Friday, January 14, 2022

On Slaying Morshabaal

 Dear Tibians,

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as many of you know, the new world boss Morshabaal has been bested yesterday on Gentebra – the first defeat of the beast since its introduction. We here at CipSoft were following this epic battle, being engrossed in the display, rooting for the players, and suffering with them through the setbacks. Finally, the last blow was dealt and Morshabaal slain. The substantial excitement over the victory, both among players and ourselves, was however short-lived. As soon as it became clear what the reward was, the elation vanished, and we knew that something had gone wrong.

After an internal investigation we found that a new mechanic did not work as intended and messed with the loot distribution, so that especially players with low participation did not receive what they deserved. We apologise for this mistake which brought a great fight to an unworthy end.

In order to rectify this, we are going to compensate all players who have participated yesterday in fighting the boss throughout the day, for which they will receive the appropriate loot. Morshabaal's loot system will be changed to normal coop loot to ensure that the correct loot is given. Due to how impressed we were with this feat, we will also swap out some of the intended loot, mostly gems and coins, with the new item Morshabaal's extract of roughly equal worth. Tomorrow on server save, these loot changes will go live, and the players will be compensated.

Due to the change to normal coop loot, we will also implement another adjustment next week: If Morshabaal does not receive damage for 40 seconds, all players are teleported out of Morshabaal's dwelling and the participation for the fight is reset. This is to make sure that loot is distributed only among active players.

Congratulations to this victory,
Your Community Managers

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