Saturday, January 29, 2022

The Pantibian Festival and Character Trades

ear Tibians,

the 25 years festivities are still in full swing, and we are happy to see that many players are participating. Part of the activities is of course the collection of Theons, which may lead to entering the Pantibian Festival later this year. In order to qualify, players have to be ranked among the top 50 in the Pantheon Highscore of their respective region. To stay qualified, players in the top 50 have to observe the following:

If a character in the top 50 is traded after the festivities, neither buyer nor seller can join the Pantibian Festival, resulting in one less invitation to the event. Disqualified characters are marked with a red X in the highscore. During the 25 years festivities, character trades do not affect the potential to be invited, but the character trade has to be completed on server save of February 08 at the latest. Theons of a char traded after February 08 are however unaffected by this, they remain with the character and will still be able to be exchanged later on, as explained in the featured article.

Note that a character in the top 50 will be marked with a red X in the highscore if it is available in the Char Bazaar after February 08, but that it will only be disqualified from the Pantibian Festival if the trade is completed. If the trade does not succeed, the green checkmark will return.

At some point before the event, a character backup will have to be taken of qualified characters, similar to the character backup which is taken before the test server. We will inform you about this in time in a news ticker.

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