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Player of the month #13: Divine'Angel

Our Player of the Month for August is Divine'Angel. The Sorceress from Talera is not only the admin of TibiaGoals, but she also creates content on different fansites, as well as her Youtube channel

Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from, etc.?
-Hey! My name is Kasia and I'm from Poland.

When and where did you first hear of Tibia?
-I first heard of Tibia in 2007 in my primary school where everyone was talking about it. I decided to search for it on the internet and figure out what that was. I ended up downloading the game and creating an account. And here we are 14 years later!

Is, or was there a player you found admirable?
-I found several people admirable within my Tibian journey depending on my ambitions and goals in particular moments of my tibian past. At first, as someone who wasn't very good at Tibia, I always looked up to the famous girl streamers, like Nini. I admired how hardcore her hunts were and she opened my eyes that girls can be powerful in the game, too. That is when I started paying more attention to the way I played. I wanted to be admired like her one day. When I became a decent player, I wanted to be at least half as good of an MS as Supay because he was an incredibly good mage. I think that nowadays and from a couple of years back on I don't have anyone I look up to, anymore. That is not because Tibia doesn't have amazing people, because it does but I think I matured, distanced and I found my own place in it. I know what I am capable of and what path in this Tibian world I want to take. Currently, I only try to be a better version of myself every single day.

What was your motivation in creating a youtube channel for Tibia? Do you plan to return to it?

-I first created it because I owned a blog where I posted screenshots and articles related to my experience with Tibia. Back then I didn't know that anyone could be interested in whatever I write. I didn't belong to any fansites etc., but I always enjoyed writing about Tibia. The little success of my YouTube channel is quite accidental because I've only created it because I needed to embed the videos in my blog. Then made this video called Tibia Adventure (level 100 - 600) which was kinda nostalgic and people loved it. I think I now have almost 200K views on it. So it turned that the YouTube channel had much more traffic than the blog so I focused on making videos from then on. I also gave up on the page because we are in the era of Instagram and it's much easier to follow someone there if you're interested in their content, rather than typing their website in the browser. Currently, I still keep my videos even though as I grew up I look at them with a grain of salt because I am not 100% the same person now than I was back then. But those are great memories that I want to keep public, anyway.

What is your biggest accomplishment in Tibia? 
-A few years ago I would say it's Ferumbras hat and the way I did my best to achieve that Tibian goal. But now I think my biggest accomplishment in Tibia is inspiring other women to do their best to achieve their tibian goals by themselves. We all know how easy it is for women to get stuff free but the satisfaction is much bigger when you know you did it 100% on your own. My biggest accomplishment is making it a trend among the girls in Tibia. You know, to be able to say "I bought it" instead of "My boyfriend gave it to me" and no one can take that away from me. I absolutely love that.

You have been a content creator for a while now. Can you summarize your Tibian content creator journey?
-Yeah, like I said I started on my blog. I had a lot of passion for Tibia (and still do) and I wanted to write about it. Then, I helped on a Facebook page dedicated to girls in Tibia, which was a very popular fan page on Facebook in 2017 ish. That's where our Tibia Goals riddles actually originated. They were called "Adivina con Divine" back then, which means "Guess with Divine" in Spanish and I absolutely loved the playful title as it was fun wordplay! I was making the riddles on their Facebook back then and people loved it so after finishing my collaboration with the fanpage I thought we should actually move the riddles on our own website. Meanwhile, I also worked for TibiaMagazine and wrote articles for them which enabled me to obtain two midnight panther dolls. That's where my house decoration content started. Today we are still doing the riddles but on our own page, with Lady Mass and I am still doing my decoration content but on my own section, on my own fansite. I have to admit it's much cooler to have your own platform and do things for yourself and for your own page's good. This way you're always motivated and you know that the harder you work the more appreciation you'll receive. I also adore the people in our staff. We all have so much respect for ourselves. I sometimes feel like we are in an office haha! We are always so polite, we always say "please", "thank you", which are such small things but make everyone feel so welcome and respected and most of all, we are all friends. That is completely new to me and I haven't experienced this much respect and loyalty in any other content creators groups in the past. There's also a lot of trust between us. For example, I know that I can leave home for a couple of days and the posts will still appear, they will still be translated and the daily goals will still appear on Instagram. Great teamwork, I could talk about it for hours! Oh and I've recently also joined TibiaFanart!

X or Y

NA or EU servers?

Listening to music while playing or talking on TS?
-Listening to music

Youtube or Instagram?

