Friday, August 27, 2021

The community's response to the new Utamo Vita

Hello once again tibians girls and boys, the article you've been waiting for is here! And I'm so happy to finally share it with you guys. As you might know, I'm Michi, and this article is the first one from the PVP section where we are going to be talking about the new Utamo Vita and sharing the experience of how the community has received it.

We conducted a survey in with approximately 233 participants, and they also gave their opinion on the various questions about it, and in this first article of the series we'll be launching about new Utamo Vita, we'll be discovering what the community thinks about the new Utamo. Have they been able to adapt to it?, does this change represent a new improvement on the dynamic of the game? And if they consider tanking now is easier than it was before. Welcome to this special article!

In November 2020, what would be the experience of the players in Tibia changed once again and the vocations balancing, the new Utamo Vita for mages was implemented to the game. This change was initially resented by the PVP community and continued to be disapproved until the moment of its implementation, even on my part. We talked about how impossible was going to do this change and how this would affect monetarily to the players, honestly we thought that the game was going to be over and it wasn't like that.

 Nine months after it was implemented on the game, TibiaGoals wants to take this conversation to the table again, but now counting with the experience of the players throughout this time.

We asked the tibians if after this time playing with the new utamo, have they been able to adapt to it?

a) Yes

b) No

 c) No, and I stopped playing because of that.


Impressively only 11.25% of the participants confirmed that they stopped playing after the update because they didn't have the disposition or will to the new gameplay.

It is well known that one of the reasons that led Cipsoft to consider this change in the magic shield, has to do with the imbalance that was perceived in the vocations of the players. While there was a major controversy about this claim in the beginning, we wanted to know the players' opinion on this now.


We asked the Tibians if they considered that in the past there was such imbalance in vocations and this time the perceived answer was mostly inclined to the affirmation of this sentence with 64.95% of answers in "yes", however the unknown remains open, which would be interesting to deepen in the future, on the 35% of the opinion of those who consider that vocations were already balanced.


On the third question, we noticed an interesting phenomenon. We were talking on the two previous questions about adaptation and also of the acceptance of the community, however on this third question we asked the tibians if they considered that the implementation of the new utamo was a decision that improved to new gameplay, and on this occasion, the responses were divided with 54.84% affirmatives and 45.16% negatives. So this leaves us thinking. What would it take for a person to have answered affirmatively in the first two questions and negative on the third question? Although we do have our theories, We would like to know yours about it in the comments! 


Furthermore, the fourth question also had a surprising result, we asked the tibians if they considered that tanking now is easier than it was before and the response was 67.17% negative and 32.86% positive.


Subsequent to this article, our PVP expert will be sharing her analysis based on her experience regarding the new utamo dynamic and why she thinks it's easier to tank with it now. If you'd like to ask any questions feel free to do so, once again we invite you to do it in the comments below!.


For the fourth presentation of the survey, we asked the Tibian community how many bottles of magic shield they carry with them in their backpacks, and this time the answer is quite varied! Although it actually makes all the sense in the world, thinking in perspective, because the respondents are probably levels and vocations of all kinds, which would really explain

 why some carry 15 and others 60.


Finally and as a bonus question, we wanted to know if the players were using the Exura Max Vita as a support for the new Utamo Vita, was it useful for them?


In this occasion the answers were quite divided, some tibians said that the Exura Max Vita wasn't useful for them and the other 50% said that the spell was very useful to rotate with the utamo vita in a dangerous situation.


In advance we have the comments of Michi The Queen in this regard:


"The spell Exura Max Vita it is a necessary and important spell, maybe the players haven't given it the proper use yet, however, if you are in place where your health it's going negative, meaning, stills goes down even using the Exura Vita, the most logical thing to do is to use the magic shield and here it is when it's necessary because at the moment when you switch from health to mana it's because your life went down around 40% of it's full and one "good" Exura Max Vita could be similar to 2 Exura Vita or maybe 1 Exura Gran and 1 Exura. In any case, the turn you save to recover your life in those milliseconds can be equivalent to 1,000 or 2,000 mana that is being lowered by either monsters or PK's. In conclusion, in my opinion, every second counts and if this spell is boosting my life more than the others, I'll use it when I really need it and at the most needed time. "


We'll have the complete analysis of the new Utamo Vita in our next article.


Through the five questions, we find a very interesting diversity, we realize that adaptation does not necessarily equal acceptance, there may be an understanding of the reason without necessarily approving the action, surviving an attack can mean more or less to some than others, however, this new dynamic is definitely something we will delve into since this is equivalent to new techniques, new dynamics and as gamers, we are passionate about this!

                                                                                                                                                           - Michi


  1. Oh wow, almost missed this article because the riddle was already above it!
    It's a fairly interesting article, though I would also be interested in the type of servers those players play on, and their level as well.
    I personally (268 ED, Open PvP) do like the changes. The old mana shield was too strong - there's no way a level 80 mage should be able to solohunt Summer Courts and spawns of similar difficulty. I like it as it is now - a means to get out of a sticky situation without turning mages borderline invincible (as long as they could still run). I welcome the change, and after all the uproar from the community as it was announced I am happy that things calmed down for the most part, even though many aren't satisfied. But you can never make everyone happy.
    I'm hoping to get an Eldritch Tome for increased mana shield capacity to clear harder content - let's see how good it is. :D
    Thanks for the article and have a wonderful start to your week!

  2. Ryude now cant do it on mage and can do it on rp