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Roshamuul Achievements (Part I)


Roshamuul, an island that got implemented in Winter Update 2013. Huge space with many challenges and secrets to discover. From the moment it went online, it was a very big challenge for Tibians, both in terms of the difficulty level of the monsters and enormous amount of tasks. The multitude of those tasks and secrets that it offers us takes hundreds if not thousands of hours. Today we will try to introduce you to one of the elements that Roshamuul offers us - Achievements. Do you wonder what were the biggest problems that Cipsoft faced with designing all the quests, tasks and bosses in Roshamuul?

Lionet, Tibia Game Content Design: A challenge we faced was the design of the quests themselves. We tried to build mechanics which offer flexibility and replayability at the same time. The difficulty of the area should come from the encounters alone. We decided to put smaller, accessible quests in the lower part and tell more of the Roshamuul background after the wall has been breached. The different approaches are still recognisable in the overall design but together with the permanent changes of the map, I believe we still succeeded in delivering a bit of variety and unconventional Tibia lore.


 Nevermending Story (3 points)

Most of the achievements that you can gain on Roshamuul need a lot of time and patience. Many people struggle with this one, because it is not up to them where and when which bottle will appear. Sometimes it can even take months to get it! The rarest bottle appears in Mawhawk Lair. You can trigger the Lair to open by making „Desecrating Shrines” tasks – you need to make around 500 of them. Good news is, that they multiply and are not getting any reset within server save.



Lothlorian: There are two or three players I see in Roshamuul often, and every time Mawhawks lair is open, exclaiming about the lack of a bottle. So I think it's a team effort, opening the lair as often as we can.




Zuali: It took me pretty long to get that achievement, but to be honest, I wasn’t much active in terms of looking for the bottles. I was fishing it with my friend, only one bottle was missing. He was checking the spawns every day for someone else and he told me what bottle was there each day. I never felt the pressure to make it.



Essiee: I’m not entirely sure about when it was that I started working on the bottles, but I'm guessing sometime around early to mid 2016. I finally got the Nevermending Story achievement on 9th of April 2017, so it probably took me around one year to complete it. I wasn’t active all the time during this year though. Probably in general the hardest bottle to find is the one in the Mawhawk’s Lair, since you have to be so lucky that Mawhawk has spawned and the bottle happens to be in that spot on the same day. Luckily for me, that was my second bottle to get. My last bottle was the furthest one past the 1 squaremeter passage by the Silencer Plateau, that gives the word ’stones’. That one was rather annoying one to find, since its the furthest bottle location to run to. Roshamuul can be quite scary if you don't feel comfortable running there alone and can’t bring a friend every time.


Gizenha: Well, I got it in 3 months! Yes! Was so fast because where I play (Lutabra), players love to open the Mawhawk’s area. Sometimes the are was open and nothing was there :( I checked all bottles every day in 3 months.


Never Surrender (3 points)

Here we go, let’s start with some „killing” achievements! To make Sights of Surrender spawn in

Guzzlemaw Valley, a certain task is needed to be done, 100 times. We are talking here about Blowing Horns. It is worth to add, that this task gives us also 100 Inquisition gold EACH, which we can change later for Clusters of Solace (needed for making Umbral Weapons). There is also a spawn called the Dark Grounds, north of the Roshamuul depo. To make it open, it is needed to make Soothing Bad Dreams task 20 times, those tasks stack, so you don’t need to make them in one day. It has total of 6 Sights of Surrender, divided in two rooms, three monsters each. It is really good idea to open this spawn for rapid respawn. We can also fight 3-5 Sights of Surrender during raid on the Silencer Plateau, but we will come back to it in Luring Silence achievement.

Shizurie: „Never Surrender” achievement took me more than 1 hour to complete. We were killing (in around 8 people) Sight of Surrenders creatures in Roshamuul’s Dark Grounds, which somebody opened just before Rapid Respawn Event. I think I could complete this achievement during usual hunts at Roshamuul, but it would take me much longer! And killing 2500 of them would be sooo painful.

Ending the Horror (2 points)

Upper Roshamuul is full of Retching Horrors. You need to kill 100 of them to complete A Retched Beginning task. Even if you didn’t talk to Dream Butterfly before killing those monsters, your kills will still count. Also, you will get 3x Essence of Dread from the NPC, which you can exchange for 1 Cluster of Solace. You can repeat this task as many times as you wish, have in mind that the cooldown to take the task again takes two hours.

Noblesse Obliterated (6 points)

To kill Prince Drazzak, you will need a team of 5 players and a golden prison key. You can buy it on
market or get it from Unrealized Dream, if you are lucky enough. We would recommend you to read about the strategy of that boss before you decide to fight him. According to Tibia Fandom, Sorcerers (death dmg) and Druids (earth dmg) can get up to 14000 damage from his AoE spell. The battle can last up to 25 minutes, depending on your team power and how many times Prince Drazzak will heal. It is also recommended to wear Death damage protection. And then, of course, enjoy your freshly taken six points of achievements!


Prison Break (8 points)

Don’t worry, nobody broke from prison, atleast not yet. Gaz’haragoth used to be in charge of overseeing Roshamuul. Have you ever wondered what is the origin of him? 

, Tibia Game Content Design: Well, if two evil demons love each other very, very much the demon stork might bring them a little baby demon. It also has to do with demon bees and demon flowers, but we here at CipSoft are no experts on such topics; everyone I asked for help in answering this question left blushing and giggling. Apart from that, Gaz'haragoth grew into a quite powerful demon on his own right and was put in charge as a kind of overseer for Roshamuul, even though a certain explosion had somewhat mutated him. 
When new world is created, and wall of Roshamuul is broken, Gaz’haragoth can be found in the center of island, on top of the mountain. After he will get defeated, he will be imprisoned in Roshamuul Prison lowest levels. However, he cannot be seen every day. „Gaz'haragoth will shatter your dreams in a barrage of nightmares!” - this announce appears on the day when Gaz could be defeated on your server. Of course it is needed to have a lot of people to kill him. In order to get the achievement, you will need to deal some % of the damage.

Luring Silence (2 points)

You shouldn’t missunderstand the name of this achievement. There will be NO silence – but a lot of Silencers. This will take place on the Silencer Plateau. You need to either loot or buy Silencer Resonating Chambers, depending on your luck, 20-30 will be enough. For each successfully attempt in using the chamber, you will get 50 inquisition gold. For the achievement you need just 5 succesfull uses. So now it all depends on you, if you wanna stay and kill off the 4 waves of Silencers. It could be a good idea if you still need Sights of Surrender, since 3-5 of them spawns on Plateau after Silencer raid is over.

Somehow we lured the silence now, but hopefully you will break it and tell us about your adventures on Roshamuul. 
- Bijou Kidi

Roshamuul on Tibia Wikia

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