Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Anniversary Month: Prestigious Riddle Set II (Various): Winner announcement

Congratulations to Hunter of Dragoes for being the first to get 100% correct answer in the second set of our Anniversary Prestigious Riddles! Quite impressive!

Thank you to the remaining contestants for also doing a great job!

Head over here to find more details about the points!

We are aware that many of you spent long hours on trying to complete the riddles, and we don’t want to leave you all empty handed! Thanks to our EdgarTcMx we are able to raffe 4x50 tibia coins between the participants!
Your numbers are up to the time you submited ur answers, therefore:

#1 Mikolaj

#2 Tree Fitty

#3 Shizurie

#4 Axille

#5 Kolega Sorc

#6 Marulinha Chatinha

#7 Little Jessyh

#8 Ruben Delgado

#9 Sacros Arturt

#10 Amy Meow

#11 Myrkz 

#12 Dyaniixz

#13 Simple Sam #14 Monzcarro Murcatto
Lottery will take place on Tibiopedia and is set to 14.07.2021, 10:00 CEST (server save time). Lottery ID: #12020 Link to the lottery: https://tibiopedia.pl/tools/lottery/12020

TibiaGoals staff


  1. Thanks for the contest, TibiaGoals! :)

  2. That was freaking hard ^^'
    Congrats to winner :)