Friday, January 14, 2022

Streamer Applications for Pantibian Festival

anniversary imageThe Pantibian Festival will be an event like no other: For the first time ever, 150 players will have the opportunity to play Tibia together with the founders, the Gods, Stephan, Guido, Durin, and Steve - four spirited adventurers who decided to pursue their dream against all odds and started this unique Tibian journey we have all become a part of.

At some point in spring, the festival will take place on three special game worlds which will only be accessible for players who qualified through the Pantheon. Side by side with the Gods, they will try to accomplish one mission: Beat a fun obstacle course together, at some points maybe even against each other, which has only been created for this special purpose!

In addition to the players who qualified, we also want to invite a few streamers so that they can stream the event for other Tibians to watch.

You are a streamer who has been streaming Tibia for more than a year, and this sounds interesting to you? Here is your chance to apply for one of the streamer spots in the Pantibian Festival:

Check the designated feedback form "Pantibian Festival - Streamers" and fill it out thoroughly till January 21, 10:00 CET!

We will go through all applications and select up to four streamers per region (EU, NA, SA) who will be able to join the event together with a friend they can nominate in the feedback form. While the application has to be in English, streamers are, of course, free to stream in the language of their choice. As mentioned in the featured article, the final date for the event has yet to be chosen, but it will take place during a workday (i.e. Monday till Friday) in the evening (CET or CEST), and at the latest at the end of May. We will also provide more info about the festival itself in time.

Take your chance!
Your Community Managers

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