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2. A Fancy Mansion by Divine'Angel

Back in 2018, I owned the biggest house In Ankrahmun, the Low Waters Observatory. The house counts 479 sqms, so it was a big challenge to fully decorate it. The house is located northeast of the city and is rather distanced from the Tibian common life, which is a big disadvantage of it. However, if you are a fan of big buildings which are also very well designed, it will steal your heart. 

Apart from amazing symmetrical balconies and a fancy hall covered with carpet, you will find Huge Telescope, Wall Fountains, Torch Bearers, Celestial Map, Astro Clock, Mysterious Machine, aquarium with Tree Coral, Seaweed, Jellyfish and a Northern Pike there.

Now, as it is commonly known, Tibians are not big fans of objects inside their house, which can neither be removed nor moved. That makes the house even more difficult to decorate because if you want to focus on different colors than red and yellow, those shades will certainly be disturbing. 

My whole decoration on the base floor looked like this:

Now, let me tell you about the decorations in every single room. The leading theme in most of my decorations is magic, as I am a sorcerer. I create that magical vibe by mixing cold shades, such as purple and blue. I wanted to create a spacious chamber with self-made columns and dragons guarding the entrance to the rest of the building. It takes some analyzing to plan what you're going to put where especially when you want your rares and important items to be seen from the outside. Therefore, I decided to put the Midnight Panther doll on the balcony, at the very front of the house. To make it match the theme, I surrounded the item with the paws and put two more items that matched the same color. As you probably noticed, regardless that the items are blue, the balcony seems purple. I achieve that effect by putting a red light under the blood herb. You always want to cover the light sources since the item itself will not fit your project. It is the light that you need. Moving on to the north, you might remember that there was the red carpet in the hallway which didn't match my conception, at all. Some build-in objects in the houses in Tibia may be trashed and disappear under the stack. I covered the carpet by using small sapphires and flour on them. The flour is visible, indeed, but it still looks better than the red carpet and with a little bit of imagination you might think it is a kind of white, magical dust, wink wink! The black self-made columns are made of 3 zaoan chess pawns, which found their place in the front of the house because I wanted to display the rings.

Despite the fact that I am a fan of blue, the aquarium did not leave me much of a choice. Whenever you decorate a space, you need to look at the things around it, too. The turquoise water would surely not go very well with red, yellow, or orange, for instance. So, to make good use of it, since I wasn't able to remove it, I decided to enhance it with the starlights and their cold blue light. That is how the blue water is even more saturated than originally.

The second room was supposed to represent my girly side, so I decided to use the shades of purple and pink. Obviously, there were some rare items in those colors which have had to be put in the area visible from the outside, therefore I decided to create a corner with those and move the bunny slippers to the front. I separated the room into two parts using the purple furniture because the room looked way too big. Why is there a heart, you may ask? The shape of a heart in a girl's house is not a very original idea, right? Well, I pretty much was forced to cover another red carpet in the house, and since the room was supposed to be girly I decided to cover it with a heart. The carpet was square so you might wonder how I covered it with the shape of a heart. If you look closely, there is a small sapphire near the heart and there are also two more at the sqms that go right from the door - I cleverly hid them under the red light and the magical tree! If it comes to the pink lights all around the place, I created it by using an obsidian zaoan queen chess piece which provides blue/purple light and a red light source. Those two combined together look like saturated pink light. 

My bedroom was meant to represent a magical dream realm - a place where dreams come true. The room was meant to present a sky at night - the moon, stars, and a cloud with the lightning. This is how I invented the simple stack, moon, and stars, which later on has been used by players from all Tibia! Those who know me, know that I am completely obsessed with clouds so I really needed to have one where I put my character to sleep. It was back in the Tibia where you could not move beds yet, so I have to say that the placement of beds wasn't very satisfying for me. Of course, there was a carpet there, too as if the rest of the house wasn't difficult, enough to deal with! But, I managed to cover it with the flowery bushes. I also like to keep items that are close to my heart near my bed so I put my favorite goblet right next to it. One could wonder what makes the room so special and apart from a complex decoration, it is important to state that the walls in that room may not be found in any other house in Tibia. The silver-blue ornaments give the room the fancy palace vibe which is one more reason to fall in love with that house!

The last room has been inspired by the decoration of Monzcarro Murcatto and she will explain to you the very origin of it in her own story here.

This is it for today! Unfortunately, I didn't take many screenshots of the higher floor but I will come back with some new material very soon! Hope to see you back soon, unicorns!

Sources: How to make a jungle?


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