Tuesday, June 8, 2021

45 Reasons to Come Back to Tibia

If you have played Tibia in the past and you decided to quit for whatever reason, we listed… 45 reasons to come back to the game! Numerous changes have happened in the game in the previous few years. Tibia keeps improving and it is definitely a game worth coming back to, and no, not only because of your good childhood memories connected with it. So without further ado, let us present the list to you!

  1. Chat off/chat on hotkeys
    Remember the times when you could only have 12 hotkeys? Well… they are now long gone! You now have the possibility to enable or disable the chat. When your chat is off, your whole keyboard can be used as hotkeys. Yes, that means you can move with WASD now!

  2. Action bars
    Runes, rings, food, different eq, and spells, so hard to keep it all on hotkeys, not to mention memorizing them! Thankfully, in Tibia 2021 you no longer have to worry about all that! Action bars give you 100 additional slots, all you need to do is right-click them.

  3. No more bots!
    Botters who? Battleye is here to make sure that you will not encounter any non-player-characters on your spawn anymore! So if that is the reason you decided to stop playing, welcome back!

  4. Prey system
    It is basically a random bonus that you can get. You can either get increased experience, loot, damage, or defense BUT, it only works on the monster that you chose. You can either choose from 9 offered monsters, that you can reroll every 20 hours, reroll the list for a certain amount of gold (depending on your level), or pick a monster of your choice by paying 5 wildcards.

  5. Hunting tasks
    And we don’t mean the Grizzly ones! Now you can have a task for basically each monster you can think of, and do them daily too! Killing a certain amount of them will grant you points. What would you do that for you may ask? Well, you can exchange these points for amazing prizes. You can get a bed for your house, a doll, a trophy, and even a new outfit and mount!

  6. Bestiary
    Doing hunting tasks will also increase your bestiary progress. Divided into a few classes, bestiary is the knowledge about the monsters that your character has acquired. Bestiary will provide you with information about the creatures’ hp, loot, weak and strong points, as well as even the location!

  7. Charms
    Each of the entries in your character’s bestiary gives you points! Depending on the difficulty of the creature, you can get either 1, 5, 15, 25, 50, or even 100 charm points per entry. The points can be used to buy charm runes. You can use these to have a bonus effect on a creature of your choice. Depending on the charm rune you unlock, you can get various different bonuses. For example, the charm rune Wound costs only 600 charm points and it gives you a chance to deal 5% of the creature's initial HP as physical damage once. Meanwhile, the most expensive rune, Low blow, which costs 2000 charm points adds an 8% chance to deal a critical attack with your critical hit weapon. The runes are divided into three categories: offensive, passive and defensive.
    Apart from being helpful, collecting charms can be also fun! When you are bored of regular hunting, it is indeed nice to be able to chill out for a bit and kill less demanding monsters, such as orcs or trolls, just to get the charm points! What is more, you can also compete with other players, as charm points have their own category in the high scores! As for now, the top players are getting close to 20k charm points!

  8. Various new bosses
    If you are not too much of a hunter, but you want to get the riches, then you will be pleased with the number of the bosses in the game! There is a variety! Bosses with regular spawn, daily bosses, bosses you can kill every 2 weeks, all kinds of them! To learn more about the Tibian bosses, head over to our partners from TibiaBosses.

  9. Hunting spawns
    As we previously stated, Tibia has grown a lot! The times when you had to choose between hunting in 5 cities are past us now. Tibia has expanded so much that now we have a choice between almost 20 different cities with uncountable hunting spawns. Whether you want to hunt for experience, profit, or maybe a little bit of both, we can guarantee you that you will find some spawn for yourself, even in the more crowded servers!

  10. New challenging quests
    The new quests in Tibia are not only fun but also challenging! You have to face many dangerous monsters in some of them, but worry not! If you are not here for the danger, there are also numerous quests that are not so difficult but require some time and consistency instead.

