Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Protection Zone Achievements (Part One)



There are no safer achievements than the ones we can do in the Protection Zone. Some are quick and easy, others are time-consuming. Are you curious which are the cheapest and which are the most expensive ones? Maybe you would like to increase your guild's average achievement points? In this article, you will find out how to do it in a fairly easy way.

Be an artist!

Ice Sculptor, Cold as Ice, Marblelous, Marble Madness

Let's start with the achievements, which take some patience to complete them. Thanks to the Colors of Magic event, our task will be easier, we just need to make sure that the Orange Wizard wins. Save the ice cubes and pieces of marble rock for the event in March or September - you will be able to choose the Wizard between the 15th and 23rd of these two months. If Orange Wizard wins, the best moment to use ice cubes and marble rocks will be the reward week after the event is over - from server save on 23rd March / September. Marblelous and Ice Sculptor will be easier to get, since it’s just one statue that we need to make. According to different people’s opinions, Marble Madness (five Beautiful Marble Statues) is much easier to obtain than Cold as Ice, since you need a lot more ice cubes to complete it. It would be good if you had around 2000 ice cubes for the event. If you are lucky, you will finish this achievement with those. However some people say, they needed 4000 cubes.


Clay Fighter, Clay to Fame

Similar to aforementioned achievements, those ones also needs patience. It is a matter of luck whether we manage to make Pretty Clay Statues or not. Unfortunately, no event will increase the chances of success. The best way to get those achievements would be to either buy Clay Lumps on market or to use them on an ongoing basis when making Bestiary on monsters that drop that item. Considering the fact, that we talk about achievements that we can make in Protection Zone, we suggest to either buy it or just collect it during your hunts.



Chorister, Rockstar

We were already a sculptor, time to develop our musical abilities! For Chorister achievement, you will require four Music Sheets, which are dropped by different members of the Cult. Of course, you can also buy them on market. Price may differ on various worlds, but usually it is pretty low. Besides the achievement, you will also gain access to cultists cave beyond the piano. You will find the cave north of Liberty Bay. To be a Rockstar, you will need a lot more patience. For our sake, the counter of already played instruments won’t reset after logging out, so you will be able to make it in parts. You will obtain this achievement after playing any musical instrument of your choice for 10,000 times.


Forbidden, but fancy approved

Forbidden Fruit, Forbidden Knowledge

What is the most expensive fruit in Tibia? If you don’t know the answer, you probably didn’t eat it yet. Since Forbidden Fruit is only dropped by one boss (The Enraged Thorn Knight), price of
it is pretty high and can spread between 5-15kk, depending on your server. If this is expensive, we don’t know how to name the price of Forbidden Tome and Key to Knowledge. Both of those achievements gives 1 point each, and you need to eat the fruit, else you won’t be able to use the key on the tome. If you have luck, maybe you will get those items cheaper than they cost.


Mente Brilhante: I paid 25kk for the key, I bought it in Gentebra market as anonymous. I love achievements. I found a great price, as it is usally worth between 50-100kk. My team looted Forbidden Tome and I bought it for 13kk. 38kk for 1 point achievement.



Make your own Achievement Room!

To prepare a room of achievements, you will need some items that could be collected from monsters. Other items you will get through quests, fighting bosses or by buying them in furniture shop. If you want to make this room for your guildmates, it would be a nice idea to also collect clay lumps, flasks of demonic blood, rusty armors etc., shiny stones and sort them in backpacks, so they could be used later on.

Allowance Collector (2 points)

Nowadays a lot of bosses drop Piggy Banks. You can make packs of 50 piggy bank each and give them out to any guildmember who needs the achievement. After breaking it, you can deposit the collected money to your Guild account.


Demonic Barkeeper (3 points)

It is really possible, that some of your solo-hunting guildmates have already that achievement. Maybe they could donate all the collected flask which they don’t need for other members, who would need those 3 points. Simply make packs of 250 flasks of demonic blood each, and let your mates use them. Strong health and mana potions could be then used by lower characters on their adventures.




I Need a Hug (2 points)

This is a must-have set in your room! Put Panda Teddy, Stuffed Dragon, Santa Doll and Baby Seal Doll in a visible place, and let your friends hug them. Easy two points!




Number of the Beast (2 points)

Another easy achievement, not much to say! Prepare a die and roll it till you get a 6 three times in a row.





Oops (2 points)

Each of players who will want to make this achievement will need a birdcage for herself/himself. We know that you don’t want to harm any animal, but in case to get those 2 points, you will need to use the birdcage until this sweet little bird will die from heart attack. Oops!


Party Animal
(1 point)

What would be a guild-meeting without a party? Probably some serious stuff. Give a Party Trumpet or a Party Hat to your friends and let them use it 200 times. One point and a lot of fun (and sore fingers) guaranteed!



