cry
It’s hard
Don’t turn away
Don’t turn away

Say yes, and we will fly up so high
Puttin’ the whole thin’ behind
It doesn’t matter what is right
Say yes, and we will purple the sky
Dyeing all of them clouds
Leaving a trail to the stars

It was
A time
So unique, I
Won’t stop
Fighting for
You, dear
This love

Don’t care
For them
We’re a word away
We’re a word away

Say yes, and we will fly up so high
Puttin’ the whole thin’ behind
It doesn’t matter what is right
Say yes, and we will purple the sky
Dyeing all of them clouds
Leaving a trail to the stars

My goal is overly clear tonight
To make your horn glow so bright
For love
For love

Hold you in my donkey hoofs so tight
To remain forever at your side
My Love
My Love

Say yes, and we will fly up so high
Puttin’ the whole thin’ behind
It doesn’t matter what is right
Say yes, and we will purple the sky
Dyeing all of them clouds
Leaving a trail to the stars

My goal is overly clear tonight
To make your horn glow so bright
For love
For love

Hold you in my donkey hoofs so tight
To remain forever at your side
My Love
My Love

Character: Ozud

Dear Luna,

I started playing Tibia, as pretty much everyone else, a little bit skeptical trying to find some entertainment and fun but, this last year I found something in Tibia I was not expecting at all. I found love.

After 15 years of playing, friends have come and gone, old goals have been achieved and new ones have been set. But there is not a bigger satisfaction, there isn’t any sweeter feeling than the feeling I have when I am with you.

Yes Luna, I’m deeply and madly in love with you. Your uniqueness makes my loneliness fade away. Life can get hard and sometimes you just need a break in a beautiful place. You are my beautiful place, Luna.

Your alluring horn, bright eyes, and divine smile…Some say that a smile can’t change the world, but your smile changes mine.

I just remember your colorful long hair floating and dancing in your purple skin and all my problems just vanish. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, we could walk in my garden forever.

Every time I look up in the night sky and see an infinite number of stars, they remind me of us together; those treasurable moments of you and I, I can swear we’re infinite.

And if you are not the love of my life, Luna, I’d know I’m living the wrong life, not the wrong love.

From Gladera with Love,

Character: Milaaneso
World: Quintera

It’s my sincerest pleasure and my goal in this life
To introduce a bright being, a pure flame in the dark
Luna, my guiding thought, from the dusk to the dawn
On this day, I regale you with sonnets from my heart

Skies will open as quickly as you open your eyes
And the sun shines on us like the warmth of a smile
Winds will move through your mane like a memory past
Enhancing every shimmer, brimming from the inside

When you run, there’s a grace of unique quality
Nothing I’ve seen before, shaped like a fantasy
You are swift as a storm, lack any sort of vanity
And your magnetic force, well, it pulls me like gravity

With your sharp, purple colors, you are nothing but wise
With the beauty you hold, ethereal as the ice
But with determination, you then become pure fire
You are everything to us, you command Tibia lands

From the rarest of treasures, you’re the hardest to find
From the tip of your horn to the depths of your mind
So lively and so gorgeous, for sore eyes you’re a sight
And this love that consumes me, you return it in kind

Name: Braff Herza

Luna, my dear,
There’s something I need you to hear.
Everything about you is so unique, I swear
Haven’t seen another one like you in my career
I made it my goal to have you right here,
My crib is purple just like your ear,
Will you give me the possibility, at least this year?

“Sky is the limit” that’s a message you share,
My darling, I’ll take you even there.
Nobody comes close to you, you are top tier.
I love your horn, your tail, and your hair
If you need help, I’ll be the volunteer

When I am thirsty, you are like beer,
I am a woman too, for you, I’ll go queer
I will protect you from anyone who comes near
I am a paladin, that’s the use of my spear.
Throwback to Palomino’s stable, let’s cheer
I am like wine, your bad memories I’ll clear

So my dear Luna, let me ask you right here.
To be or not to be, word to Shakespeare.


Character: Hydan Aymon
World: Nefera

Luna's Song

Where do I begin
To tell the story of how great our love can be
The unique love story that is larger than the sea
The obvious truth about the love you bring to me
Where do I start

After your first glance
You gave new value to this empty soul of mine
There'll never be another goal, another horn
You came into my life and made my living fine

You fill my heart with very special things
With purple thoughts, with wild imaginings
You fill my soul with so much love
That anywhere I go I'm never lonely
With you around, how could I be lonely
I seach for you and you’re always there

How long will this last
Can love be measured by any of these verses
I have no answers now but this much I can say
I know I'll need you till the sky all burn away
And hope you'll be there


Character: Nublander Legend
World: Vunira

My dear Luna,

You brought me sunshine
When only I saw rain
You brought me laughter
When only I felt pain

You are so light and smooth
You love to go with the flow
When you’re happy
I can see your sweet horn glow

When I met you my mind just blew
You are unique and purple
If our relationship falls through
I can see my whole world crumble

Everywhere you go you see goodness and beauty
Hearing you laugh makes me whole
To give you shelter and keep you safe is my duty
To make you happy that’s my goal

I Love the clouds and sky
You make me feel I can fly
For you are my heart, my soul
Luna, you are my whole world


Character: Bosst
World: Gladera

The love song is based on "Starman" by David Bowie - you can try to sing along :)

Dear Luna,

I would like to express my love to you through a song I wrote. Music is the strongest form of magic.

