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What makes these 4 the most common cities used for an open battle? What makes them so special for the commanders to choose to fight in these cities as one of the most representatives and dangerous during wars? In this article we will be telling you all of it and describing the key characteristics that makes the cities strategically fit for a fight.

These cities are chosen usually due to their convinient locations in the map, for a run away for example, nearby places where you usually can find your enemies hunting or strategic stack/traps that commanders love to use it on their favour; furthermore we will be describing what each city has that makes it such a ideal destination for a fight or, on the other hand, such a dangerous place to go for a walk. Check it out!

For this article we would like to give a special thank to our friend Neo The Boss! for his special collaboration sharing with us his experience as a fighter in his previous wars in Eldera, Firmera, Amera, Quintera, Laudera, Garnera, Inabra, Ombra and finally, Solidera.

    1. THAIS

Thais, the capital of mainland, the most populated and oldest city in Tibia, ruled by King Tibianus III. Here we have a large variety of activites to be done, going from quests, addons, bosses, the depot which is the hotspot of the town, here we encounter casinos, buyers and sellers, and many more.

On this “many more” section, we encounter ourselves with a great place to call a battlefield and fight. Thais is a very well mapped city with many benefits for both attackers and defenders. Having good knowledge about the map of the city, you can have a great advantage during the fights.

This city has a great number of escape routes, since you can go from Thais straight to Kazordoon through the underground paths. There are also many underground caves, with hidden pickholes and if you do not know exactly where they are, people would be able to lose skull in there, or hide from the attackers until their pz block is off.

Inside the walls of the city, the space is rather narrow. Easily magic wallable,  allowing to separate or immobilize a great number of players in one spot, this is on surface and underground on the sewers. To help people liberate sqm, we have a large amount of levitate spots, stairs, doors, etc. that allows us to stack even with pvp situation to allow others to come closer given the case there is a target.

Outside the walls of the city, we count with a decently open field, containing a couple stacks to go to, some trees to block the ways and allow an easier wall option. There is Mt. Sternum, which can be used to go in the underground route to leave the city to Kazordoon, or the bridges to the right that connect with Jakundaf Desert and lead either to Plains of Havoc, Venore, or Kazordoon. In the Jakundaf Desert we have the Lost Souls as an alternative escape route that leads to places even outside of mainland.

We also count with some protection zones to allow us to relog if we are not blocked, which in  open pvp helps a lot to be able to move in the middle of the mass with no situation. The location of these protection zones which are: Depot, boat, church, temple, king’s castle, and warzone teleport. These give us a great advantage if defending to relog and be able to move, or support others at range who are not as lucky to make it to pz with sios or UH, even potting them.

Overall Thais is a great city for fighting and is excellent for either attackers or defenders. It also helps that by being a free account city, even without premium you can join in and play.


2. Darashia

The city of Darashia, located in the northernmost part of the isle of Darama, is a good place for battles, since in this area we have the desert for open battles, a decent amount of levitate spots (some obviously not so strategic, as you can just trap yourself with no way out), in the city we have the hallways between the houses that allow to slow the enemy team down, forcing them to move around these hallways which can buy a lot of time if there is a trapped target nearby.

Also around Darashia we have so many places we can run to in order to save ourselves, or try to diminish the amount of players chasing after us, due to the great amount of respawns at our disposal.

Talking about these respawns or escape areas, we have Ferumbras’ Ascendant quest which counts with a wide variety of bosses and access levers to keep us safe, Elite skeletons that counts with the final boss room for this access that we can go in every 2 hours, Werelions,

where we have 4  bosses to choose, Burster Spectres to use the ectoplasm if we manage to get one to run away to another zone, the Nomad’s quest, even the Djinn’s at our disposal.

We also have the protection zone of Warzone’s access, a little further into the desert we have the protection zone of the entrance of cobra bastion, and obviously the depot, carpet, boat, and stores protection zone.

If your character has access, and you know how to move around the Otherworld (gold token bosses area), running around this area could be extremely helpful, since you have a lot of bosses to run to given the worst scenario possible.

Talking back about the surroundings of the city for fighting, high level characters of around 700+ with full speed set, including tiara of power + void boots + time ring + mount will find themselves having a blast since the sand tiles will not slow them down as the rest of the other characters, giving them a great advantage in survivability since they will be able to move more fluently as of the lower level characters will struggle to keep up.

About the levitate spots, we have one to the right of where we would locate Rashid on Fridays which counts with a lot of sqms to be able to levitate and flee from danger. Apart from that which is probably the most used, we have the levitate spots to go over the roofs of the houses, which could be useful to move around and go down the other set of stairs and possibly try to run away if the hallways to the entrances are not trapped by magic walls or people.

We also have the levitate spots on top of the shops in the center of the city, which are probably only useful if someone is trapped there and you need to get vision to attack, but getting in these spots would probably mean your character dying since there is no way out if you move one sqm away from the place you just levitated.

