Friday, October 1, 2021

Player of the Month #15: Milny

Our Player of the Month for October is Milny! The Royal Paladin from Talera loves RPG and updates her Tibian Instagram frequently!

Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from etc.?

-Hi tibians! My name is Milagros but my friends call me Milie, I'm from Venezuela and I'm 20 years old. 


How did you first hear of Tibia?

-The first time I heard about Tibia was on 2013 when I was 12 years old, and mostly my friends were boys and I always heard them talking about Tibia and how many levels they took, it was really fun heard them talking about it, but after couples of months I got tired of it because they were always talking about Tibia when we used to went to the park, and I was getting frustrated and upset because I couldn't understand what they were saying, a year and couple months passed by and I decided to create a character on Tibia, I named my first character Frezzita Elite on the server Luminera and I just loved it! It should be noted that my friends were never premium accounts, and I was the first one to get one because I started making friends and one of them gave me one as a present, but he used to get upset because I was not getting levels, and I still won't level! HAHAHAHAHA!

Is there a player you find inspiring?

-Of course! My goal in Tibia is to take as many achievement points, outfits and mounts as possible. Whenever I want to start working on an outfit or achievements and I don't feel motivated, I look up for Garoto Do Sorriso and how many achievements points and outfits he has, I really admire him because that's one of my main goals, if he could, why not me? So I would say he's my biggest inspiration.


What is the origin of your Tibia name?

-The name of my character is a combination between my name and a friend's name, like I said before my friends call me Milie and its because mostly all my characters are named Milie + something cute, this is because when I started playing on 2014 I used to be a big Miley Cirus fan, but I was a kid, so I had no idea how to write it correctly and instead of Miley I'd write Milie, and also when I used to play with my friend they called me Miley Cirus, in games and everything. So that's the origin of my name.

Do you consider yourself an ambitious person?

-Of course! It's always good to be a little ambitious in a nice way, just trust and be yourself. And on Tibia you have to be the same, trust in yourself and always be motivated to reach your tibian goals.

X or Y

Solo or with team?



Premium acc cities or free acc cities?

-This is a hard one because I really like free account cities like Thais and Carlin, but I also like premium accounts cities like Yalahar and Svargrond, so I think in this one I'll go for the free account cities. 


Play the whole day or whole night?

-During the night, there's less lag. 


Decorating or making achievements?

-Achievements, no doubt. 

¿Night Waccoon

Night Waccoon or Ladybug?

-Night Waccoon


Have a big house in an unpopular spot, or a small house in a popular


-A big house in an unpopular spot. 


Green battleye or orange battleye?



Assassin or pirate outfit?

-Assassin, obviously!


Have a potion that never ends or have never ending arrows?

-Never ending arrows


Bow or crossbow?


Which server do you have the best memories from?

-Luminera! No doubt, it was my first server and it's so nice to remember all those memories with my RL friends and my tibian friend, it's so beautiful to remember and see how time flies, how I've grown up and how much I've achieved on Tibia. I remember I used to talk with him all the time in Thais, then I retired and came back after 7 years, I tried to contact him on Tibia groups but I never got an answer.

Do you think Tibia is a place that can give you real friendships?

-Definitely YES. I have known players who live near my house or who have friends in common and I had never noticed it, and Tibia brings us together because it is something that we like to share and creates a close relationship. But we also have to be aware of those red flags, behaviors and attitudes in some people you meet on Tibia, before you try to take your friendship outside the game and result in bad experiences because not making the right decision. 


Do you believe in zodiac signs?

-I don't believe in any of those things and much less in religions, a few friends know I am atheist and I don't follow any types of beliefs, and it's something I don't usually share.

What is your favorite thing to do in Tibia?

-Besides questing to get outfits, achievements and mounts, one of my passions in Tibia is decorate and I really enjoy it alot, even though it's something so exhausting and stressful, but when you see the final result it's all worth it! 


Define yourself as a player in 3 words.

-Outgoing, impatient and a big big charlover!

Do you have any encouraging words for the community?

-This might sound repetitive, but in Tibia and life in general this is something really important, and I'm talking about work and be consistent with yourself to achieve whatever your goal is, also you have to put limits on people and to bad comments that you might receive, that'd help to not to let you down and don't influence in your passion for the game, because in Tibia and in any other game, theres alot of mean people that thru the screen they can get you in many ways because they are frustrated with their lives, and they bully people on the game to feel better about themselves, that's why I recommend to work about the limits and the community , no just to play in peace but also for your mental health and inner peace. 

Play to enjoy, be yourself, have fun with this beautiful game and the most important, keep your real life a part of Tibia, because this is only a game!

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