Thursday, June 3, 2021

Additional Action Bars, Outfit Presets, and More

Are your action bars bursting at the seams? You have already thought of a way to set up a potential third one? Then we have good news for you, as you will not only be able to add a third action bar to your configuration on the bottom of the game window, but up to nine action bars in total, with three action bars each placed on the left and right side in addition to the bottom three ones.

Each action bar can be individually activated and deactivated in the options menu.

Mount and Outfit Presets

In order to improve the usability when selecting outfits, mounts, and familiars, the Customise Character dialog has received an overhaul. Not only can these now be selected from a handy scrollable list, instead of having to click through the entire selection, but it is also possible to directly search for them via a text box.

Selected configurations can now also be saved as a preset: Once you have chosen your desired look, press the "New" button in the presets menu. This will create a new preset which preserves the chosen outfit, its addons, the outfit's colour, the mount, the mount's colour, the familiar, and, in the case of the podium of renown, the gender. Furthermore, either the entire current configuration or only the currently chosen colours can be copied to clipboard and thus given to fellow players as well, which can then paste them from their clipboard. These new options also allow for more flexibility than the current "Copy to Outfit"/"Copy to Mount" button and therefore will replace it.

Hunting Task Expansion

Creatures with the "challenging" difficulty, which were introduced in the last summer update, will be added to the hunting tasks as part of the "hard" tasks category. Moreover, a number of new deco items will be available as reward in exchange for hunting task points.


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