Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Winners of the Craft a Fansite Item Contest

For the celebration of the Fansite Appreciation Day on March 24, several fansite admins had organized a contest. The task was to craft one of the fansite items of the current supported and promoted fansites. All in all, across all fansites that have accepted submissions, we have received 41 pictures of crafted fansite items (click on the entry tab to view all submissions).

During the last week, the three community managers, as well as twelve different fansite admins voted to choose a top 5. In order to select these fair and square, we each determined a personal top 5, then assigned 5 points to everybody's first choice, 4 points to every second choice, 3 points to every third choice, and so on. In the end, all points were added up, and we received a list of winners. So today we can proudly present you the top 5 contest submissions:

First place: Shield of Destiny by Sacros Arturt
(43 points)


Second place: Wicked Witch by Makadamia
(26 points)
Third place: Heavily Bound Book by Favarona
(25 points)
Fourth place: Midnight Panther Doll by Amy Meow
(21 points)
Fifth place: Ferumbras Doll by Drekalla
(18 points)

Congratulations to the winners! All prizes have been delivered to their inbox in the meantime.

Thank you Tibians for making this Fansite Appreciation Day a good experience for everybody!

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