Hey la-la
Oh, oh, oh
Didn't know what time it was
It passed so slow, oh, oh
Meeting her was my only goal, oh, oh
A horse with a shiny horn doesn't make a unicorn, she said
The sound of her lovely hooves did seem to fade
But it could not be mistaken for anything else
That weren't no pony
She galloped with gentle grace

There's Luna waiting in the sky
I'd like to go and meet her
But she's so one of a kind
There's Luna waiting in the sky
She's told me love is worth it
'Cause she knows she's all divine
She told me
Let the Tibians lose it
Let the Tibians use it
Let the Tibians love it

When I first saw you, I wanted to make my dreams come true
Purple is my favourite colour and I think yours too
You're more beautiful than Tibiasula and the sky that's blue
I lift my eyes up, I can see your light
You're dreaming in the clouds, I'm lucky tonight
No star, nor diamond can be so unique and bright

There's Luna waiting in the sky
I'd like to go and meet her
But she's so one of a kind
There's Luna waiting in the sky
She's told me love is worth it
'Cause she knows she's all divine
She told me
Let the Tibians lose it
Let the Tibians use it
Let the Tibians love it

World: Talera

From this beautiful place that I belong to, I look at the sky
Feeling the wind touch my body
Feeling like I’m flying
Waiting for the appearance of the magical being that I truly desire
Sitting here, observing the warm and delicate sky is what I love the most
Waiting, waiting, and waiting for your return alongside the beautiful clouds has become my favorite pastime
I’m still patiently waiting for you, in this heavenly place, still watching the clouds pass by
Sitting in this place that is my home, watching the hours tick by as the suns begins to hide
It is at that moment that the sky illuminates with the light of a million little stars
The clouds and the stars sing to the night sky waiting for your arrival.
And in that moment, as I see you from a distance I become impatient for your arrival
Your arrival alongside two divine angels, with your radiant horn that resembles a glowing crown
Your hair - so silky and violet
The two angels illuminate your arrival with their purity and diviness
My eyes shine like diamonds, and my heartbeats begin to pound and accelerate
Oh Luna, you are as beautiful as the stars
Flying amongst the stars, while the clouds delicately caress us and the wind dances with us
I just want to fly with you, it’s my eternal goal.

Character: Terevin

Dear Luna,

I have a small confession. Forgive this pouring of my heart.

I cherish the city of Thais, where we first met in your stable. The moment I set my eyes upon you, I knew you were special. Recently, I have began to reflect on your unique purity and magic as something distinctive and idiosyncratic. My admiration for you grows with each passing night.

My feelings for you illuminate from within as I look into the vividly purple clouds above, during each days sunset. I'm continually wowed by your tremendous horn and your arrangement of angelic hair that surpasses the beauty of any living creature in Tibia.

You have eyes that captivate me at every glance. It's as if I'm staring into the vast galaxies above each time I meet your glance. I find it nearly impossible to break your gaze.

You may be wondering as to why I am writing you this letter, but I can hold back my feelings no longer. Your independent, confidence and focused way of living your life is one that rivals all living things on the continent of Tibia.

You are the shining light in my life. The mana to all of my strength. Your existence is my motivation, and you have my sincerest admiration and love.

I am surrendering to this grand feeling hoping that I would have the mere chance to prove myself to you. My upmost goal in life is to make you smile. I would not trade your love for any magical treasure, or any amount of gold.

Yours forever,


By Cidane (in Talera)

This is my tribute for Luna! I hope you like it!


Now the lyrics!

Luna´s Tribute

She only shows in front of those who seek, with the purest hearts.
If you don´t know, his tale is quite unique, listen here it starts.

Story says she was a normal horse, just like everyone.
But deep inside she had a bigger goal, to fly across the sky.

When she escaped, almost died in the swamps, but were saved by an elf.
It was Vanys that told the city of Dream Scar, really needed her help.

She spent weeks in the Dream Labyrinth, with The Nightmare Beast.
But were awarded for her Bravery with the best reward.

Now she Proudly owns the shiniest horn, sure from all the lands.
Perfect Luna purple unicorn, with the Strongest heart.


