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Featured article: 25 Years of Tibia: Events and Activities

Every year is Tibia's birthday, but only once can we celebrate it for the 25th time – which is quite the occasion! 25 years full of ups and downs, memorable moments, and unforgettable experiences. From a humble Alpha version 1.0 to the current game, it has been a journey which would not have been possible if it had not been for you, the players, who accompanied us throughout the years. A heartfelt thank you for supporting us all this time!

To celebrate this anniversary in style, we have prepared numerous activities and events for you. If not stated otherwise, these are temporary and will run from January 07 until February 08, so do not miss out on this opportunity. A few of them are also permanent, however, and can be enjoyed beyond Tibia's anniversary. There is also one special event which will take place after this period:

At some point in spring, the Pantibian Festival will take place. This is an opportunity to meet the four founders of Tibia, Stephan, Guido, Durin, and Steve – commonly known as the Gods – ingame and play Tibia with them. The Gods will spend 45 minutes on each of three special game worlds (one per region), which are only available during this event, to beat a fun obstacle course together with the players.

How are players selected to join the festival you ask? During the festivities for Tibia's 25th anniversary, players engaging in the variety of activities running from January 07 until February 08 may gain Theons. A new highscore, the Pantheon, will be available, listing players according to how many Theons they have accumulated. The top 50 of each location (EU, NA, SA) will be able to enter the Pantibian Festival. Should a tiebreaker be necessary, the account date will be the deciding factor, with older accounts being selected over younger ones. A character qualifies for the region on which they were present on January 07.

To allow for other players who did not qualify to partake in some other form as well, we will also invite up to four streamers per region, with each one of them being able to bring a friend, too. Interested streamers who have been streaming Tibia for more than a year are encouraged to apply from January 14 on in English, using a feedback form which will be available by then. While the application has to be in English, streamers are free to stream in the language of their choice.

On the event game world, qualified players will have a copy available of the character with which they qualified. Neither a high level nor extraordinary strength is necessary to celebrate with the Gods! The final date for the event has yet to be chosen, but it will take place during a workday (i.e. Monday till Friday) in the evening (CET or CEST), and at the latest at the end of May. From around the time the Pantibian Festival takes place, both qualified and non-qualified players can also exchange their Theons for deco items which can be gained during the 25 years festivities.

Use this one-time opportunity to experience Tibia together with the Gods and take a screenshot with them as a lasting memory!

Now, let us get to the festivities which start on January 07!

25 years is a very long time, in which Tibia has changed a lot since its humble beginnings in 1997. Throughout two and a half decades, the Tibian lands have expanded greatly in all directions, and many new characters, monsters, and quests have come to fill the new places. The time travel dungeon is the perfect way to reminisce about Tibia's rich history, as you will journey back in time from the present day to the game's infancy. While the monsters you encounter will look the part, they do not possess the same strength as their regular counterparts. They are instead of similar, fairly low strength, so that players of lower levels can partake as well.

Step into the time machine...

... and explore Tibia's past.

However, this experience will not only encompass the dungeon, as a new quest will send you across Tibia, and eventually set you against the boss Lord Retro. The rewards for your efforts are a new backpack, mount, and outfit, as well as Theons.

In Thais, head to the northeast of the town, enter the tower, and take the new ladder downstairs, where you can find the time machine which starts your trip down memory lane. The time travel dungeon as well as Lord Retro are permanent additions to the game.

Not only will the dastardly Lord Retro challenge you, but a further ten bosses will test your mettle! Special boss rooms will be available during the festivities in which you can take them on, earning deco items as well as Theons in the process. The ten bosses will be available via a central hub from the time travel dungeon, and feature different levels of complexity and a moderate increase in difficulty. However, they are all still relatively easy, and can be fought every 20 hours.

Additionally, a new world boss will be implemented, called Morshabaal. This foe is a tough customer and will likely be the biggest challenge you have faced so far. Be careful! It is a permanent addition to Tibia, remaining in the game after the festivities, and will have the same spawn interval as Orshabaal. If the respective raid triggers, a teleporter will spawn at the stone circle in the northwest of Edron. Since Morshabaal is a regular world boss, you might not see it on your world during the festivities.

What you will definitely encounter during the festivities are hordes of monsters disturbing the joyous atmosphere in Svargrond, Liberty Bay, and Port Hope – grab your weapons and spells to save the day! These creatures appear as new raids near Svargrond, Liberty Bay, and Port Hope until February 08, with dozens of monsters spawning each hour. Defeat those buzzkills and gain Theons and deco items while doing so.

For a more relaxing pastime, let Lady Luck decide your next reward. North of Thais, south of Carlin, and southwest of Edron, funfairs have been set up where you can cheer on a dragon hatchling in a partying mood to win prizes like Theons, carpets, and other deco items once a day.

Do you have more than a metaphorical appetite for the festivities? In each capital, a birthday buffet will be present from which each character may eat once in 24 hours, which earns you Theons, carpets, and other deco items in return.

Are you looking for a permanent souvenir from Tibia's 25th birthday? Then head on over to the picture wall which is available in all capital cities, to get a portrait done which you can hang at your wall as an eternal reminder of the festivities. This may be repeated every 20 hours.

Last but not least, there is also a scavenger hunt taking place. North of Thais, at the entrance of the funfair, you will find a lost traveler who provides some helpful informtion. The quest items from the chest next to him are vital for this task: The divining rod allows you to find a time traveling tourist who will visit memorable places all over Tibia, each hour appearing at a different location. Using the time particle extractor on the tourist gives you Theons; this can be done every 20 hours.

The usual celebrations for Tibia's birthday will also take place this year. Between the server saves of January 07 and January 10, you can visit Nostalgia Island again where you can hunt monsters with the old monster sprites, dig for treasures or knock down cans. The piñata dragons will also be spawning everywhere.

Get ready for the festivities!

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