Thursday, July 1, 2021

Player of the Month #12: Dash Swag

Our Player of the Month for July is Dash Swag. The knight from the server Talera streams his Tibian adventures on Twitch, where he does giveaways frequently.

Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from etc.?
-Hello everyone, I go by the name SilverioTV - RL: Napoleon. I was born in The Dominican Republic. Ever since I was a child I loved to play video games on the computer, & console. Currently I am a Streamer on Twitch.
What’s the origin of your character’s name? -My Character name is Dash Swag - Dash: Means Speed, getting to places real fast, and Swag: Means Style, and  dressing my character with flow, elegance.     Who showed Tibia to you? When was it? -Back in 2006 my cousin called me over to his house, and I saw him playing this game that looks like Tetris haha, and I asked him what is that game about? He told me it is Tibia, you can go to many different hunting grounds, hunt many different creatures, get loot, and experience points out of them. So I Started playing right around November, 2006.  Is there a player whose accomplishments you really admire? -I really admire all Tibians players as equal, but I really admire how the players Bobek and Goraca are currently holding Top Level in Tibia. What is the hardest decision you had to make in Tibia? -One of my hardest decisions I had to make in Tibia was giving my account to my cousin back in 2007, because I had to move out of the country and I wasn’t able to play for a while. When I came back and I logged in on my account everything was gone and I was hacked. I regret giving my account to him or anyone else. LOL don’t ever do this….

X or Y Cyclopolis or Mistrock -Mistrock all the way!!! Have 300 level on Rookgaard or 1500 level on Mainland

-Definitely having a 1500 on Mainland :D Twitch or Youtube

-Hardest question ever!!! LOL but I'll go for YouTube.  Big house with cheap decoration or small house with expensive decoration

-Small House with Expensive decoration. Green or Orange Battleye servers -Orange Battleye Servers. War or Neutral

-War!!! Never leave Thais again or never enter Thais again

-Never enter Thais again Issavi or Feyrist

-Issavi all the way Possibility to die without losing experience ever or have all quests completed automatically

-Possibility to die without losing experience ever Double experience weekend or rapid respawn weekend

-Double experience weekend

Do you think the times of your biggest activity in the game are past you or are they yet to come? -My biggest activity in the game has just begun, as I started my Twitch Channel, I am building up a community where all Tibians can achieve their goal faster on whatever they wanna accomplish on this game. Have you ever met anyone from Tibia in real life, or if not, do you plan to? -Yes, I have met a few friends of mine in Real Life. I am planning to go meet the rest all over South America. Why did you decide to start streaming? -I Started streaming to build up a community where everybody is equal and assure them positivity that you can accomplish everything your mind desires to.

What is the biggest goal you managed to achieve in Tibia? Do you have any new goals you want to complete? 
-One of my biggest goals in Tibia was getting the Golden Outfit, my next goal could be reaching level 1000 on my Main Character.  What is one thing that you think you should know about Tibia before you started playing? -One thing that people should know about this game before playing it, unless another game Tibia is really big on Time consumption. Other than that, it is a really fun game to play around with.

Do you have any encouraging words to the community?
-I have few encouraging words for the community and they are, please be kind to everybody, respect each other, and try to help a new Tibian player out. 

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