Friday, October 29, 2021

In memory of Tibians who passed away

Tibia is a place where we can meet all kind of people. We attempt virtual, but personal connections. How wonderful is this, that we sit in our room and we have the possibility to talk to people who come from different countries, from different sides of the Earth. We make friendships, sometimes we meet loved ones. We get to know about their hobbies and interests. Heartbreaking as it is, we need to face the loss of them. This time, we want to pay our respects to all our friends that have passed away. Our friends, whom we met in Tibia. Whom we cannot visit in the graveyard, we cannot put a flower on their graves. But they will stay in our minds, in our memories. Here are the stories of our dear departed friends. If you feel like, you can write your memory of your friend at peace in a comment. This should be a remarkable tribute to all of them.

I would like to dedicate a few words to my mate Comodon, who unfortunately passed away this year. He joined our guild in 2006 and soon earned our trust and appreciation. He was a good friend, a patient leader and a helpful and a modest mate. He worked as a doctor in real life, a person with an authentic vocation, who treated his patients with respect and affection. He was a kind soul. He gave us good advices and told us that we should never give up because even the longest night comes to an end. He undoubtedly left an impact on Satori and left an impact on my heart for his warmth, temperance and generosity. I'm sure he left the same impact on his patients and real friends. Farewell, Doc.



Sulp Star

In my Tibian lifetime, 15 years now, there have been two people who have greatly impacted my life in positive ways.
The first person I would like to mention was named, “Sulp Star” in Tibia. He was a very kind person from Brazil. He always knew how to make everyone’s day brighter. He’d log in with a sweet smile, some kind words for everyone, some kisses for all “:**”, offered to help anyone who needed it... just a beautiful person. He never said a bad word about anyone.
Sadly, a few years into knowing him, he was diagnosed with Cancer. He was in his early 20’s at the time, and told me that the care in Brazil was not very good. He explained how the hospitals had rows of people in beds, even in the hallways. He told me that he did not think he would make it. We talked daily, and as the disease took an even stronger hold, he seemed to become that much kinder. His love, his spirit, his words.. they will live with me forever. I still have his letters with simple things on them like, “Hello! I hope you’re smiling today.”, or a simple, “love you!”.

Raul, aka Sulp Star, is greatly missed. I love you, Raul.  

Arwin Winddancer (aka Lady Rebel Rimule, Lyin’ Eyes)

The second person I’d like to share is GM Arwin Winddancer (aka Lady Rebel Rimule, Lyin’ Eyes). She was a close friend of some of my close friends who introduced us to each other. She had suffered a horrible loss in real life, which trickled into Tibia, and tried very hard to maintain her kindness through this horrible loss.

We’d have hours long conversations daily. She was such an interesting lady! She had so many stories to tell and was an open book. You could ask her anything and she’d gladly answer. I looked up to her like a Mother.

I remember one time there was a rumor going around about a “GM Darklord”. People in English and Help Chat were saying how this GM would pop in an BOOM! You’re banned! No questions, no chances, just banned! They talked about how unfair “he” was... Well, Rebel told me that there was no such GM. And then she had a thought! She said, hold on... brb and BAM! GM Darklord stood before me! She thought it would be hilarious to randomly pop in on those players spreading the rumor about this dreaded GM! And she did! She came back laughing so hard! One guy told her, “oh my gosh you made my day! I started the rumor to scare people and you scared the heck out of me! This is epic!”

She used to have fun creating new GM Characters. Her funny ones were GM Darklord and GM Gotcha.

She was in my guild and one of our guildies used to tell her, “I want your (GM) cape!” This went on for years and years... one day, she brought a gift box to him. He opened it up and said, “YOUR CAPE! YOU GAVE IT TO ME!” It was a ratty piece of cloth with a letter. She also gave him a goblet which read:

You see a silver goblet.
GM Gotcha wrote on 19. Aug 2010: Edry
Good luck with your dirty cape

I was blessed to get her GM Doll. The doll is my way to always remember what a beautiful lady she was. I love you Mary. 


Two Thousands

I met Manny in depo years, years back when his character Two Thousands still existed. At first, we talked from time to time, whenever we saw each other in depot, it was mostly a small talk though. I eventually joined a guild that fought against his guild Grape Legion (The guild still exists and he’s still a member with his other char <3 ), but that doesn’t mean we stopped talking, on the contrary, we started talking more and more and eventually turned it into daily convos and finally talked outside Tibia too. Manny was sooo cheerful and goofy. He was also the most positive person I’ve ever met, with a very good energy. He even got me to hunt with him, and everyone who got to meet me knows that getting me to hunt on my character Lady Mass is mission impossible. 
On the 7th of May, 2018, I lost my pet that was with me for 17 years, and he cheered me up for a few days and then he just stopped talking. At first, I was mad at him. I thought he just quit without saying a word (he did it a few times in the past, but we weren’t as close back then). I was spamming him on fb and ig to let me know what’s happening and why he decided to quit, but I received no answer. 
Then by the end of the year, I looked up his IG again and I saw there was a tag on a picture, and the caption said something like “smoking one for my brother, RIP Manny”. I decided to message the girl and asked her what happened. “RIP” is sometimes used in a joking manner, so I hoped he just partied too hard and fell asleep or something. The girl let me know that he died in a car accident as a passenger in May and sent me the link to the newspaper describing the accident. My heart literally dropped when I saw the message, cuz that’s exactly what I was afraid to hear. I shared the information with some of his friends from the game, who also had no idea what happened to Manny all this time. He was a really, really great friend that would always hype me up and honestly, everyone NEEDS a person like that in their lives. May he rest in peace, I miss him a lot <3 