Name: Vujataxu
World: Peloria

My beloved little unicorn Luna, your hair is so colorful and unique like the colors of the rainbow! Your horn is beautiful purple, like the purple clouds in the sky when the sun is shining! You are small, but your heart is big, yours love even reaches a stone!!!if i hadn't found you,i wouldn't want to be,just be as you are,so wonderful and loving everyone,so you are the best gift for love day,that's all i wish for valentine's day,therefore I'll tell you here and now, my only goal, to be like you, big heart, great manner, write I love you on every banner!!! stay like this I love you!!!

PS fun now :P
My goal is to be unique like you, with you in your purple sky castle, come on my lap, but watch out for the horn :PPP


Character: Rossier
Verse [1]
I'm singing the song for you my dear,
I want to express just how I feel,
la la la la, la la la, just how I feel!

The ruler of skies, the queen of goals,
You need to know that I'm all yours,
la la la la, la la la that I am all yours!

I see purple clouds and I get all week,
my hands start shaking 'cause you're so unique
L to U to N to A
let's sit on the clouds and fly away!
let's fly away!

Verse [2]
Your horn is so pink and it sparkles like glitter,
if they come at you, I wil defeat them
la la la la, la la la I will defeat them!

I have the courage after a shot or two,
to tell you today how much I love you,
la la la la, la la la oh I love you!

I see purple clouds and I get all week,
my hands start shaking 'cause you're so unique
L to U to N to A
let's sit on the clouds and fly away!
let's fly away!


Character: Aeohn

Here is a poem for you Luna (=

You have a horn like a star
That lights up the sky
Your beauty is so pure
I can't help but to love you

Luna, my unicorn,
is the best friend I could ever ask for,
Always pushing me to be better,
And never letting me give up on my dreams.

Your neighing is like a song
That fills my heart with hope
You make me feel so strong
So I can reach my goal

May your heart always be light
And may your dreams all come true
You're my best friend, my confidant
And I love you, Luna, from the core of my heart

Thank you for being by my side,
And always helping me find my way,
You are the most special creature in the world,
And I'm so lucky to know you.

Thank you for being my unicorn,
My light, and my hope
In the dark times of my life
I love you with all my heart

From Ferobra with all my heart,




Character: Lore Unsworth

My dear Luna with my heart in my hand I reach to you,
With your sweetness you enlighten us all, the prettiest girl around, always so genuine and kind.
The biggest goal for many in Tibia is to being able to be close to you, your pretty and shiny horn, your purplish body and your unique personality and optimism make you so charming that we all fall in love with you.
Oh, queen of magic, I wish we can always share with you beautiful and perfect moments, creating exceptional memories full of joy, playful games, looking at a crystal-clear sky, eating pancakes and cookies.
Please Luna never hide your extraordinary self, always keep blinking and shinnying.

Character name: Kenlux, Antica.
I made also Acappella version of that song in Nightcore style.
Feel free to check it out.
Lunatic - Acappella

I was coming to my town
Middle of the night
That's how it start

Between dark upon a sky
Found a little star
With a crystal smile

Shiny horn like golden bar
Purple skin, bluish eyes
I've already loss my mind

Under magic lovely charm
Feeling butterflies
Hits me more than CRITICAL

You are my faith, you are my strenght when
World is turning upside down

Defensive prey - a ten of ten ..
My unique a boost to fight

Life apart has no sense
You are somewhere else
Clouds so divine
Rainbow after rain

Every time spend with you
Dreams coming true
If you be my queen
I will be your king

Now - i'm on the roll
You became my goal
Everything I do
I do for you!

If we end - with no gold
I'm ready sell my soul
Love to unicorns
Cannot overdose

You are my faith, you are my strenght when
World is turning upside down

Defensive prey - a ten of ten ..
My unique a boost to fight


Character: Bloodybunny
World: Nefera

A declaration of love for Luna:

Purple Passion

Roses are red, violets are blue
Nothing is as beautiful as your purple horn
This is fact, this is true

Luna, being with you is my biggest goal
From The pits of inferno to the Demon Lords, for you I face it all
Even if I need to step in every single burning coal

When I take a magic carpet across the sky
In the clouds I can only see your pretty smile
I don't know if I'm imagining things
Or If it's the effect of moonlight nights

I'm going to ankrahmun looking for a magic lamp
When the Djinn asks my wishes
I’ll say I only need one
That you Judge this poem unique
Worthy to win your precious heart, Luna, my dancing pixie

Character: Kriiz Meow
World: Havera

Oh my my! I still remember that night,
You looked peaceful under the moonlight,
A horse through the distance seemed to be,
I never believed that it could happen to me.

I must confess... I felt scared!
To met a Unicorn i wasn't prepared,
A majestic creature, completely UNIQUE,
You became my strength when i felt weak.

