Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Fixes and Changes

 With today's server save, Cipsoft has implemented a few fixes and changes, among them the following:

  • An issue in Ebb and Flow where feared players got stuck in place longer than the fear effect lasted has been fixed.
  • Creatures which give no XP can no longer be selected as prey.
  • Ceiron's "wolf tooth chain" has been added to Black Bert's inventory.
  • If your stamina is completely exhausted, you can no longer gain coop loot.
  • Buying "blessing of the inquisition" is now recorded in the blessings history.
  • The item "sphinx tiara" can no longer be equipped.
  • Special characters can now be used in action bar texts without causing graphical glitches.
  • Captain Charles' shortcut no longer works if a player has a protection zone block.
  • Wormlings can now move items.
  • The creature "terrified elephant" has been added to the bestiary and can now be selected as prey.
  • The home "Fortune Wing 4" in Yalahar has been expanded by the northward balcony.
  • The imbuement "basic demon presence" no longer needs Premium status to be used.
  • The party hunt analyser no longer closes other opened widgets when logging in with another character.
  • If the battle takes too long, all players who participate in the fight will be transported out of Mutated Zalamon's boss room, and no longer only the player who pulled the boss room lever.
  • Scarlett Etzel's messages are now only visible to the player who receives them, to avoid a cluttered screen.
  • Moreover, several map issues, typos, graphical glitches, and other minor bugfixes have been implemented.

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