  11. More decoration items, outfits, and mounts
    While we all love citizen, knight, mage, and hunter, it is still fun to be able to have a choice!
    How about having a choice from 100 different outfits? That's what the new Tibia grants you! You can obtain the outfits in various ways, some you can get as a prize for completing quests, other ones require items, expensive and the less expensive ones, some you can receive by using Tournament Coins, whereas others you can purchase from the store, using Tibia Coins.
    What is more, if you wanna purchase some outfit from the store, but you are uncertain whether it will look good on you, you now have an option to try the outfit on!
    If you were interested in decoration, then the store also gives you a variety of different furniture! You can purchase beds, tables, carpets, cabinets, lamps, and dozens of other items which will allow you to create a nice, cozy space for your character.

  12. More houses in the game and more houses per char
    You can now say goodbye to the times when you had to ask your friends to keep your houses for you because you could only have one house on a certain server. In 2021, you can own up to 3 houses on one character (the limit is 3 per server on one account though)! Moreover, various new houses have been added to the game. If you have ever wandered through the Tibian lands thinking "why is this building here, it would make a perfect house!", the good news is that a lot of these places have been converted into houses now indeed! Some examples of the newly added houses are: Harbour Place 3 (Thais) Prima Arbor (Ab'dendriel), Stronghold (Edron), Luminous Arc 5 (Yalahar), Mad Scientist's Lab (Yalahar), Ivory Mansion (Liberty Bay),
    and many, many more!

  13. Training weapons
    Back in the days, in order to train you had to summon a monk or manasit for days! Nowadays you can train inside your house! What is more, you don't need to put too much effort into the training process either! CipSoft introduced special exercise weapons. The price of the weapon depends on its duration. The ones that last 16 minutes cost around 260k each. If you would want to train for an hour without the necessity of looking at your character every so often, you can purchase durable exercise weapons for the cost of around 1kk. Now, imagine it's double experience and skill weekend and you really want to increase your skills, but then the night comes and you are exhausted, you need to log out and stop training you can then purchase the lasting exercise weapon, for the price of over 7,5kk and sleep for 8 hours peacefully, while your character works on the skills!
    You use the weapons on training dummies. There are two kinds of dummies. One can be found in each training school.
    There are also training dummies that you can purchase from the store for the price of 900 Tibia Coins and
    put them inside your houses! What is more, the dummies purchased from the store give you 10% more skill than the regular one.
    Important note! The store-bought dummies can be used by only one character at once.

  14. Daily rewards system In 2017, CipSoft decided to reward players for their consistency! You can pick up your daily reward using reward shrines, which can be found in each depo and temple. The reward depends on whether you are a premium or free account. As a reward, you can get all the runes and potions, but also prey wildcards that we have previously mentioned, gold converters, training weapons, temple teleport scroll, and even a 30% experience boost! Apart from the material rewards, you also get extra bonuses!...

  15. Mana, HP, and Stamina regeneration in PZ ... And not only that! If you keep your reward streak going, you will be able to benefit from 6 extremely helpful bonuses. HP regeneration in PZ, mana regeneration in PZ, even Stamina will regenerate in PZ! What is more, you can also receive a bonus for double HP and Mana regeneration in PZ. Apart from that, keeping your streak at 7 days will also allow you to regenerate your soul points. If you are a dedicated rune-maker this change should surely make you consider coming back to the game.
    Important note! The bonuses don't work in each PZ spot, they do not work on the boats for example, but they do work inside depo or your house! To check if the bonuses are active, you should make sure that the first icon is checked (green)

  16. TP scroll No more TP PLS messages in depo! You can no longer get teleported this way. However, there is something much more convenient now, temple teleport scrolls! If you are ever stuck in a place and have no idea how to get out of it, you can just use the scroll and it will safely teleport you to the temple. You obtain one for free on the 5th day of the daily rewards (expires after a week, but after a week you are allowed to take a new one). You can also purchase it from the store for 15 Tibia Coins.

