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Outfits - Basic Outfits

In Summer Update 2006 Cipsoft revamped all of the 4 basic outfits. However, achievements for completing both addons for each outfit were implemented in Autumn Patch 2010. Seven years later the nostalgic outfits came back to Tibia, you still can buy them in the Store for Tibia Coins. Today we will talk about five achievements.

Alumni, 6 points / Ritualist, 6 points

Two achievements for one outfit?! Actually, male mage outfit is the one where we can get Alumni achievement, and female mage gives us Ritualist one. At the moment it’s the only outfit that is mixed like this – together with female summoner & male summoner, of course. We asked three players about their experiences with both achievements/outfits.

Dyaniixz: I love the Tiara on this outfit & that it looks kinda decent, for me it's one of the cutest outfits in game of the basic outfits. 

Zuali: I looted the Feru hat myself. It was actually the first Feru I have been to. I went there with no aim to loot it. For me it was already a highlight to be there. Calculated 0 chances because I think I was lvl 359, others were 500+. So I just went there to enjoy that epic moment. Who could knew that this visit ended with me looting the hat. Fun part about that, is that my guild mate looted great shield. So we as a neutral guild took the best possible loot. There were no such weird things like crit and imbues. Which makes me even more proud after all them years that I looted it. I did use the hat back then after I kept it in my house as decoration for like 2 months. And when I had a bad day (died twice while hunting during kicks, and died 3 times because I tried to make ring of ending). After looting it, I went to 4 more Feru raids, but never looted anything good again. I don't really want to talk about good loot from the "new" quest Feru. Doing it since the start and never looted a rare item. In the beginning I didn't really care about outfits and mounts when I started playing Tibia. But at some point just grinding exp was not enough. So I started with achievements. Yea, I'm hunting for all the outfits and mounts. And for sure I would consider buying a Feru hat with ingame cash if it would be missing in the collection. 

Veneficus: On the one hand it's one of the most expensive achievements, but in the other it's the coolest outfit in the game - specially for mages. Easy to obtain if you have spare cash in rl or have huge luck on Ferumbras boss (quest and regular one), however both were not my case.

Hunting with Style, 6 points

Hunter outfit looks perfect on paladins. Quiver on the back, females have a nice tiara. But is it easy to obtain both addons? What people like about that outfit? Let’s ask!

Mestre Zygi: I just like the hunter outfit, I have been wearing it since the outfits first appeared in Tibia (it was my first one). In those days, it was sometimes easier to get items yourself than to buy, because everyone was collecting these items for themselves and not for sale. Fortunately for my outfit, the items were readily available, taking only a little time to collect (I got the sniper gloves from the first hunter).

Magiska Malin:
I love the Hunter outfits for female characters! It has always been my dream outfit but back in the days it was too expensive for me to get. After I came back to Tibia after some years of retirement, the game was completely different and it was easier to make a profit and to loot creature products so I made a good effort to get this outfit for myself! The hunter outfit makes me feel like five-star-chick! The alluring top, knee high boots and the long hair with the super cute headband.

In Shining Armor, 6 points

,,With edged blade and fully equipped in a sturdy full plate armor, you charge at your enemies with both strength and valour. There's always a maiden to save and a dragon to slay for you.” We wanted to ask Black Knight what he thinks about this outfit, sadly he wasn’t available. Player from Antica came with help.

Since I started to play Tibia, I was always wearing outfits that matched my professions. In old Tibia I was also wearing knight outfit. That didn’t change. I barely have other outfits on my knight. And I think that it fits my Shadow Draptor perfectly. And about the addons, I collected most of the items myself. The easiest for me were Behemoth Fangs, because I was hunting on Behemoths back then on my druid. I was also exchanging them for iron ore with friends who needed fangs. For me the hardest item to get was Damaged Steel Helmet, because I needed to make Banuta quest on really low level, and back then, without imbues etc. it was really hard to go through deeper banuta on 140 knight.

Exemplary Citizen, 4 points

There is probably no other basic outfit like Citizen outfit. You can see it everywhere. When you sleep, when you see a dead body of a player. It’s probably the most used outfit in Tibia. Classic, modest. We asked Tomoho why he likes to wear Citizen outfit with addon, and it submits all.

Tomoho: Because it was the first full outfit I completed.

Basic Outfits are the ones where we had to collect a lot of items to complete them. While 100 minotaur leathers could be the easiest to obtain, thanks to skinning, other products took a bit more time to collect. Is it better than the new outfits where you need to use one item to obtain addon, and then achievement? What is so special about those basic outfits?

Dyaniixz: I think they are the ones that give us the most pride when wearing them since most of the times we take the time to collect the needed items to exchange them for the outfit.

Pachwork: I think that basic outfits give the RPG vibe for Tibia. Each outfit for each profession. Thanks to retro outfits we can also get our memories back from the old Tibia.

Tomoho: In my opinion, these types of outfits are the best because they give you the opportunity to have fun while collecting the necessary items.

Mestre Zygi: It's nice when you only need one item to get an outfit / addon, but the times when you had to get items yourself are definitely better remembered.

Some people like to collect items, other prefer to buy them. Which side will you choose? Let us know in the comments!

Veneficus: Dropping the Ferumbras hat on a server like Antica can be considered a miracle and I didn't want to spent rl money on it, so I simply started putting in-game money aside from daily hunts and by doing other bosses regurarly. Have to admit at this point that I had some luck in that period, so it just took me few month's till I bought the hat. I had to transfer the hat from Kenora, but it was still cheaper than buying it from Antica's market directly, so I would advice to check prices on other servers before buying one. 

Mestre Zygi: I remember that after the introduction of outfits, I had a backpack for each of them. Where, after hunting, I put creature items into them.

I mostly collect them by hunting a few hours, but of course I buy some of the items which are laziest to get xD! 

Tomoho: For the most part, I collected the items needed to make the outfit myself, except for the legion helmet needed for the second Citizen addon due to the difficulty of getting it. Obtaining items on my own gave me greater satisfaction at the cost of a longer time to complete the outfit. 

Zuali: When I started with the hunt for achievements, the first outfits I made were kinda easy to get for me, because tbh my depot was always a mess and I barely sold any creature products. So I fixed backpacks with the items I needed for outfit addons. It was a fun part to hunt after the missing items. I mean nowadays if you want an old outfit most people would probably open the market and just buy the items and hand them in. You don't get feelings with the outfit just buying the items. I still don't really like to buy items for outfits or mounts. But as an achievement hunter in the end it's really hard to loot all by yourself. 



- Bijou Kidi


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