Monday, November 1, 2021

Player of the Month #16: Dark Bombox

Our Player of the Month for November is Dark Bombox. The knight from Estela used to stream his adventures on Twitch, and now you can follow them on his Instagram account!

Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from etc.?
-My name is Manel but everyone knows me as Bombox or like my characters name Dark Bombox. I’mfrom Barcelona, Spain. 

How did you start playing Tibia?
-I started playing Tibia when I was 13 years old because my neighbors invited me to play, actually one of them is a guild leader that is on war on the server Unica.

Is there any player who inspires you?
-Back then I used to get inspired by Runerf and Neoranga, both streamers from Spain, Neo for his charisma and for killing bots, he’s a funny and witty guy, just by seeing him play made me want to play, and Runerf is an example of EK and streamer for me, I’ve always had him as role model and I consider him a good friend. 

What made you wanna stream Tibia, do you plan to come back to streaming?
-I started years ago making FIFA videos, I used to edit and send them to my friends for fun, they encouraged me to start streaming Tibia. Right now I don’t play as much and when I play I like to watch a tv show or a movie and I can’t do that while streaming, now I play more relaxed. 

What is the rarest item you have ever looted?
-A Shield of Corruption, literally I looted it from the first lizard I killed haha! 

X or Y
Never change outfit or never change weapon?
-I never change my outfit so I’ll go with never change outfit 

War or neutral?

Never use exeta res again or never use exori gran?

Roshamuul or Spectres?
-Roshamuulska forever <3

Have level 1500 or have skills 150/150 on your level?
-Skills, I can get the level eventually so no worries

Gaming mouse or gaming keyboard?
-Gaming mouse, the 12 Fs are essential for me 

Old school or new school?
-Old school, everything was harder that’s why everything had more value, every level and death

EK or ED?

Have an “exura” that cures you fully, or one hitting every monster?
-Exura that cures you fully, I wouldn’t have died many times with that spell haha! 

Rapid respawn or double experience?
-Double experiences because you also get doble skills, so I take the opportunity to skill too  

What’s your favorite quote from a song/book/movie? Why?
-My favorites books are from The Quest of Ewilan (a story like Narnia but they can create objects and changes from worlds just by using mind power), my favorite band is Estopa since I was little, but lately I’ve been listening to Nikone or SFDK but my favorito song is No Diggity by Backstreet, Dr Drew & Queen Pen. 

How many hours a day you spend playing Tibia? Would you want to play more/less?
-I usually just play the 3 green hrs or maybe less, 2 refills aprox. Many times I’ve done 10 or 12 hrs hunt, while I’m watching a movie or a tv show, but rarely. I think with 3hrs daily I can level up and I won’t get bored with the game.

Do you think that CipSoft should continue upgrading Rookgaard?
-Rookgard should be like it was before, more difficulty, more quests and mainly with new lores. It’s such a pity that the new players doesn’t know nothing about Rookgard.  

What goes first, milk or cereal?
-The milk, because I can eat more cereal and add more and more and still be crunchy! Muahaha! 

Give a 1-sentence advice to someone who wants to start playing EK
-A good spells rotation combined with health potions, u waste less mana and you can use more offensive spells, not because you use more exuras you’ll rank more. 

Do you have any encouraging words to the community?
-Please, stop being toxic and start enjoying the game, I can be against one player and not because he/she kills me more than I kill him or viceversa, im going to start talking about that person, that’s what the game is about, level up, questing, war, skills etc, but if you can’t enjoying the game without insulting someone you better uninstall Tibia <3 

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