Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Player of the Month #11: Psykeeh

Our Player of the Month for June is Psykeeh. The knightress from Garnera accumulated over 1000 achievement points but she also does not shy away from war!

Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from etc.
-Holissss, my name is Lisandra, everybody calls me Lisa or Psy. I was born and raised in a small island called Terceira, part of a group of 9 islands -Azores-, Portugal. Five years ago I moved toUSA, and I live currently closer to Washington DC. I’m a Nature Guide plus Divemaster. The sea is my passion there is nothing better than be underwater to get peace of mind, it is just you, the large sea, marine life and bubbles, no talking, no noises, no humans talking. Besides de sea, gaming, crafting, playing guitar is something that I love. I finished university years ago, but right now I’m studying pharmacy. One thing I learned you gotta keep studying and do things you love no matter how much time you take. ‘’Do it for you, not for others’’

When did you first heard of Tibia?
-Everything started in 2006-2007 where my cousins found this game called tibia, I used to mock them all the time ‘’ Why u playing such game’’ ‘’Look the graphics so bad quality’’. After days of mocking them, they let me create a character to try the game, I remember killing rats and selling them for gold in Rookgaard, and I started to fall in love, I used to beg to kill 5 rats a day on my low character, and the same character I play today is the one from back then. ūüėä Lots of memories that one cannot forget.

Is there any player whose (in-game) accomplishments impress you?

-I’ve been playing for long time, and in this journey that is one person that me and all my cousins used to adore, his name was Mormaih, top lvl in Shivera, we used to waittttt to see him pass next to us, it sounds kinda silly, but back in the day lvl was hard, you would have to fight ur way up, spend hours and hours to achiev something special, He was one of the people I was always fascinated, top lvl 200 XD, now the same lvl as my bomb characters but old school is what made this game so special to me.


Explain the love to squirrels!

 -I come from a small island in the middle of the Atlantic, people have the idea that it is full of different types of animals, squirrels, wolfs, snakes, and that is something that we do not have.

When I came to USA in vacation with my husband, we were walking in the street and this tiny squirrel came closer to use, It was something I thought I would never see, more and more squirrels came and I was fascinated. Once I moved here I treat them as my tiny family, every morning me and my kitty go outside and feed the squirrels, and if we lucky rabbits come along.

Such little creatures make me think that no matter the size, no matter the shape, they fight every day, plus they adorable. In tibia I love to convert my self in a tiny squirrel, it makes me feel like I run faster, it is silly but it gives me that feeling.



You participate in crafting contests quite often, which is your favorite submission of yours and why?

-Uff though question, I would say the Dragonscale Backpack, so much work and love was put in that backpack. I had to cut more than 100 scales in cardboard, which is a hard material, paint, glue gems, It took me time and patience, there was a point in the process I almost gave up, I couldn’t focus on the shape.

Cardboard is so hard to mold that more than once I left it on the side and decided not to do it, butI found the strength to do it, which made it an unique item to me.

I have it on my room and every time I look at it, reminds me to not give up on the things you love to do.



X or Y

Never use charms again or never use imbuements again?

-Charms for sure, I’ve played where there was no imbuiments, and it is so harddddddd to get mana, charms I can live without it, but mana? Nop ahahah.


Summoner or Elementalist?

-Definitly Summoner, I’ve had many opportunities to get elementalist, I can still get it if I want it, but I know once I get it, it will be for the achievement points.

Having a bad ED in a teamhunt or having to play without mouse hotkeys?

-This is hard question, I play on my keyboard all the time, but I need a mouse to loot ahahahah I would say having a Bad ED on my team hunt, I can play around it , use potion myself, and with time I believe the druid would get better.


Thais or The Mirrored Nightmare?

-The Mirrored Nightmare, I spend most my time there with my WarmanFamily, so ofc I would pick the second one, the first one you don’t get exp and second one yes, eheheh.

Contests or achievements?

-I love doing achievements, but I rather do crafting and participate in contests. I love collecting rares and contests is a great opportunity for that.


Unicorns or mermaids?

-Mermaids for sure, If I could choose I would be with my fish all the time, more peaceful underwater than in the human world. Back home not many girls do diving or take courses, I had to take up to 7 courses to get the opportunity to take people to see marine life, it is a great responsibility, after I did it people use to call me ‘’ Sereia’’ which means ‘’mermaid’’, I would rather be under than on the surface, winter/ summer it wouldn’t matter, if there was customers I would jump in.


Watching streams or streaming?

-Watching streams, I like to stream but when I’m hunting or doing other things, I get distractedand it is hard for me to interact with people on the stream, on the other hand watching streams makes me learn more about the game.


Never use utito again or never use supreme health potions again?

-Ufff, I would say never use supreme health potions again, I can live with the old healing potions.Utito is very important for me in respawns I play by myself. The imbuiments help a lot I use more utito than supreme.

War or peace?

-Uhmmmm War, ahahahahah, I would be lying if I said peace. I love killing people, learning strategies, traps, I feel like when there is war you  end up meeting more people in the game, if it wasn’t for war I wouldn’t have meet my Team Warman.

Expensive deco or expensive EQ?
-Expensive deco, I’m pretty sure if my team reads this answer they know it is true XD, I literally got jaul set on my main 850, but my house full store and expensive deco, that’s just the way I am, I’m getting better but decorations are to important for me ahahah.

What is the biggest goal you have achieved? (Tibia related)

-Definitely my Ferumbras Hat.

For years I’ve been doing avatars, stickers, with my character with a hat, and people used tomock me ‘’why u doing it if you don’t have hat’’… ‘’You will never get it’’, the fact that people judge so much gave me strength to do it, and I’m proud of myself, I end up doing one of my goals in this game, on a character that I consider to be ‘’part of me’’. I would not speak for all people but I had highs and lows in my life, and for sure this game helped me get better.

If you could only hunt one spawn for the rest of your Tibian career, what spawn would it be and why?

-Hmmmm definitely Asuras, I wish the respawn was a little bigger, but my addiction to the respawn is beyond imagination, I just love it, gives you exp, and money at the same time, ofc it has nothing to do with the soulwar respawns, but I can go whenever I want, go afk when I fell like it.


Define your server in 3 words.

-Fun, organized, full friends and amazing people.


What is your goal concerning achievements?

-I would say that getting 1000 points was my goal, now I do them when I feel stressed, I just turn the music volume up and do the hardest ones, for example the one you have to walk underwater, the achievement you walk on fire.


If you could change anything in the game, what would it be?

-Hmm, that is definitly a good question, I wish it wasn’t so much ‘’pay to win’’ in this game, I would change half the outfits in the store to outfits where you have quests. I feel like it makes the game more fun if you get outfits from effort and not buying them.


Do you have any encouraging words to the community?

-Always play for you and people that matter, stick to your principles, and never give up on goals, no matter how much people say bad things, and say you won’t do it.

After years in this game I learned that you gotta do it for yourself not to stress so much, even tho I do it sometimes. It is a game after all, and if it is stressing you what is the point of you connecting after long day of work to get bad vibes on the game.
Have fun, make friends and enjoy fully the game.

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