Thursday, November 25, 2021

Target Highlight, Analyser Extension, and more

Next to the Exaltation Forge, the winter update will bring you a number of other features as well:

Are you wondering how big an impact your current XP bonuses actually have on your hunt? To remove any guesswork and manual calculation in such a case, the XP Analyser and Hunt Analyser will receive entries for "Raw XP Gain" and "Raw XP/h". These show the XP gain and XP/h without any added bonuses such as stamina, prey, XP boosts, etc. This additional info can be toggled on and off via a new option in the analysers' settings.

Is it getting a bit too crowded at times on screen for you to see your current target? To add visual clarity, a red overlay will be added as indication, in addition to the already existing red frame. The options menu provides settings for using either only the new highlight, the old frame, or both at the same time.

Are silver and gold tokens piling up in your depot, with too few ways to spend them? Then you might be interested in a new majestic outfit, which costs a pretty penny: The Royal Costume will be available from Percybald in Carlin and Alyxo in Issavi, for the proud sum of 15,000 silver tokens and 12,500 gold tokens for the base outfit, and 7,500 silver tokens and 6,250 gold tokens for each addon. Like purchasing the Golden Outfit, this will secure you a spot on the memorial, and, for the full outfit, you receive a title as well. To allow such huge sums to be carried, the weight of silver and gold tokens has been reduced from 0.20 oz to 0.01 oz.

Do you have a wealth of mounts to ride, but are using only a small amount of them as switching between them seems like too much work? In this case, the new option "Randomise Mount" in the "Customise Character" outfit will come in handy. By ticking this checkbox, one of your mounts will be randomly selected once you mount. In general, if a character was mounted before a transformation, they will now be remounted automatically after the transformation, if mounting is possible.

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