Monday, July 27, 2020

The origin of Luna

Luna the unicorn

Unicorns are symbols of freedom, magic, purity, and innocence. By magic, they evolve into mysterious pure creatures with horns. They represent evolvement, progress, and independence. Just like all the magic in the world, and it does exist, with a little bit of belief every night during the full moon, somewhere on the earth, one brown horse evolves into a beautiful, independent unicorn....

The origin of Luna

Once upon a time, in the Thaian stable, there was a brown pony called Juna. One could say that there was nothing outstanding about her; a plain, brown horse, often rented by people for their children. What made her different from her fellow horses though, was her stubbornness to reach a goal and vivid imagination. Juna often dreamed of leaving Palomino’s stable.
-One day I will leave this fence, and I shall never return - she said to herself.
Little did she know that this lifechanging event was about to happen.

Palomino was a good owner. He fed them and took care of them well. However, he was also extremely forgetful. One night, after feeding the horses, he forgot to close the fence gate. The horses, tired of being mounted, decided to escape. Some went all the way to Venore, some ran to Carlin, but they all got caught. All, except one, Juna. The brown little pony got lost in the southern part of Thais. Despite long hours spent searching for her, Palomino could not find her and came back to his stable.

Juna laid down next to the swamps, starving and exhausted. Finally, she fell asleep. When she woke up, she realized she was in a building. Subsequently, she saw an elf in a purple suit approaching her.

- Who are you? - said frightened Juna. He told her his name was Vanys and explained to her that the inhabitants of Dream Scar needed her help. She was asked to bring them the Unicorn Figurine. In order to get it, she needed to get through Dream Labirynth and then convince The Nightmare Beast to give it to her. The task was not easy for the little horse, but Juna was eager to help Vanys, and she believed she had nothing to lose. After weeks spent on pleas and completing numerous difficult tasks given by The Nightmare Beast, he finally decided to give the Unicorn Figurine to Juna. Bursting with excitement, the horse ran to Vanys to hand him the statuette. The elf just smirked but did not say anything. Juna could not hide her confusion.
-What did you need the figurine for? - she asked. She didn't understand. She looked around and everything about that night seemed bizarre. The sky was full of clouds which moved gently to present the moon, which in fact was bigger and rounder than ever.
-For nothing - answered Vanys - We just wanted to see if you are able to sacrifice for others. Your bravery and pureness shall be rewarded. With the divine force, thou shall now become a unicorn.

As he said that, the clouds fell down on them, wrapping Juna tightly. A great lighting blinded her but she managed to see it shaped as a letter J. Suddenly, the lightning started changing its shape. Despite being blinded by the light, Juna noticed that the letter J vanished and there was a new letter L, instead. She noticed her brown coat started to shine in violet and blue colors. Her mane and tail were no longer plain - they were now colorful. The last thing she noticed was a horn growing from her forehead. All of a sudden everything started fading to black. That was when she woke up and realised was back in the swamp.
-It was just a dream… - She thought.

Then she got up to have a bit of water from the river and saw her reflection in it. She could not believe her own eyes. It was not just a dream. She was now a unicorn, for real. She was not a horse called Juna anymore. With her transformation during the moonlight, she became a unicorn called Luna.

Luna never had to come back to Palomino again, she was no longer someone's pony, she was now an independent unicorn full of strength and magic.

Chasing her dreams, Luna had to overcome numerous difficulties but she managed to get it done. She was good and helpful towards the people on her way. Thanks to her stubbornness and good heart she reached her goal....
...And so can you.

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