  17. Vocations rebalancing A lot of changes regarding vocations have happened! CipSoft added new spells for each vocation, paladins can now use quiver and Great Mana Potions, knights can use Strong Mana Potions and got a lot of buff on the spells, Energy Ring can no longer be used by mages but it has been replaced with a Mana Shield Potion, which works differently than the Energy Ring. Not to miss any change, take a look at the summary of the changes by tibia.fandom.com. These changes are not final, however.

  18. Special summons for all vocations! If you played a pally or a knight and you were disappointed that you could not have cool summons like the mages, you can now have your own familiar, providing that you are level 200+! What is more, they don't only look cool, they also help you a lot during the hunt! Unlike regular summons, your familiars can walk on stairs with you, they can even enter PZ and travel through cities together with you! They disappear after 15 minutes though (unless they get killed before)!

  19. Imbuement  It is a process of temporarily boosting your equipment with the use of creature products or tokens. Most of the items have imbuement slots (1-3). There are 23 imbuements to choose from, however, some items do not allow you to imbue them with a certain imbuement, for example, you cannot use Mana Leech imbuement on your armor. There are three strengths of imbuements, basic, intricate, and powerful.

  20. Quick looting Opening the monster to loot them could have been annoying while team hunting, there was always a danger of missing some rare drop. Nowadays, you can loot not one, not two, but multiple corpses on a stack with just one click! The items will also segregate on their own (providing that you assign the items to your backpacks previously).

  21. Drop Tracker If quick looting wasn't enough, nowadays you can also keep track of the items you are interested in looting. All you need to do is check the items you want to be notified about and the drop tracker is going to notify you whenever you loot it!
  22. Colourised loot value But that's not all! Coming back to Tibia you might be confused with the number of new items that have been added. You wouldn't want to miss an item that costs a lot, would you?
    Thankfully, the loot has been colourised now! The colors are up to the prices, yellow being the most expensive item, while the grey frame means that the item is not so expensive.
  23. Supply Stash Supply Stash allows you to keep all your stackable items in one place! If that was not convenient enough, you can also choose to show the items from the stash that you can sell to a certain NPC to make your loot selling experience even more comfortable. You can find a supply stash in the locker in each depot, you can also buy a skill for your hireling, which will allow you to access your supply stash even from your house!

  24. Hirelings Running all around to get supplies for hunt... If we only could get everything from one NPC... WAIT, you actually can! Hirelings are your personal NPCs that you can purchase from the store for the price of 150 Tibia Coins! The basic hireling will sell furniture and exercise weapons, however, you can purchase different skills for your hirelings, such as trader (sells all the supplies), banker (allows you to deposit, withdraw and transfer money), steward (supply stash) or cook (it will cook a random buff meal for a small fee). What is more, the store also provides you with numerous outfits for your NPC! You can also pick a name for your hireling.

  25. Analytics tools Tibia has all kinds of analytics tools now. Whether you want to control your waste, profit, exp per hour, or even the DPS of each member of your party, you can now check all the information. It is extremely precise too. If you ever feared that your EK will steal your loot and lie to you about the profit, you will now be able to sleep in peace!

  26. No more empty grey lines on the sides Ok analytics tools sound cool, but how to fit them in this one grey bar? ... And that's when the, previously useless, grey sides come in handy! You can now use them all to fit your backpacks, VIP list, battle list, literally everything you can think of! You can also choose whether you prefer to have it on the left or right side of your screen. Pretty convenient if you ask me.
  27. Tournaments Something we didn't ask for, but we definitely needed! Tournaments are temporary Worlds where you compete with other players! There are two kinds of tournaments, one that you pay for with TCs (with a restricted store) and one for which you pay with Tibia money. The rules for the tournament change each time, but the goal is always the same... TO BEAT THE OTHER PLAYERS! You can win amazing prizes. If you manage to be on the podium, you can even get an extremely rare Dragon Slayer Outfit that you will have on each character on your account! So get your money ready to buy a ticket for the next tournament!

