Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Sign-Up for RADIANCE Has Started

Tibians, the start of RADIANCE, the second-to-last Tournament in Tibia is just around the corner! As part of the final three Tournaments, it will reward you with twice as many Tournament Coins as before the sunset. Get hold of Tournament Coins while you still can and sign up for RADIANCE now!

A ticket for your Tournament character is necessary to participate

In RADIANCE, your XP will progress 75x faster than on normal game worlds and skills even 100x faster. Also, skill gain, Bestiary and area discovery will yield points. Beware tough, killing certain creatures will substract points, e.g. sphinx, cobra assassin, werehyaena and spectres, so make sure to check which ones you better spare this time.
In addition, shared experience will be deactivated.

Keep in mind, that your playtime is always ticking down whenever you are online on your Tournament world. Once your daily playtime is depleted, you will be logged out of the Tournament and you can only log in again after the next server save. Once your total playtime is depleted, you will no longer be able to log in on the Tournament world. Please also note that if you log into a Tournament world and log out again before 120 seconds have passed, a total of 120 seconds will still be subtracted from your playtime.

All Tournament characters start with level 20, basic skills, and 20,000 gold on their bank account.

The golden horned helmet will be awarded to the winners.

The cups will go to the top 3 of each Tournament world.

Check out the Tournament page to find details about rules, score set and rewards for RADIANCE. The Tournament itself will run from October 25, 10:00 CEST, to November 1, 10:00 CET.

Upon sign-up, you can select your Tournament world, your vocation and city to start in. More information can also be found in the Tournament FAQ entries.

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