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Protection Zone Achievements: Part Two






In Tibia we have many activities, we don’t only need to gain experience, kill bosses, get new outfits. We also can drink, eat and have parties! If we need some privacy, we can close windows and doors in our house or guildhouse and take a good rest. What if we would get achievement points for it? Let’s check what Protection Zone achievements we can do!

Berserker, Sharpshooter, Mastermind

Depending on your profession, you will obtain an achievement for three points. If you are a knight, you will need to drink 100 berserk potions to become a Berserker. For a paladin, 100 bullseye potions are needed to be a true Sharpshooter. Mastermind potions can be used by druids and sorcerers, and for the achievement Mastermind, a number of 100 needs to be drunk as well. You can of course drink it during your hunts to improve your skills, but if you need fast points, this is a perfect thing to do in your free time.

Potion Addict

Is it an addiction to drinking potions or to make achievements? We guess that you need to find the answer yourself! Our next achievement is Potion Addict (4 points). This is not strict-PZ achievement, but it can be done during making runes or just for fun if you have some spare potions. Keep in mind, that those 100,000 potions that your character needs to drink, can be all possible potions that regenerate your mana or health, or even both (spirit potions). That means, that you can use the smallest mana/health potions to get the achievement.

Cookie Monster

Some would say – only one achievement point for so much work?! Well, imagine eating those tasty cookies! For this achievement, you will need to bake 20 trays of cookies, which is 240 cookies in total! Share them with your friends if you won’t be able to eat them on your own. To make Cookies, you will need flour, milk, baking tray and simple oven.


The Cake’s the Truth, With a Cherry on Top, Make a Wish

We gonna have a party! Let’s bake 30 cakes to get The Cake’s the Truth (1 point) achievement. But don’t eat it yet! Okay, you can eat some, but put 20 of them in your backpack, prepare kitchen knife and twenty fruits (here you have a list which ones you can use to decorate your cake). While you use a knife on a fruit, your cake will be decorated and you will get the achievement With a Cherry on Top (1 point). Hungry again? You can eat 15 cakes. To obtain Make a Wish achievement (1 point), put five decorated cakes on a table/on a floor, and put the candlesticks on it. It is only needed now that you will blow the candles out. Congratulations!

Piece of Cake, Sweet Tooth

Since you already baked decorated cake, you only need to bake Chocolate Cake to get the achievement Piece of Cake (1 point). To bake it, you will have to repeat the steps of baking a normal cake. The difference is, that you will use the lump of cake dough on the Bar of Chocolate. Be sure to use lump ON the bar, if you use bar of chocolate first, you will eat it. Then use it with an oven and voila! Chocolate cake and new achievement! It is not over yet, though. Bake another 9 chocolate cakes to obtain Sweet Tooth (2 points) achievement!


Rocket in Pocket, Fireworks in the Sky

There is no true Party without fireworks! For those achievements, you will need to buy 253 firework rockets. First, use three of them in your backpack. Easy one point! To get Fireworks in the Sky (2 points) you have to make a real firework show! Put them on the ground and use them there. A lot of work, huh? Time to rest some.

Let the Sunshine In, Do Not Disturb

The party is over, your character wants to rest. You closed your doors, but you still hear some party noises from the outside? Well, close the windows 100 times and you will show other players that they should Do Not Disturb (1 point) you! And, in case you change your mind, open the windows 100 times to Let the Sunshine In (1 point).


Mister Sandman, Modest Guest, Rock Me to Sleep

Using a bed or a cot 500 times will grant you the achievement Mister Sandman (2 points). Nowadays, thanks to offline training, it can be a bit more time consuming than it was before. To have a successful try using a bed, you need to logout in it. For Modest Guest (1 point) you will have to repeat going-to-sleep routine 100 times, but this time on a Straw Mat. Using a hammock 100 times gives you the Rock me to Sleep achievement (1 point). You can either make those achievements by regularly putting your character to sleep everyday, or just make it in one day for fast points.







We asked some players, what do they think about achievements that we have mentioned in this article. Don’t forget to add your opinion in the comments down below.

Elyrea: I feel like these achievements depend on the type of person you are. If you just get them passively by putting your character to bed every night and eventually get the achievement, these achievements can be quite fun and a welcome surprise. If you're just after the achievement points, I found them to be a bother to myself as a player who has to log in and out repeatedly, but also to my poor fellow guild members who had to witness the messages of me logging in and out hundreds of times in the guild chat. At least you can now use every type of bed in every type of house, so you don't have to get multiple houses or ask friends for access to their house in another city just to get all achievements, so that helped a little.

Millie: I remember when I started on Instagram, I posted the first achievements I got. Those are so cool and fun, it also helps a lot for the people to meet the charlover world 😅, and in my opinion they are so easy and fun, also those motivate you to start working on those who need a little bit more of work and patience, this achievements are your way in to be called Charlover.

Melody Noir: Some achievements can be fun, and these were to me. However, I do suggest making sure no one in your guild is on when doing it. I had someone call me and ask if I was hacked and getting rooked because of how many times my character was logging on and off :D I intentionally put my character to sleep for these achievements. I like the old "Let the Sunshine In" song and its meaning, so I did that achievement first. If you don't know the song or know about it, look it up. It has a deep meaning.

Macgyver: At the beginning it was always fun to make achievements. The first one I got was "Rock Me to Sleep", I achieved it the normal way in a hammock at a house I had in Port Hope. I noticed when I was logging out a white text on the screen before I got disconnected. After that I went to check my account on the CIP website to see if anything changed. And I found it! After checking TibiaWiki I realized there were 2 more achievements by using a bed. If I remember correctly, the next one I got was "Modest Guest". I asked a friend if I could use his straw mat at his house on Liberty Bay. While I was doing it, a couple friends messaged and asked me "Are you ok?, What are you doing?" That was funny, but using the straw mat 100 times wasn't that much. But the achievement "Mister Sandman" was hardcore, using a bed 500 times it was something I didnt do at once.

Mihiron: 100 times opening and closing a window, huh? They were fun to make, I didn’t know about them when I got them. So it was very surprising!

Nanka: There is one thing I love about doing achievements. How connected they are to real life. I must say, dropping 250 items on a floor doesn't sound like fun at first. But, as always I like to see opportunities rather than obstacles, so why not invite a few good friends for a fireworks party? Every reason is good to celebrate, and I must say I have a very, very good, personal one! Be careful, place them safely at the ground, otherwise you might end up with a Rocket in Pocket and get a little bit of a burn! Which: definitely not fun!!! NURSE?!!!

- Bijou Kidi

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