Friday, December 18, 2020

Winterlight Solstice

Can you feel the frozen wind coming from the sea? Do you feel the coldness spreading across the land?

Those sudden weather shifts are foretokens of the percht queen's awakening! Her frozen kingdom is a stronghold of neverending winter! Shielded by perchts and schiachs, she holds sway over the snow-clad island with an iron fist. 

It is said that no gear or cloth can withstand the withering cold that comes from her halls. Even the most daring warriors who sought to breach her throne room iced over on their way and were shattered into a thousand bits by her ruthless thralls.

As of server save on December 22, a boat, which ferries over to the frozen realm, will be at anchor near Svargrond's harbour. Once you have set foot on the island, you should talk to Frosty. The friendly snowman will tell you more about the icy place and its shaggy inhabitants.

Between the server saves of January 07 and January 10, Tibia's birthday will be celebrated. During this time you can visit Nostalgia Island again where you can hunt monsters with the old monster sprites, dig for treasures or knock down cans. The piñata dragons will also be spawning everywhere.

At the end of the event (server save on January 10) all game worlds will receive a whole week of increased respawn rates (x2) while mana & health points regenerate twice as fast.

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