  28. New Worlds
    If you want to start playing, but chasing the high levels demotivates you, the good news is that CipSoft adds new servers quite frequently! You can begin your journey alongside others, as you all will start from the bottom. What is more, the new servers are so-called “green battleye,” which means that the people from the very old servers (also known as orange servers) will not be able to transfer there.

  29. New blessings and blessing charms Losing your hard-earned experience or skills is never fun. To make sure that you protect your precious level even better, you can now purchase two new blessing, Blood of Mountain, purchased from NPC Kais in Tiquanda, and Heart of the Mountain, which you can get from NPC Nomad who resides in Hrodomir. Important note! Buying Inquisition blessing will not provide you with two new blessings! You need to get these individually. Now, imagine a scenario where you die to a monster, you end up in a temple and you see your enemies waiting to kill you right next to the temple! What to do? You can use blessing charms! The charms are looted from various bosses, some of them you get as a prize from events such as Rise of Devovoraga. One-click and you possess a bless! Simple as that!

  30. Cyclopedia Cyclopedia is an extremely advanced feature of Tibia 11. You can find your map in there, as well as the bestiary, your charms, the list of all the items (even these that cannot be found in the market) and much more. You can also see a lot of information about your character, and the best part... You can check what is inside your depo without even being in depo!

  31. Depot search I had this knight armor somewhere... Somewhere in this depo... I'm sure of it... Oh well, guess what! You no longer have to worry about losing items in your mess! There is a very simple way to get through it now, all you need to do is press a little loop that pops up on your bar as you open the depot and you are able to find an item from your stash, depot, or inbox in a heartbeat, you can also retrieve it right into your backpack.

  32. Regular bug fixes Tuesday is the day of the fixes and little patches! Every week, the server save during that day lasts a little bit longer and WE THE PLAYERS can expect even more improvements after.

  33. New Events Not all players enjoy PvP, hunting, or even boss killing. Some of us love the game for its RPG side! There are now some cool events that will make all the RPGers happy, for example, Orcsober fest! It happens twice a year, on March and October. There are a few minigames where you collect points that you can then exchange for cute prizes, such as plushies! You can also get a cool festive outfit! What's even better, there are now cows, so if you ever wondered where is the tibian milk from if there were no cows, the answer is... the cows were just hiding!

  34. Automatic screenshots Isn't it sad when you get a nice loot, level, skill, or achievement and then you realize you didn't take a screenshot? Well, with the feature that Tibia 11 offers you, you no longer need to use paint in order to take a screenshot! Tibia will take a screenshot for you automatically and save it to the Screenshots folder. In order to choose which events you want to be screenshotted automatically, press ctrl+k (or go to options manually), check to show advanced options. Next, go to misc. ➜ Screenshots. Then you just press and decide which events you would want to be automatically screenshotted.
    In case you want to screenshot something else, you need to assign your screenshot hotkey. To do that, go to options once again ➜ Controls ➜ General hotkeys ➜ Type to search: screen ➜ Take screenshot, and assign any hotkey you want (you cannot choose the PrtSc key though) like so:
    Important note! PrintScreen button does not work anymore. You cannot take screenshots this way.

  35. New equipment  Every update. we are presented with new amazing equipment that exceeds our expectations. Lion, Cobra, Falcon, or the newest Soul set are here to offer you a variety of choices, depending on what you are looking for, and also your budget. While getting Cobra or Lion equipment is rather affordable for most of the active players, the Soul set is a luxury that not everyone can afford, as the prices of the items range from 100 to even 700kk, however, they are undebatably worth the price.

  36. Loyalty Loyalty was introduced in 2015, as CipSoft wanted to reward their customers for their... loyalty! You get one loyalty point for each day of your premium account. What does loyalty give you, you may ask? Every 360 days of premium account will give you a bonus of 5% of your total skill points. You can get a maximum of 50% bonus! To acquaint you with how it works, let us give you an example. My account currently has a 35% bonus, my base magic level that you can see on the highscores is 118, however, thanks to the 35% bonus, the magic level that I have in the game is 121 (I get 3 magic levels thanks to the loyalty).

