Saturday, January 1, 2022

Player of the Month #18: Iaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa Aaaaaaa

Our player of the month for January is Iaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa Aaaaaaa. The master sorcerer from Collabra has accumulated nearly 13k charm points and took second place in our latest Goals Contest.

Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from etc.?
-My name is Lucas, I’m a brazilian player from Belo Horizonte, but raised and living in São Paulo, Brazil. I’m an architect in real life, 26 years and at the moment playing in Collabra.

How did you Tibian adventure started? When was it?

-The year is 2004, me and my brother have a friend which presented Tibia for us, we used to play in a

Windows 95 my mom had, so we often had to go to a friends house to play it properly. We were like 8 and 10 years old, it was everything new and special for both of us.

What is the hardest decision you had to make in Tibia?

-Selling my rares in the past, I used to collect rares in Belobra and Astera, the day I sold my Yellow Rose and Tome collection was pretty hard. Also the day I sold my beloved Amazon Helmet in Pacembra. Sometimes its hard to move on with your collection, but...

Is there any player that you can say inspired you?

-I think the player inspired me in my whole Tibian life is my brother, Karlogaria Aran. Thanks to him I’m back to the game after 7 years away and keeping pursuing my goals on Tibia and in real life! As rare collector I think Stepwise, Sheepyy and Ozen. Those guys knows how to decorate houses and collect nice stuff.

You have a very original character name! How did you get the idea?

-I always loved Roleplay style nicks, the short ones too. Back in 2020, in March I think, I was back from a hiatus in Tibia, and my friend told me they launched new servers, and we went to Pacembra. I was kinda tired of the same kind of name and I thought: how ridiculous a nickname can be? And I tried a vowel only name, for my surprise it was possible to set names with only vowels, this happened just in the beginning of quarentine, and I thought it wont last more like 2-3 months, so I decided to keep the name, and now its like part of my Tibian life, and a lot of players recognize me because of it hahahah.

X or Y
Old school or new school?
-New school for sure, better gameplay and mechanics

Expensive mounts or outfits?

-I’m not a mount person, so I choose outfits for real

Bestiary for Sights of Surrender or Isle of Evil monsters?

-Sight of Surrender, at least they are pretty profitable, Isle of Evil is one of the last I’ll do in my life.

Royal Costume or Golden Outfit?

-Goldeeeeen, let it shine!

Playing with no gaming mouse or playing on a 10 inches screen?

-10 inches screen, can’t leave without my gaming mouse anymore

Pacembra or Collabra?

-Pacembra! Miss my old friends from the beginning of the server and the funny days we had!

MS without ultimate mana potions or without sudden death runes?

-Ultimate Mana, at least my mana will fully recover when I die heheheh. Ms without sudden death

runes isn’t a MS

Library or Soulwars?

-LIBRARY FOR SURE!! Funniest hunt place in the whole game, beautiful aesthetic!!

Never use exura vita again or never use any speed boost again?

-Never use exura vita again, I can handle my life with exura gran but not walking slowly

Charming or hunting?

-Charming, always charming, hunting is not an option anymore for me

If you could time travel, what year would you go to and why?

-Hmmm, I think 2005-2006, something between this, it was a simple time, not just in Tibia, but in my life, good and old times with my friends, having fun, no worries in life and just worried if we can manage to kill a Dragon Lord in Tibia without any deaths.

Which of the recent changes in Tibia do you appreciate the most?

-From the all recent changes in game, I’d go back 1 year ago, when they did the vocation rebalance. For real, one of the greatests thing for MS mainly, now we can casts more powerful spells, I loved the new Magic Shield too, it was something that we needed and we got it. Thank you for the vocation rebalancing.

What’s your favorite way to spend a free day?

-I love to spend my free time with my girlfriend and her family, reading books (mainly Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, or The Hobbit), watching movies too (I love sci-fi, horror, and action movies), but rarely I watch something new, I’m the kind of person who watch the same movie 30 times and never get bored of it.

What do you think is the biggest goal you managed to complete in Tibia?

-To be honest I think my Charm Points was the hardest things I managed to accomplish in Tibia, since I spent hours and hours with my friends to complete a lot of them, I can say it was my greatest goal, and the funniest one too, its pretty good to see all monsters entries completed on bestiary!

Describe the process of getting bestiary in 3 words. 

-Patience, Courage, and Insomnia

Do you have any encouraging words to the community?

-Do your best, and in your time, enjoy the ride, you don’t have to hurry up the things, in Tibia and in real life, focus on your goals, don’t let anybody say what you are able to do or not, if you want it, claim it.

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