Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Player of the Month #19: Emxp & Freezinng

Our players of the month for February are Emxp and Freezinng from the server Marbera. The two are a couple and a perfect druid x knight duo. You can follow their Tibian journey at https://www.twitch.tv/emxpars 

Could you introduce yourselves? What are your names, where are you from etc.?

-Hey whats up everybody! We are Emily and Leo or also known as Emxp and Library Leo. We have been playing tibia now for about 2 years together. Leo has been playing since he was 8 years old, about since 2004 and Emily jut started playing in 2020 during the pandemic because she had nothing else to do. Emily is from the USA and Leo is from Brazil. Fun fact about us, we are married in real life 

Who showed Tibia to you? When was it?

-Leo’s older brother showed tibia to leo when he was about 8 years old. Leo played tibia on and off througought college while we were dating so Emily was aware of the game but never played it. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit  in 2020 and everything shut down that Emily decided to give the game a try. The first 100 levels were really grindy and rough to get through as a new player but once Emily got her first mount, she was in love with the game.

How did you guys meet?

-We met the first week of our freshman year at college. I guess you could say it was love at first sight.

Is there any player you look up to?

-Emily looks up to Hyypes

leo looks up to Bellizze

What’s your opinion on couples streaming together? Would you want to eventually try that?

-We have done duo streams in the past and they are pretty fun! We will swap perspectives every now and then. But mostly Emily like to stream and try to entertain people. She is a lot better at it so leo tries to avoid the camera xD

What's something you used to believe about relationships, but no longer do?

-We used to believe that every relationship is always nice and, that is not always the case. You have to be willing to put in the work and communicate effectively to be successful. 

Do you think compromise is important in relationships? Which one of you is more likely to offer a compromise?

-Absolutley, for example, Leo must go to work so Emily can spend the money, its a perfect compromise! 

Without compromising, a relationship won’t be successful. In order for both people to be happy and get what they want, they must be willing to see eachothers point of view and work together to reach a common goal. 

We usually have X or Y in this part, but since it’s a couples edition of the interview we

wanna do something a little bit different and check how well you guys know each other! So

instead, we will ask you some questions and you have to answer for yourself and your

partner, don’t show each other the answers and then compare them!;D


What is your favorite outfit?

Answer of Emily

Emily- Druid

Leo- Assassin

Answer of Leo



1. What is your favorite outfit?

Emily’s answer:

Emily- Summoner full

Leo- Elementalist full

Leo’s answer:

Emily- Feru hat

Leo- Warrior

2. Your favorite nickname?

Emily’s answer:

Emily- emxp

Leo- po
Leo’s answer:

Emily- em

Leo- technically my name is Leonardo so I guess just leo

3. Who showed Tibia to you?

Emily’s answer:

Emily- Leo

Leo- His older brother

Leo’s answer:

Emily- myself (leo)

Leo- My brother

4. What’s your favorite Tibian city?

Emily’s answer:

Emily- anything but kazordoon….

Leo- Thais

Leo’s answer:

Emily- Edron

Leo- Darashia

5. Coffee with milk or a black one?

Emily’s answer:

Emily- Americano with Cream

Leo- he’s not a coffee drinker but when he does drink coffee its 90% cream 10% coffee

Leo’s answer:

Emily- Coffee with cream

Leo- Water

6. What’s your favorite color?

Emily’s answer: Emily- Pink

Leo- Blue

Leo’s answer:

Emily- Sparkly gold

Leo- Blue

7. How many runes did you unlock?

Emily’s answer:

Emily- uhhhh 7 i think lol

Leo- 8 is my best guess

Leo’s answer:

Emily- no more than 6

Leo- dont know

8. Who said “I love you” first?

Emily’s answer:

Emily- leo

Leo- leo

Leo’s answer:Emily- leo

Leo- myself

9. What’s your favorite vocation?

Emily’s answer:

Emily- EK all the way baby

Leo- ED

Leo’s answer:

Emily- she only knows how to play one

Leo- sorcerer

10. Who is most likely to fall asleep while doing something together?

Emily’s answer:

Emily- me, i am tired 85% of the time

Leo- emily

Leo’s answer:

Emily- Herself – if she doesn’t agree with me, shes lying

Leo- Emily, she can’t hang, she is tired all the time

Would you rather see your future or be able to change your past?

-Emily says - See the future. We believe everything happens for a reason and shapes you into who you are. 

Leo says – change the past so I can change my furutre. Seeing the future would be like a spoiler alert 

Which of the recently added spawns do you consider the best?

-Issavi surface is easily the most popular and best spawn for our level ranges. However, the addition of soulwar was amazing on cipsofts end and really changed the game for so many people. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-Still grinding that tibia life… maybe leo will have a feru hat by then.

What is your biggest Tibian accomplishment 

-Emily – Completing soulwar in with under 2 years of playing experience

Leo- Completing soulwar quest

Define your partner in 3 words.

-Emily defining Leo – Smart, Loving, Stubborn

Leo defining Emily – Sassy, Smart, Stubborn

Do you have any encouraging words to the community?

-Be proud of you accomplishments! Everyone plays this game differently and that is the beautiful thing about tibia. Comparison is the thief of all job so don’t compare yourself to another tibia player. Everyone plays tibia for different reasons. 

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