Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Goals contest results

Our contest has come to an end and we are here to present you with the results of the voting and the
final winners! We were not really satisfied with the way the voting for the contest went, and we will be working on a solution for future updates for the voting system. We apologize for this commotion. These contest rules have been created with all the best intentions to prevent complaints on biased voting. We decided to give the community privilege of the staff - everyone was allowed to cast their vote. Anyone could get familiar with all the presentations and, after a deep analysis, pick the best two in their opinions. It was very important for us to convince you guys to write long, in-depth critiques, as we believe it is an extra motivation boost for all the people involved. After all, reading messages of random people saying so many nice things about you and your goal is somewhat a prize in itself. However, it has been noticed that plenty of votes had been cast after just a couple of minutes after having joined our Discord, as a result of what we were forced to introduce the 8-10h cooldown. That means that a big percentage of people did not even browse through all the presentations and the top 5 hasn't necessarily been chosen depending on the best works but rather on the number of the participants' friends who were asked to help them. We anticipated such a situation may take place but still hoped it wouldn't on a big scale.

To address this and to make up for the negative feelings this may have caused, after contacting the fansite coordinator, we decided to organize a special lottery for all the participants (excluding the top 3 winners) to show appreciation to all contest participants who have worked to complete their goals with great dedication. The names of the people eligible for this lottery and their numbers will be presented later in the text. The rewards will go as follows: 1st Rune emblem of choice 2nd Rune emblem of choice 3rd Rune emblem of choice 4th 250 Tibia Coins 5th 150 Tibia Coins 6th 50 Tibia Coins

Let us move on to announce the top 5. In order for the vote to be counted as valid, the voter had to follow a few rules, out of which one was that the character could not be hidden, and we sadly could not validate 8 of the voters (their names were grayed out in the table). That also means that these players will not be eligible for the voter’s lottery. We received a few messages saying “but look, he’s not hidden anymore”, however, we would ask you to understand that the character had to be uncovered during the contest. Nevertheless, the 8 votes did not influence the top 5 too much! The top 5: Kriizs (30 votes), Iaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa Aaaaaaa (29 votes), Nanka (29 votes), Psykeeh (23 votes), Troll Executioner (21 votes)

Now, let’s finally move on to the crème de la crème, the 3 finalists! Having sticked to the rules we set ourselves, we decided to pick the top 3 based on: - the originality of a goal - the difficulty of the goal - creativity of the presentation - involvement in the contest - number of various arguments given by voters That resulted in the following top 3: 

1. Troll Executioner
Goal: Killing 20 000 swamp trolls only with a fist while being facc and unable to train offline and not killing any other monsters than trolls.
Presentation: An almost 4 minutes long video clip consisting of detailed information and screenshots of the process.

2. Iaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa Aaaaaaa
Goal: Unlocking 3 more runes (starting from 11) - Cleanse, Parry and Numb. 2,2k points in total
Presentation: A pdf file with a story accompanied with screenshots and another file showing the entire process of acquiring the points

3. Kriizs
Goal: Getting from level 877 to 900 (Duo Hunt); Getting over 1k charm points needed to buy Divine Wrath; Getting the backpack addon for discoverer outfit; Getting 100 points for Killing in the name; Getting 27720 hunting task points
Presentation: A pleasant presentation that was easy to follow and straightforward.

We would want to congratulate all the winners and the rest of the participants for their awesome job! We were truly amazed by your guys’ dedication and honestly, every goal was great, special and original on it’s own way! We hope you guys enjoyed the process of reaching the goal, whether you managed to complete it fully or not!

People eligible for the Rune emblems & Tibia coins lottery and their numbers (given chronologically based on when they have sent their presentations):
#1 Spell Boy
#2 Righo
#3 Psykeeh
#4 Shizurie
#5 Xarkost Eilia
#6 Grove Max
#7 Chrixs
#8 Nanka
#9 Nasty Kasper

TibiaGoals Admins