Thursday, June 10, 2021


The Tibiadrome will be a major addition to the game, replacing the current PvE arena. It will allow players to prove their combat skills in fights against creatures which get progressively harder. CipSoft has received a lot of feedback about it in the Dev Note a few months back which they have taken into consideration while finalising the design.

The difficulty of a fight in the Tibiadrome scales via two factors: group size and current wave level. The more players participate in the fight, the more creatures spawn in a wave, and the higher the wave level, the stronger the creatures are. A maximum of five players can enter the arena at the same time, and at least level 50 is required for each participant. The monsters which spawn are unique to the Tibiadrome, and each represents one gameplay archetype. Each wave lasts a maximum of 120 seconds, in which all the monsters have to be killed to advance to the next wave.

To spice things up and make fights more interesting, there are a number of combat modifiers which trigger certain effects, thus raising the difficulty of the encounters and creating an additional challenge. At the beginning of a rotation, which lasts two weeks, two modifiers are randomly selected which are the same across all game worlds and are active in all waves during this period.

Since the Tibiadrome is a special environment, certain rules outside of it do not apply here. There is no death penalty, and mana, life and spirit potions, as well as runes, bolts, and arrows will not be consumed when used. There is no stamina drain and skill or level progression inside the Tibiadrome, and spells which cost soul points are deactivated.


Besides a new highscore category, there will also be a leaderboard on the website showing the standing of the participants in the current rotation. Players who have beaten at least one wave in the rotation will receive drome points after it has ended, which can be exchanged for decorative items and cosmetics.

Moreover, the players ranking among the top 20 receive a certain amount of randomly selected new potions after a rotation, depending on how well they fared. Additionally, a number of potions will be raffled among the rest of the participants. These potions have strong effects, but also a long cooldown. Those who have made the top 5 in a rotation will also receive a temporary title which will last until the next rotation ends.

To learn more about the Tibiadrome, please take a look at the TL;DR.

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