Petrologist (2 points)

Here we go again! Collecting items. Prepare stacks of 100 shiny stones and let your guildmates open them with a pick. After opening them, your guild will be more rich in coins and small diamonds.



Polisher (4 points)

Considering, that you will need to collect a lot of rusty stuff, this achievement would be the most time-consuming in general. To get it, we need to polish 1000 rusty armors, helmets, legs or shields. Some of those can break, so remember that only succeessed ones will count to the achievement. Each of your members can make their own backpacks and count how many they already polished.


Slim Chance (1 point)

Buying a map – putting it in achievement room – waiting for your members to try to find the treasure. 100 times. Yes, it’s a fake map, they will never find it. Nevertheless, your guild will get some easy points. So maybe, in the end, it is some kind of treasure!


Superstitious (2 points)

All you need is to put 100 mysterious Voodoo Skulls in your amazing achievement room. 2 points in one day. Else, it will be time-consuming, because you can use that skull only once each 24 hours. This is of course no problem, if you have less - it will just take a longer time. Remember, that this item has own cooldown. That means, that only one person can use it before it will be usable again. „It is not time yet” won’t count to successful using.

(3 points)

That’s all for today. You can look at yourself in the mirror and see how good achievement-hunter you are. Put a wall mirror on one of walls, prepare some rum or other alcohol and tell your friends to use the mirror 300 times. Every message except „Don’t be so vain” will count towards the achievement.

Would "achievement room" prepared in a Guild House encourage you to make easy achievements that can be done in PZ?

We asked some players what do they think about the idea of achievement room. We tried to get an answer from people who are not necessarily interested in making achievements to get an opinion from different points of view. If you are already an achievement hunter, you probably have most of all mentioned achievements, but if you have friends who were never interested in them, maybe they will change their mind now? Or atleast try to have some fun in prepared room of achievements. Let us know in the comments what do you think, or maybe you already made this kind of room? All feedback is welcomed!

Sylvana Blackarrow: It is more comfortable but it is also nice to work for them. Obviously if you are lazy it might be a good idea that option. But there is no challenge in it. I prefer challenges, but I am not specifically after achievements. I don't pursue them, if they happen - they happen.

Neophyte Believer: Of course. That sounds like a great idea because it sounds like a good rewarding for some grinding and also a little bit of a variety is always welcomed as far as I can see it.

Impure: I think this kind of an achievement room would be a nice thing to have. The most bothersome thing about these achievements (especially the flowers) is getting everything ready, once you have everything it becomes just a small daily routine. If you care for total/average achievements of your guild it might be a great idea, as multiple people can get their achievements done without each of them having to collect all the required items. And having all of them in one room is definitely very convenient. Generally it's not like I'm not interested in achievements at all, but they're just not my main interest in the game. Mostly I dislike the huge discrepancy between different achievements, some of them are way too time consuming or expensive compared to others. I know that I'm most likely never getting achievements like "Umbral Master", "Fearless" or "Deep Sea Diver", so I will never be anywhere near the top lists, which kind of makes me lose motivation for the whole thing. I am getting an achievement every now and then but I will probably be content with 700-800 points.

Asteiro: Idea of achievement room is quite interesting, especially for people who really wants to get some of them really fast. Personally I'd rather not take part in it as achievements means nothing to me. Everyone on Tibia has their own goals, some of them want to get better skill or level, some are into lore and knowledge about the world, another ones just like to sit together with friends and have a great time chatting. Other things don't really interest them. So even if I could get a lot of achievements, I wouldn't take part in it, that's not what I wanna do in Tibia lands ^^




 - Bijou Kidi


  1. What! How are the window opening/closing achievements not part of the achievement room? They are most likely already there! :D
    Nice article, was a fun read. :)

    1. Thanks, Ryude! Good point! They will be part of second article, stay tuned!

  2. I have done a couple of those today :D.

  3. My fingers hurt just to imagine myself doing the Rockstar achievment. hahaha
    Nice article!

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, fingers can hurt while making that achievement :D Maybe try to put it on a hotkey and put something heavy on that key on your keyboard? Don't worry, it's legal, because it's using hardware, not software!

  4. The idea of making achievement room in GH is awesome, I passed it to my guildmates. I hope we will be able to work on it together, thanks TibiaGoals and Bijou!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! We really hope, that you will show us your achievement room setting as soon as it will be ready! :)

  5. Awesome article like always on TG :)

  6. I just realized I forgot to do slim chance!! :o
    Also.. next goal is getting the forbidden fruit to get that achiev.
    I loved the article!! Excellent job! <3


  7. I just realized I forgot to do slim chance!! :o
    Also.. next goal is getting the forbidden fruit to get that achiev.
    I loved the article!! Excellent job! <3


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Marulina! We are happy that you could get a good use of the article! Let's hope that you will get your forbidden fruit pretty soon, and that it will be really tasty! Take care <3