Tuesday, July 27, 2021

TibiaGoals 1st anniversary!

Dear unicorns! Today is TibiaGoals first anniversary. We would like to thank you for every single page view and every single comment you left. You guys are the best community we could ask for!

Our important dates: 

July 2020
July the 27th TibiaGoals is launched

August 2020
August the 3rd Two first articles are published
August the 9th The first Tibia Goals riddle is published
August the 10th Our first contest is organized: "Create a real-life fansite item"

September 2020
Gathering over 50 contest works throughout the entire month

November 2020
November the 19th The surveys section is introduced

December 2020
December the 2nd Our second contest is organized "Create a Christmas Postcard"

January 2021
January the 6th Bijou Kidi joins the staff and her achievements section is introduced
January the 14th our third contest is organized "Write your Tibian story"

February 2021
February the 3rd TibiaGoals becomes an official tibia fansite
February the 18th TibiaGoals welcomes two translators Skyelie Hasulhoff and Artemihza Rose

March 2021
March the 8th The "Girls for Girls" section is introduced and our fourth contest "International Woman's Day: Create a female outfit"

April 2021
April the 1st Our most viewed article "Celebrities who played Tibia" is published "
April the 4th Pyzaa joins the staff as our social media manager and soon after that Skyelie Hasulhoff joins her
April the 12th Surpassing 100 000 page views in total
April 22nd Rewarding system of TibiaGoals riddles is changed

July 2021

July the 1st Prestigious anniversary riddle event is held throughout the entire month
July the 24th Surpassing 150 000 page views in total

Big thank you to our team members!

Lady Mass
For all the fun you give us with the riddles, for your consistency with the Player Of The Month and all the other articles, and most of all for handling the fansite boards as a real professional

For making sure our graphic layout is so beautiful, for the hours you spent on learning the HTML, for your decoration articles filled with passion, and your devotion to the research in our psychology section.

Michi The Queen
For your helpful PVP tutorials and articles taking up serious topics such as cyberbullying and social awareness on various issues.

Bijou Kidi
For all the help with TibiaGoals riddles, for never being late or mistaken while counting the points and presenting them in the results table in such a neat way. For your detailed and helpful articles in your achievements section and all the passion you have for the page.

Skyelie Hasulhoff
For translating our numerous articles to Spanish. For always being available and for always being so quick with your texts. For your love for the page and your precious loyalty and help on instagram.

Artemihza Rose
For translating our long articles to Portuguese. For making sure your translations are always correct, for always being on time with your texts, and for being the sweetest voice in our group chats.

For taking making sure there is always a daily goal on our Instagram, for posting our riddles every Sunday and Wednesday on our social media, and for being as systematic as you can!

Edgar TC MX
For enabling us to give away almost 10 000 Tibia Coins within the year and at the same time making us the most generous fansite in the program!  


  1. Congratulations on your first anniversary!
    You all are doing an amazing job on this page <3
    Thank you for giving us all this interesting & funny content :D


  2. Congratulations! It's always fun checking out the articles and, of course, solving the many riddles you post!
    Onwards to a fantastic second year! :)
    - Elyrea