Your PURPLE skin shines like the twilight SKY,
Your purity and innocence can't be deny.
Your HORN & tail glow through the distance,
Giving purpose to my mad existence.

Luna Luna! So high in the clouds,
You make my heart sings aloud,
You took my empty dreams & filled them every one,
You’ve taken all my fears & made them run.

I learned from you to reach my GOALS,
You gave me confidence needed to my soul,
You stole my breath in such different ways,
Your determination & freedom filled my days!

A little bit of “Mass” & a touch of “Divine”,
That was the way you got your shine,
You get brighter the more it gets dark,
You have an adventurer fearless heart.

Oh Sweet Luna! Lets be partners in crime,
Lets face together all the upcoming climbs.
We’re gonna leave our hoofprints on the moon,
The proof of our success will be coming soon.

Once in the past a brown pony you were,
& showed the value wasn’t the color of your hair,
You kept fighting until your dreams come true,
Giving the courage to be warriors like you.

Character: Kell Looting, Antica

Your majesty,
I've exquisitely arranged words to capture universes you left, gracefully, beholden with your hoofprints.
I hope this colors your eyes
The same colors we chosed
To color our lives

Unending grey skies often leaves us feeling hopeless. But to feel is not to be. For hope is a seed, inside our soul. Some of us are strong enough to nourish it ourselves, but others, are yet to be.
Not everyone is aware of the divine'angel that guards them. Not every queen is blessed with a devoted Lady'in-waiting. But we're all aware of your story. We're blessed by it. When we're all stuck in the mundane grey, you point or paint new horizons with your horn.
You've been unique ever since you were a pony, Luna. Innocent like every child that met you in the stables, but, stubborn and focused into growing your seeds. Vanys always said you changed him more than he changed you. Handed him seeds of a fully grown tree, deeply rooted in your soul.
When I was younger, beating those height marks on the wall was my only goal. But the day I read your story, I became that swamp river... I reflected you. Urging to free myself, to paint rainbows in my grey sky. I know I'll succeed. Wanna know why, ma'am?

I've been nourishing my journey with a little bit of belief, every night, during the full moon. I was handed purple seeds, afterall! ♥

Kell Looting, Antica


Character: Samy Saet
World: Lobera

To my beloved Luna.

Each time that see sky, look manies marvelous shinies on it and alls ask himself '¿what is this?

When afternoon is near and all clouds take a pretty purple colours, habitants look to up with hope to can see a wonderful be that had to goal to put own hoffprints on the moon.

You are so unique that can make shiny all darkness in world with only fly around of it and with your horn destroy all evil danger.

All habitants knows who are you LUNA, but never have seen you. But we don't lose faith that some day your be gentle, benevolnt and come down for see and touch you.

Thanks LUNA for protect and save us.

Character: Helioth
World: Nefera

Dear Luna

I pass by that stable located in Thais every day, your memory immediately
comes to mind, so beautiful, so unique.

We are something different, how could it work right?

During my adventures touring the Tibian lands throughout these years,
seeing beautiful landscapes, starry and resplendent skies.

Fighting battles, giving the last of me in each of them,
there is something that always pushes me to continue, you.

and it is that you are more than beautiful, majestic.....
that energy that you radiate, that hair of yours, that horn that always seems to point to success,
wanting to always go for more, which has me captivated.

As a knight that I am, I would protect you, I would brandish my sword against any creature,
my goal would be to take care of you until the end

Accompany me until the end, you and me together.

Char: Eriica Sar

We haven’t met yet but somehow
My heart and soul are deeply yours.
I don’t want you to surprise
But you must know what’s on my heart.

At the end of the day,
bellow the sky full of stars
All I see is you and I,
Dancing with the night.

Oh what I’d give up
For that horn of yours.
All magic and enchanting
Oh Luna, for you I’m falling

From now on, your heart is my only goal.
Cause your unique essence and soul
Have made me lost control
I don’t care if I don’t hunt or I don’t drop any gold
Because the only worth is to get your love.

So fill me with your purple love
And let me make you and your horn
The most loved unicorn in the world.

Character: Zyrsu

To Luna
Words cannot express how I feel about you,
You are my lover, my sunshine, and my boo
With you my days are purple, they used to be blue.
You and I are one as if connected by glue

I used to think my true love is unborn
Till I saw you with your magical horn
Where have you been all my life, my Unicorn
With you, I know I’ll never mourn

My lovely Luna, you are a freak
Whenever I see you, I wanna kiss that cheek
And that tail of yours, Gosh, you’re unique
It’s a dream come true to hear you speak.

My entire life, I used to be shy
Till I saw you, up in the sky
I still stop to think it all was a lie
My Luna, how are you so fly?

I’m talking from my heart, my heart that you stole,
My dear Luna, you truly make me droll
With you, I finally feel like a whole
My lovely Luna, you were, are, and will be my goal.

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