We also have the wasp tower north west of the bank, where we can levitate in case we get the main entrance trapped, it gives the opportunity to get out if your screen is not flooded with enemies, since we can go up and down some stairs to buy time and wait for someone to make a mistake and levitate out of there.

Overall this city gives a lot of possibilities for survival, as well as many escape routes, but if your level is not high enough the slower speed on sand tiles might be a little problem if many high levels are after you. But the wide variety of hiding spots with access and protection zones, bosses, respawns with strong monsters that not many will risk to go after makes this a common place for battles.

3. Ankrahmun

The city of Ankrahmun, built with many pyramids which were used to house the dead and now are used as shops or houses. This city is surrounded by tombs both inside and outside the walls that divide its limits with the great desert.

This city for fighting, is not the most appreciated, since the amount of protection zones is ridiculous due to to the pyramids, also the whole city is really narrow, mostly consisting on hallways of 2 sqms, making running away a real struggle, and the pyramid with the trainers being the only pyramid without pz and lots of levels to hop and move around, makes it a pain to try to frag someone doing this very action.

There are only 3 exits as we all know, which could be easily trapped and making it extremely difficult to leave this city. But, if we manage to run away we have a lot of places to hide and protect ourselves thanks to all the tombs hidden in the desert, where there are secret areas that require the use of scarab coins, leading to mazes which require mechanics to reach a specific boss that not many are familiar with. Using this could be an advantage if possibly making it out of the city in case of being skulled.

We also count with some escape routes to the jungle of Port hope through either the Nomad bridge or the Terramites cave leading straight to the Asura Palace. We also count with the options given above in Darashia.

Overall, Ankrahmun is not a great place for fighting.

4. Port Hope

The jungle city of Port Hope, which counts with a wide variety of creatures that are mostly hostile, ranging from insects to elementals, is a complicated battleground due to the fact of the narrow passages, lots of trees and paralyzing creatures such as the Carniphilas.

Most of the creatures around here will attack you if we manage to get to the surroundings, not many can sense invisibility but some will instantly poison you making you use exana pox constantly if trying to lose skull.

This city counts with a great amount of stacks, since we have to go up to the bridges to move between the river that divides the city with the southern part of the surroundings.

This place is always a little dangerous if making your way to the boat since it can be trapped so easily. Attacks with makers or bomb characters is rather common in this city due to this.

Many characters will be extremely fast in the grass tiles, that combined with the great amount of trees makes it a real struggle to run away from danger. This makes it so easy to get trapped with magic walls and then surrounded, but it is never impossible to make a great escape, since we count with some escape routes and some protection zones, and also some level requirement areas.

In this area we count with the protection zones of the main boat that we travel constantly, but we also count with the protection zones of the boat used to travel around the city itself, that is used also as a shortcut to get closer to banuta or mountain. We also count with the protection zone of the water all the way to the top of the continent that contains a vortex leading to the  Deathlings lair.

Now for escape routes or hiding places we count with the hidden pickholes that are only accessible by having an item from the  Treasure Hunt quest, called “A very old piece of paper” that after advancing a bit on the quest, ends up transforming into an “Old pirate poem”, keeping this quest at this stage is mandatory if you want to use these spots to hide, since advancing in the quest will remove the ability to reach these places.

We can also run away through the same routes as from Ankrahmun, but we also count with the access to deeper Banuta, where lower level players will struggle with the monsters there, and if you are being attacked there is no way to go in to the lower levels of Banuta since being PZ locked will not allow you to jump the teleport in.

We also count with the Feaster of Souls quest where we can go inside the respawn of the Flimsy, Mean, and Freakish Lost Souls, where we count with 3 mini bosses, and to access this area we need a Burial Shroud, which is an armor obtained throughout this quest, this place requires a miminum level of 250 and having completed some parts of this quest, making this a really viable option to running to safety, or losing skull. Having this quest completed allows you to teleport to Edron, Vengoth, Mainland, and even Soul War. obviously having to run between a lot of lost souls. This advantage is MASSIVE if you have everything completed, due to having so many options, and bosses you can choose from.

We also have the option of jumping inside the mirror  of Asura Palace if being attacked since the access is blocked to players with PZ lock, or 250 less. This respawn also counts with one sort of safe spot on a crack passing the key to True Asuri, on this respawn we also count with the safe spot on the green portal, but the way there is dangerous.

Overall, this place is extremely dangerous in the surroundings of the city, but grants us a wide variety of places to defend ourselves or lose skull, which is why it is also quite popular during attacks.

What is the community's opinion regarding survival rate?

We asked the community to rate from Low, Medium and High the survival rate of each city considering speed of the character, stacks and traps of each city. For this survey approximately 320 people gave us the following answers:

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