Venore or Edron

Never decorate again or never write an article again?
-Never decorate again

Elementalist or Summoner?

Singing or gaming?

Having expensive decoration in a small, unwanted house, or having cheap decoration in a house that everyone wants?
-Having expensive decoration in a small, unwanted house

Crowded servers or empty servers?
-Crowded servers

Articles written on your own or with the help of the community?
-with the help of the community

Have you ever had some embarrassing situation on a hunt? 
-Many! Two I can remember of are when there was a double experience weekend and the guys from my guild were running through the ferumbras seal the whole day to resupply and so on, and they invited me for a hunt in the late evening. I was already scared enough to run it, knowing how lured the seal was, and then I obviously got trapped in the middle of that mess and we all died. They were super mad and one of them never spoke to me again hahaha that was so funny. The other one is recorded on my YouTube. I accidentally moved the vials laying on the floor and couldn't heal, so I dropped dead while fully trapped in catacombs. I've never used those stack settings again since then... :')

What was the idea behind TibiaGoals for you?
-The general idea was to create a page that doesn't focus on one aspect of the game but on all of them. Saying this I don't only mean PVP, house decoration or achievements, but also the psychological, linguistic, and many other various aspects of the game as well as something for the feminine part of the community which is still a minority. We've always had the ambition to have a community-friendly place where everyone is welcome, regardless of the politics. Even the people who are the furthest from being friends with us may win our contests or take part in the activities we organize. We want to be professional and set a good example of how a fansite should be handled. We are still learning to remain professional while facing false accusations but I think we're doing a great job and the truth always defends itself at the end of the day!

What time period are your best Tibian memories from?
-2015 - 2017. I already played quite well back then, I had a permanent team and we were taking so many levels. I was very addicted back then and played like 10 hours a day. It was when I was just finishing writing my thesis for my master's degree in English philology/linguistics and I started having more and more free time. I took a year break between my univ and my first job so I became quite addicted. It was fun while it lasted but I am happy that I don't play so much anymore. Every game is fun when you know the limits. Playing 10 hours a day is nothing cool and might cause you a lot of problems later on.

Name 3 things that Tibia taught you.
-Tibia taught me so much! As someone who was growing up in this community, resigning from going out a lot, Tibia played a great role in shaping my personality. Most of all I learned about people. I always believed that Tibia is a realm that enables us to act the way we truly are. In real life, you sometimes behave in a way that doesn't reveal your real personality but since in Tibia there are barely any consequences, people chose to behave true to themselves so it's much easier to spot people you should stay far from. That leads you to start recognizing certain behavior patterns that also take place in real life. For example, you know that someone who does this is also capable of doing that, so later on, in your real life, you recognize the red flags much earlier. The second very important lesson Tibia has given me is to never give up on my dreams regardless of how big and "unreachable" they seem to be. Tibia taught me that if you're smart enough and know how to handle money, you can get anything you want, sooner or later. It literally taught me the business thinking that, as a business owner, I get to use every day. It taught me how to invest money and how to spend and most of all, how to do it in a long run. If it wasn't for Tibia I would probably still spend every penny I earn as I go, pitying myself that I can't afford to make my dreams come true. The third lesson Tibia has given me is that just because the people in your real life are near you, it doesn't mean you have to find your soulmates around them. Sometimes you have a much deeper and stronger connection with someone who lives on the other side of the world than with someone you meet every day in your real life. The world is too big to limit yourself to having contact only with those people who happened to be born in your city or country. 

What are your plans for TibiaGoals content? Can you spoil a little?
-I really don't make such detailed plans ahead but I know for sure that I will be going off the decoration content a little bit. It seems like everyone is a decorator nowadays, everyone does a great job and literally, everyone has great ideas to share. I also have an impression that with so many new items in Tibia, house decoration is much easier than it used to be when you had to create something out of nothing. The number of fansites with decoration content is increasing all the time, as well, and since I really don't want to produce repetitive content of the other fansites, I want to start focusing on other stuff where I can actually spread my wings, talk about psychology, or the social aspects of Tibia overall or do other fun articles that won't be found anywhere else. My point has always been to do something else than everyone else around me and that means letting go and evolving.

Do you have any encouraging words for the community?
-Find the balance between your real life and the tibian one. It's never too good to focus on Tibia too much. It is only fun and peaceful when you're distanced towards the game and treat it for what it is. Tibia is supposed to be fun, not stress! If you feel you're stressing over it too much, it's a sign you should take a few days off to redesign your brain a little bit. I wish you all fun but most of all peace!

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