Thursday, June 10, 2021

Caption This! Winners

To celebrate CipSoft's 20th birthday, they invited you to take part in a Caption This! contest which was met with an overwhelming response as they received more than 900 submissions. It was not easy for the community managers to choose their winners, but they finally narrowed it down to the final top 20 selection of which three were chosen to form the top 3. These three entries can be found below.

Marc Heat's post contemplates the Tibian condition...

Tibian Geographic

Here we can see Tibians in their natural habitat. Roaming around, exploring, diving into the cakes of the unknown.

While good and evil coexist in an eternal confrontation for supremacy all over the land of Tibia, we should know that not all mysteries lie in the battlefront. Sometimes, a giant cake appears in the middle of the field and a true Tibian just needs to know why.

“Why is this cake here?”, “Does this cake have a meaning?” or “Is there a cake god?” are just a couple of the numerous philosophical questions that arise in the Tibians mind. Eat it, step on it, throw it into your friend's face… they would try all sorts of things they can think of without even knowing if there is going to be an answer.

And so on, fellow Tibians will continue with the neverending search for meaning, answers and rewards, from burning themselves at the seventh circle of hell to fighting a huge sweet frosting despite diabetes, always willing to put their stomach to the test to digest what's to come.

... Nyamia's entry illustrates the trials and tribulations of the corporate world...

Character deep in the cake a.k.a. the project manager: "This is going to be a piece of cake! We’ll finish this in a week! "

Character on the edge of the cake a.k.a. the developer: "A week?  I think you have to multiply that by factor pi!" <Trying to juggle all the pies at once>

Character deep in the cake a.k.a. the project manager: "You'll manage, you got this! I believe in you!  We need to have it done in a week, it's our 20th birthday!"

Character in the middle a.k.a. customer thinking: Eww, there is a bug in my pie!  <Instantly drops the pie>

... and Lovebone's submission is a cautionary tale about what might befall a hapless adventurer.

10:58 Front Mage: 10:58 You see a giant cherry.
It weighs 10000.00 oz.

10:59 Middle Explorer: Almost there guys! I can see the light!

11:00 Front Mage: 11:00 You see a dead human. You recognize Middle Explorer. He was crushed by a giant cherry.

Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to all winners! The top 3 of these winners have been rewarded with 2000 Tibia Coins each, and the other 17 winners, whose entries can be found here, have been rewarded with 250 Tibia Coins each. Every winner has also received a CM token.

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