Wednesday, May 12, 2021

CipSoft's 20th Anniversary

Hear ye, hear ye, dear Tibians! A special day is soon upon us, as on June 08, it is CipSoft's 20th anniversary!

CipSoft GmbH was formed four years after Tibia was born on January 07, 1997. The game was still a student project back then, before the original four creators of Tibia founded CipSoft in 2001. The company still operates independently, just as it did in the early days, even though it has grown in size considerably since then. Tibia's success made this growth possible, and led to the continued development of Tibia as well as the creation of new games.

The last 20 years have often been eventful, challenging, and exciting, as is to be expected with the development of a long-lasting game and the passionate community surrounding it. Cipsoft hopes to add many more years to them, and they hope that you will stay with them along the way. They are very grateful for the support they have received from you, the players, throughout the years, and for the love that you have shown towards Tibia.

To celebrate this special occasion in style, there will be a double XP/skill event and a double loot event taking place concurrently from Wednesday, June 02, until Monday, June 07. That is not all, however!

Cipsoft is also holding a "Caption This!" contest once again, for which they have prepared a scene in Tibia which is in need of a funny, witty, or heartwarming caption, which they invite you to share with them. Your caption may contain up to 3 sentences and can be speech or thought bubbles, or a short description of the picture. There are of course prizes to be won as well!

Submit your captions by posting in the designated thread until Wednesday, May 26, 10:00 CEST. Please make sure to read the contest rules before posting.

The community managers will then choose our top 20 submissions, and announce them in a news article. The top 3 of these winners will be rewarded with 2000 Tibia Coins and a CM token each. The other 17 winners will be rewarded with 250 Tibia Coins and a CM token each. Cipsoft is very much looking forward to your submissions and reading some creative and entertaining captions!

Last but not least, as you might have noticed, another very important milestone is not too far away: On January 07, 2022, Tibia's 25th anniversary will take place. We are already very excited to celebrate Tibia's birthday in style!

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