  37. Char Bazaar Did we convince you to come back? Starting leveling from level 1 is not exactly what you want to do though? Well, how about... you buy a character? Yes, you read it right, You can now purchase a character from other players for Tibia Coins and it's entirely legal! To do so, all you need to do is have an account, as you purchase characters only, not accounts as a whole. Go to Tibia.com and find the Char Bazaar on the menu! You can choose the level, skills, World, or even World type! Remember that purchasing and selling characters through the char bazaar is completely safe and legal.

  38. Team finder So hard to find a team as a newcomer right? Well... yes, but no. You can now search for a team for yourself in the game! Choose the level range, the vocations you need, all the basic information about the team you are looking for! You can even set the type of activity you need the team for, whether it be a boss, quest, or hunts! This feature is very welcoming for the new players or the players who want to come back to the game! If you want to read more about this feature, click >here<

  39. Team hunt boosts CipSoft wants to reward the players for hunting in a team, therefore you can get an experience boost for each vocation in your party! If your team consists of 2 vocations, you will benefit 40% bonus experience. If there are three vocations, you will get 60% experience bonus. If your team consists of 4 vocations you will get a 100% bonus! It is definitely worth to do the team hunts now!

  40. Party list When you have your team, you can finally proceed to hunt. There is now a feature that allows you to keep track of the hp and mana of your party members on a special party list. It is especially good when you are the Druid! Seeing the HP of your team without their names getting mixed in between of the monsters seems like a big improvement to the team hunts. What makes it even better is that when your teammate's connection drop or they have used too much mana without realizing that, you will be able to see the mana going down and perhaps help your buddy out with a mana potion! If your job is to focus on one party member only, you can also click the icons that will hide the other vocations. The party hunts are now more pleasurable than ever!
  41. Improved Battle list Especially during massive battles, having the battle list opened was not really helpful. Nowadays, however, you can not only open more than just one list, but you can also choose to show or hide different settings! You don't want the list to show summons? You can hide them! Or maybe you are on a hunt and you are not really interested in seeing other players on your list because you would rather focus on the monsters? You can do that too! You are in the middle of a battle and your whole team is skulled and you cannot find the target on the battle list? You can even hide the skulled players now! But that's not all. You can also decide which players should appear first on your battle list! Do you want them to appear from A to Z, or maybe from Z to A? Or maybe depending on when they pop up on your screen. You can now do all that!
  42. Points of interest If you are a person that does not like hunting and you like RPG, points of interest are something that might catch your attention! It's a great way to spend free time in the game, doing something else than just completing quests, getting levels, or increasing skills! Checking the Points of interest is very satisfying, but other than that it also allows you to get a cool Discoverer outfit that will make all the lazy players jealous! Walk around the Tibian map in order to find 7 points in each subarea and enjoy all the achievements!
  43. Boosted creature of the day You might log on and not know where you would want to hunt today. Boosted creature of the day might help you in the choosing process! The boosted creature is chosen randomly every day. What does the boost give? Till the next server save, the chosen monster will give double as much experience, loot, and what's more, it will also spawn twice as fast!
  44. Friends list It is not the same as VIP list, it is way more advanced! You can browse through your friends' characters even if they play on another server! It allows you to inspect your friends' achievements, outfits, skills, depot, mailbox etc. But don't worry! You cannot be robbed through this feature, it only allows one to browse through the items! You can also choose the group of a certain person, whether it be a close friend, a friend or just contacts, after which you are able to determine what kind of information will each of the groups receive. What also differs the friends list from VIP list is that in order to be on someone's list, you need to accept the invitation (or send it yourself in hopes that your friend will accept it!). That means the information about your characters will not be visible without your concern!
  45. Great fun!
Whether these things are new to you or not depends on when you stopped playing, however, we made a list of the most convenient changes that took place in Tibia in the last few years! We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!;D
Whenever a friend of yours asks you "what is new in Tibia", feel free to send them this article! That will save you a lot of time and explaining.


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