Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Player of the month #14: Itexo

Our Player of the Month for September is Itexo. The knight from Secura is not only a streamer but also shares multiple guides and tips about Tibia on his Youtube channel.

Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from etc.? -Hello! I am Juan, I was born in Venezuela but I am also portuguese, and I’m 30 years old.

When did you start playing Tibia and who showed the game to you? -I started in 2003, it was Tibia 7.21 or Tibia 7.3 (I don’t remember which one it was, it was a long time ago!) I saw the game being played in one of the cyber cafes I used to visit, eventually my friends started playing it and I also joined them. Is there a player you admire/admired? -Not really, to me we are all just people enjoying our time with this beautiful game. What made you start streaming? -I have always helped people in the game and streaming was just another way of reaching to people. You can see how many players are coming back after many years and struggle to get up to date, this tells you how much content does Tibia have and it’s always nice to help somebody catch up so they can enjoy the game again. Do you pay attention to the highscores while reaching levels/skills/achievements, or do you do it just for fun? -I used to pay a lot of attention to the highscores a few years ago, especially for levels, and I used to like the grinding because it was more fair but ever since boosts/preys were implemented I realized these highscores won’t mean much and now they are even more skewed since a player can just buy a character on the bazaar and jump to the top. Nowadays I use them as a reference to set personal objectives on things I enjoy.

X or Y
Tournaments or new servers?

-Tournaments, It is sad to see them go! ☹. Tibia could be even better if we had a competitive environment that is fair and fun...

Golden or Summoner outfit?
-It depends, if I’m a female then summoner (hat beats the gold)!

Never stream again or never upload a video again?
-Never stream again; videos are something that can last until the end of YouTube but streams aren’t, so videos can be more helpful over a long period of time.

Have unlimited TCs you can’t sell or unlimited gps but without the possibility to buy TCs?

-Unlimited gps, TCs are close to worthless if you can’t sell them.

Tibiadrome or the old monster arena?
-Tibiadrome, although it is still flawed as it doesn’t show the true skill of a player, high levels will always have an advantage just because of their stats.

Lose all EQ or lose 50 levels?
-Lose the EQ. We use it to get levels, so why throw the levels away? 

Mount or no mount?

-No mounts, but when you have expensive mounts you kind of want to show them off ☺.

Library or soulwar?

-Soulwar just because it is more challenging and we need content like this.

No exeta res or no supreme health potions?
-I can live without exeta ☺.

Never have death penalty again or never have to run to NPCs during quests?
-Zero death penalty for sure. Imagine all the crazy stuff you do in the test servers, you could do it on live servers with no risk!

What’s the background of your Tibian name?
-It’s not a huge mystery, it was a suggested name from the character creation page ☺. What is the biggest goal you reached? -It’s hard for me to say, level 999 was a huge thing back then and achieving such level was big for me, but level 100 was also a huge milestone for me and I still remember the excitement I had almost 15 years ago when I did it. For me, level goals are huge even though they matter less now but I have enjoyed achieving every single one of them (I even have them in my character comments!) Define Knight in 3 words -Frontline, Tank, Guardian. Have you ever met someone from the game in real life? -I’ve made many friends through Tibia! I wouldn’t be able to count them all, I’ve met so many in real life and I’m grateful I have the chance to do it!  Do you think CipSoft should keep adding spawns for high levels, or should they rather focus on the lower levels group? -Both, we tend to see this from our perspective and it would be selfish for me to say that high level spawns are needed the most, but low levels also need places as the old ones get outdated. As a high level I can tell you I wouldn’t have trouble reaching level 1000 again with the current content as I would know where to go so it would make sense to ask for more high level content, but I also understand that it can get boring to grind 100 levels in the same place, especially if you are not optimizing your hunts to level up faster, so both kinds of content are needed. Do you have any encouraging words for the community? -Enjoy the game! Sometimes we forget we are here to have fun, especially when you see players earning a living from gold farming. If you have such friends, they can (unintentionally) make you see the game the way they do (like a job) and this can make you lose the enjoyment. Play your own game, have fun!

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