Friday, August 6, 2021

Tournament – Adventures of Tibians



On 14th of June Cipsoft announced the Sunset of Tournaments. That means, that this kind of activity would come to an end in the course of the year. Only three Tournaments would take place. First of them, HONOUR, started on June 24 and lasted till June 28. Today we will talk about experiences from the Tournament, our adventures, way to the top and rewards. Let’s start!

For the basic information, all characters started with level 20 and basic skills. Their bank account had 20.000 gold coins. Playtime was always ticking down, so every second was important. It didn’t matter if you were in Protection Zone or not, or if you were currently in a fight. You could gain points for getting your skills and level up, for completing Bestiary. Area discovery could give you 3,333 points! Of course, you could also lost your points due to death, skill loss or killing certain creatures – such as Cyclops, Minotaurs or even Rotworms! Also, there was no shared experience, so party hunts would not give you any XP benefits.




Every player has different story. There are different tactics and methods to get to the top. Itexo made it to second place on world Velocita. We asked him about his experience with the Tournament.

Itexo: My goal was to try to win as many tournament coins as I could get. Getting first place was my priority, but considering all the resources I invested second place is a great result. The strategy was decided by the score rules. The Knight could train and level at the same time so you end up getting points from both things, charm points were not so important as they were giving too little points for the effort.
Pablo Reformed, player from Quintera, got place 7th on restricted world Endera. He shared with us his goals and strategy. Take a look.

Pablo Reformed: My goals on this tournament was about getting enough tournament coins in order to
buy the eagle mount, also the mage tournament outfit, but also try to get a place where could win some tibia coins aswell. My strategy mainly was about every second counts towards final result, so I went hunt 20-60lvl on Edron wyverns, while looting every gold coins they drop in order to afford the main spells for sorcerer. Then from levels 60 to 240 I went to Hero Cave just leaving to deposit and to buy more avalanches.

Tibia Goals team had a representative staff member on the Tournament. Bijou Kidi will share her thoughts about this activity. We also asked Phezart about his strategy. As we can see, many things has been done totally different.

Bijou Kidi: I must confess, that I love tournaments. I’m far away from being the best, I only took 70th+ place, but it was enough to make my goal – to buy Void Master outfit. I’m really happy that this time we could get twice as much tournament coins. My adventure started in Darashia, where I bought basic spells and went with my friend to Terramites to earn some cash. We were camping that place untill we had 50 level, and we moved to Wyrms in Liberty Bay. Then we leveled ourselves to 80 and we went to hunt Deeplings on Gray Island. It was so much fun to run the first part of the quest, using energy bombs and hoping not to die. At level 105 we went our ways separately. I was hunting Dragon Lords on Darashia, I had to watch out not to kill any Dragon, because they subtracted points. I hunted there until I was 180 level. And I know that I made many mistakes. It was the time when I realized, that it will be really hard to discover all areas that I wanted to. I didn’t have speed boost and my time was running out. I made my best to discover Feyrist, Ab’dendriel, Gray Beach and Krailos. My another mistake was to start discovering Venore. I should have taken Thais instead. This or that way, I really enjoyed Honour Tournament and I will for sure take part in the next ones!



Phezart: My tactic was to boost my main character with another one. I was collecting cash for supplies and then I moved to my main character. From level 20 to 45 I was killing Ice Golems, then Minotaurs with SD+utamo on Oramond. When I got level 340 I started to discover the map. Level 340 gives you pretty decent speed boost. There was not much philosophy about my strategy. In my opinion everyone who wants to get to the top should start with two characters and boost the main one. Deeplings gave me the most cash, it is a good place because you can sell creature items and equipment to the NPC on the isle. When it comes to best exp/h, I would say that west Oramond during Quaras raid is the best spot. I got there 250-270kk/h on 100% exp and I started exping there on level 130.

In Honour Tournament, the most points we could gain by exploring areas. It was needed to explore whole cities and surroundings to get 3,333 points. It sounds pretty easy, but considering
that most of the places would be too time consuming or can’t be accessed during Tournament (or are just a matter of luck, like for example getting to one of the 3 Ice Islands), this activity needed also a strategy. We asked our participants about their opinion.

Itexo: I explored nine cities (ab, northern darama, quirefang, krailos, feyrist, thais, kazz, edron and roshamuul). They were the best ones because of the time they took to discover. The idea was to get to a level where you could go discover with the best speed you could get.

Pablo Reformed: Thais, Edron, Feyrist, Darashia, Krailos, Ab’dendriel and Gray Island. I choose those ones cause they are quite easy to explore, also doesn’t need access to be explored (only Feyrist needed access).

Phezart: Feyrist, Krailos, Ab’dendriel, Gray Island, Roshamuul. My time runned out before I could explore Edron.

Bijou Kidi: I had terrible strategy, but I will learn from my mistakes for the next Tournament. I started with exploring Gray Island, which I consider the easiest area to explore. North Darama, Feyrist, Ab’dendriel and Krailos went pretty smooth for me. But for my mistake I would count Venore, which I shouldn’t have started. I know now, that I would choose Thais. I was also lacking of the speed boost.

As you can see, many things can go wrong, but with a good preparation you can take your place in top-10. The most important thing is to enjoy the Tournament, even if your goal is to get a brand new couch. And if you want to gain more, here are some tips from our top participants:

Pablo Reformed
: Some tips for everyone is that you should make every second to be a progress in your character. The smaller movement you make could define your place at the end of the Tournament. Second, make a strategy, on every Tournament rules change so be carefull to avoid monsters which damage your score by killing them. Also be sure about getting enough loot in order to keep hunting but also enough to affort the waste while exploring cities – mainly manas for haste spells.

Itexo: Choosing the right places to hunt was important because of the penalties for each kill. A tip for other players would be to study carefully the score rules and then get a plan for what you want to do. Be creative and try out stuff.

Phezart: Tip for players? Well, it is important to read and study the score rules. The tactics that I told you that I used won’t be good for every Tournament. It all depends what rules each Tournament has.

At this point we would like to thank our guests and wish you all luck for incoming Tournament! Remember to check news for information when the signing up for next Tournament will start. Maybe you want to share your thoughts, what were your goals or what are your goals for the future Tournaments? Let us know in the comments!


- Bijou Kidi


  1. I'm actually really upset that they are just ending Tournaments altogether.
    There were tons of ideas by players that Cip never even bothered trying, and (on top of already paying Premium) the entry fee has always turned me away, especially since playtime was limited. The concept of Tournaments was fantastic and there is so much potential. It's a shame Cip just decides to end it all.
    Thanks for the article! I will, sadly, never take part in a Tournament, but I enjoyed following them. :)

    1. I'm also upset that they are ending. I wonder how much Tibia Coins the rewards from Tournament will cost. In case I won't be able to get other items that I set my goal to. So yeah, it is indeed sad that potential got lost, but it also gives oppurtunity for whole community to get those rare decorations and mounts/outfits.

  2. I returned to play Tibia in November 2020. Checking the Tibia page I discovered about the tournaments and it seemed like an incredible idea! I was looking forward to the next tournament to participate, and I wasn't disappointed it was really fun but also kinda stressing because every second counted.
    Reading all this players, seems my strategy wasn't that bad at all but also now I realize I could be more efficient with my time.

    Sadly tournaments are ending, but I'll participate in the next two to try to get an Outfit and wish a mount too :P

    1. We wish you luck in upcoming Tournaments! Do you have any specific outfit/mount in mind? Maybe you will share your tactics with us for the next Tournament?

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