Ezekiel Kiuu/Luve Sapekah

She?, Ironically she lived attacking me, she hated me, she insulted me and I was afraid of her, she was level 180 and I was 90. This whole situation happened because I was the second to have Hunter Outfit in Fortera (the first was one of my best friends today, boyfriend in-game back then). She was one of the first PVP girls I met, we are talking about 2007-2011.

We played in Rubera which later became Fortera. Agnes was a cheerful, happy person, she was contagious with her energy. Personally, I think that if many of the girls in the community had the opportunity to meet her, they would feel inspired, she was a decorator, she had beautiful outfits and above all, she was an excellent PVP player, a target always contemplated by the cons, I hated wars but she was immensely happy killing players.

We were inseparable, we spent hours on Skype, I remember that she gave me advice on not using drugs, alcohol and even she was the first to know my life intimately.

Luiza/Agnes was Brazilian, she lived between Canada, Brazil and the United States (if I remember correctly), she was a tall girl with straight hair with a heart that did not fit on her chest and some adorable star tattoos on her shoulders, the only thing that notice and I could not change, it was how lonely she felt (outside the game) her real life, listening to her was very very sad.

Luiza, was extremely active, one day I woke up and she no longer answered my messages, emails, or post in "Metroflog", but she left me a letter in the DP giving me her Teddy Bear (which I still have), she told me that I was her "Bellota" and she my "Bombom”.

Later, for her relatives and family, we read the heartbreaking news of her death, the details I prefer to reserve out of respect for the members of the community who might have known her. Her death is not clear and they accused her of things I prefer not to believe. Agnes changed my life, my game and for 3 years she was that irreplaceable friend who leaves Tibia for the rest of my life.

Rest in peace, Bonequinha 

We asked Cipsoft Community Support about their statement when it comes to using an account of someone who passed away, if it would be considered legal, what do they think. Here is what we received:

„This is indeed a tricky issue. Of course, we very much sympathize with the situation of relatives of players who passed away, and the desire to get access to the late loved one's Tibia account to preserve the memory is all too human. On the other hand, however, our position is still very much that accounts should be played by the people who created them, and by those players alone. Harsh as that may sound, therefore, we do not support such requests, even though I won't lie that the stories we sometimes hear about are truly heartbreaking. Incidentally, we have also decided not to put memorials of players into the game, even though we have received the occasional request and even though some very dear friends from the early days have passed away over the years as well ;/

I hope players understand our position - we really mean no disrespect, but a substantial number of problems would arise if we started to make special provisions for such sad occasions, including - but not limited to questions of verifying reports, the issue of fairness, e.g. why help some and not others etc. I sincerely hope players do not take this stance for indifference.” 


  1. Really beautifly written article. Made me shead a tear.

  2. This is a very sad article, but also very needed.

  3. Thank you for having this detail for all those who were part of our life in the game and are no longer with us <3. ~Artemihza Rose

  4. I didnt know Lady Rebel Rimule has passed away. That was shocking... If I'm not wrong she was one of the only paladins who could cast vis hur, exori flam and summon creature, from the oldschool.

    Lobo Cinza, my great leader and amazing friend, passed away in 2017 by a car accident. He was just 24.
    Thank you, Lucas, for everything. Our roleplaying adventures will never be forgotten, such as your great spirit of positivity. Wish I could say more but words are meaningless close to my feelings.

    Hail Banor! Vai com Deus irmão, te amo PRA SEMPRE.

  5. It makes zero sense to allow account selling, but then to disallow playing on a deceased player's account. If the argument is that a sale sufficiently severs the original owner's interest in the account, then that rationale applies equally if not stronger in the case of a deceased player's account--as clearly the deceased player's interest in the account ends upon their death. CIP has inconsistent policies. Bad move CIP.

  6. My very first friend in Tibia was Princess-Rinoa, her and her whole family used to play Tibia, one day she passed away and our whole guild was very very sad :( I still remember her, and this story is from more than 15 years ago. Loved and never forgotten. Miss you!

  7. Lady Parody, Leader of Imperial Empire on Pacera was the first one that hit me hard.. I knew her since I was like 15/16 and she passed ... Tibia will never be the same. I cant return to Pacera anymore.

  8. well, rip my friend Lord Kymmus (1991-2018) ek lvl 652 Kalibra -- He had a disease called Cystic Fibrosis which is a progressive, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time, your body rejected the lung a few days after the transplant... miss you mate... be well.