Saturday, January 8, 2022

Happy 25th Anniversary Tibia!

 Unbelievable! Tibia now exists for a quarter of a century. Some of you have been on this journey with us for many years. We have grown together. We have shared happy times, times of discussions and arguments, and sad times, too, however, now, it is foremost time to celebrate and to be nostalgic together - but also time to embrace the new. Contrasting, just as Tibia has been since the year one. Sounds like music to your ears? To ours, too!

Join us in the celebration of Tibia's 25th anniversary! We have prepared several events for you, some that will start right away, as well as others, that will take place soon. The celebration of this milestone should not end within the blink of an eye, but rather leave a long lasting impression.
A special event we would like to draw your attention to, a highlight of the celebrations, is the planned Pantibian Festival! Collect Theons - special tokens - in order to become part of a group of players who will soon be able to play alongside the four founders of CipSoft, the Gods of Tibia: Steve, Stephan, Guido and Durin. You can find all details about this event, as well as a list of all other planned events and festivities in our featured article. Take a look, and join the fun!

Also, we hope you enjoy this tour through our headquarters that we have prepared for you. Spoiler Alert: You are in for a surprise! And you will see the Gods play the very first version of Tibia. This insight might help you prepare for your own possible playing session with the Gods if you do well in the Pantibian Festival. So - sit back, click on play, and watch (there are subtitles available for English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Polish):

The main reason Tibia is still alive and kicking today, after 25 years, is you. Tibia has an amazing community. You, the Tibians, have made this possible. You do not get tired to let us know when we are on a wrong path, and you share your joy with us, too, when you are having fun. Tibia has the luck to be home of many dedicated and passonate gamers who have made the Tibian lands really their own. One player once commented the Tibia map with this question: Why do I know this map better than my country's map? - Well, because Tibia is your home, too. You live in the land of dragons and rotworms, the land that is also home of one of the most evil magicians with a very valuable hat. Behold! Let us not forget about the bonelords. The Tibian universe exists because YOU make it come to life.
Once again we want to express our gratefulness. Thank you for being with us on this emotional ride. 25 years ago, nobody would have expected that a quarter of a century later, we would all still be here. You are awesome!

anniversary image

Tibia's 25th anniversary is once again an opportunity for us to honour guilds that have existed for a long time. The guild leaders of guilds that have existed for 5 years or longer, will receive 25 special tapestries embroidered with the guild's age and the guild's name. In addition, the 3 oldest guilds on each game world will receive a goblet with a special inscription. A bronze goblet for the third oldest guild, a silver goblet for the second oldest guild, and a golden goblet for the oldest. Of course, we suggest you display these decorative items in your guildhalls!

Last but not least, we would like to invite you to participate in our anniversary raffle! For a chance to win one of 25 packages of 250 non transferable Tibia Coins, simply head on over to our poll section and answer the question Will you be joining the anniversary events? The poll, and thus the raffle, will end at Jan 14, 2022.

We hope that you will enjoy the 25 anniversary celebrations that we have prepared for you!

Thank you, Tibians!
Your Community Managers

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