Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Player of the Month #17: Myshana

Our Player of the Month for December is Myshana! The sorceress from Garnera (Havera) loves decorating houses and allows us to see these beautiful creations on her Instagram.

Could you introduce yourself? What is your name, where are you from etc? 
-Heya! My name is Paulie and I'm from Kentucky, USA (31), borned and raised in Mexico for 23 years and then moved to USA, with the character Myshana that is currently in the server of Garnera soon tobe merged to a new server. 

Who showed Tibia to you? When was it?
-I think I was in middle in school when my boy-friends and former classmates used to play it around 2003~ hehe I've been a gamer since little so playing this game was a no brainer for me. I've had my account since then I believe so lol. 

Do you think Tibia influenced your life in any way?
-Hmm, maybe it did in the fact that's how I met my current husband in real life hahaha, we met each other in the server Luminera and are still currently married to this day. It perhaps also influenced me to keep being fluent in the English language, practice other languages as well and keep in touch with friends from other parts of the world. 

Is there any player that you find inspiring?
-Actually there are quite a few, most of them are decorator girls that I've met through the years and I've been influenced and touched by their marvelous styles and ways of showing me how to decorate beautiful houses in Tibia! Few to mention are my dear friend Amy Meow, Divine'Angel, Skylie Hasulhoff, Suzy Kill, and some more to mention! Thank you gorgeous ladies for always inspiring me! 

You surely have a passion for decorating, in a few days your server will merge, does it ruin your plans in any way or do you it as a possibility to get a new house?
-Giiiiiiiiiirl, of course I see it as a new possibility to get a new home, the options will be all over the place! I'll be able to bid on the most desirable houses in this game! Hopefully I get my hands on some cool ones ;).

X or Y
No carpets or no trophy stands (or stands of any kind)? 
-No carpets but I do love a nice looking marble ;D

Retro outfits or regular outfits 
-Uhm I could say both! haha they both have awesome sprites!

Have a small house with expensive items or a big house with no rares? 
-HAHAHAHA this is for the sad living souls, BIG HOUSE WITH BIG RARE ITEMS ALL THE WAYYYYYY!!!

Tibia with light effects or without them? 
-Oh with light effects all daaaaay!

Never decorate again or never change outfit again? 
-Hell never change outfit again, I'll continue to decorate until I'm like 65 years old of Tibia is still on! 

Roshamuul or Darashia? 
-Uhm I guess Darashia never actually been too much in Roshamuul

Store items or market items? 

Have a famous Thaian house or house in an unpopular place? 
-Famous Thaian House of course!

Old tibia sprites or new Tibia sprites? 
-New Tibian sprites, we got to move on!

Cormaya or Edron? 
-Ohhhhh this one is hard since I love both, and got houses in both! 😀 but I'd say Edron is more classic!

You had a very unpleasant situation some time ago, could you tell us more about it to prevent others from getting into it too?
-Never trust anyone on game, just perhaps your real friends, maybe not even so sometimes. Also be careful on how you "confide" in people. 

What kind of decorations do you find the most beautiful? The color themed ones, the pixel art ones or maybe you like something else?
-To be honest the ones that are colorful, meaningless and using lots of shiny items! Also love the pink/purple theme ones! Shout out to my girl Amy Meow and Divine Angel for the inspiration through the years! wink wink ;D

Name 5 items every decorator needs to have in the backpack.
-Uhm honestly I always keep on myself obsidian pawns, jade pawns, voodoo lily pollens, bloodherbs and coconuts! (not many of these last ones cause they're heavy)

Do you have any goal in Tibia? Maybe some item or a house you really would want to get one day?
-Hmmm I could say I have my eyes upon Luna! beautiful item and hopefully sometime in the future I can be the owner of one of these beauties! As for houses I'd like to live in a fancy house in Thais or Edron!

Do you have any encouraging words to the community?
-Believe in yourself and work in what you love so that way you never have to work a day of your life”~

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